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Hi All,

I’m looking to add to my restaurant magic for kids, got any recommendations?
I would like to stay away from anything that would be put in their hands (sponge balls, coins, etc.), this can get messy with kids!
Currently I use rabbit/hat silk, mini coloring book, delites, cut and restore rope, hopping halfs, just to name a few…..looking at Stir Crazy as an addition.

Thanks in advance!
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I usually do Silly Billy's Vanishing Silk routine. Seems to do very well in that type of setting. I know you want to stay away from sponge balls but kids seem to love them.
Jonathan Molo
Theodore Lawton
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Kids respond very well to an Ambitious Card routine. They get to "do" the magic- snapping their fingers, etc- and it's easy for them to follow. I end mine with card to wallet and they get to keep the card.

There's lots of "adult" magic that kids really like. Chop cup- where they are always right instead of wrong. Any tricks where they get to do the magic, Gemini Twins is a good example.

Anything colorful like Chameleon Silks.

Hot Rod- I just tell a story with mine and don't use a force.

Hope this helps.
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God bless you and have a magical day
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You don't have to put sponge balls in any one's hands if you don't want to. Just pulling them from behind the kids ear will beat any trick you currently do(IMHO). Same with coins. Produce one from the ear or elbow. Vanish and reappear then change to a jumbo coin.
Magic Mike

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Bob White's torn and restore tissue.
Adult's will love it also.
Todd Smile
David French
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This is topic that is very interesting to me. I have done restaurants for 30 years, both family and upscale. I finally came to the conclusion, that you can do anything for kids. They love it all if they like YOU! I have done all the classic close up material for kids, they will enjoy it all. You really don't need "kid props" I do the same set for kids and adults. Sponge balls/bunnies play for all ages. Cards do too.

Just be yourself, allow the kids to like YOU and you are golden.
Dick Oslund
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"Just be yourself, allow the kids to liky YOU and you are golden" That wss Nate Leipzig's philosophy almost a hundred years ago, and, YES, ir still "works"!

85% (my own math!) of "magic" is simple psychology. Chicanery (the "sneaky stuff")makes up the other 15%. You can divide that sneaky stuff into: sleight of hand skill, perceptual illusion, and esoteric principles of science, but PSYCHOLOGY is most of it.

When working with ANY audience, but, especially with KIDS, THE GOLDEN RULE APPLIES.

My stand up show is entertaining for almost anybody, almost anywhere! I simply adjust my vocabulary to the age of the audience. This has "worked" for me since "forever".
Skip Way
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I've been doing Sponge Bunnies for Kids' Nights for the last 20 years. It is my most requested and versatile effect for return customers. I can tailor it from 2 minutes to 10 or more as needed. Mess is very, very seldom an issue - yet, I still wash my bunnies each night as a courtesy to the patrons. Easy maintenance.

Color Monte and Card to Wallet done with Creative Magic Flash Cards also work. Million Dollar Bill Switch with a dozen different blow-offs. Flash Cash with real and monopoly money. Scotch & Soda and similar coin tricks.

The list is endless. Basically ANYTHING that you can do with the magic happening in their hands or under their control will kill and bring them back week after week - IF - as David and Dick said - they like YOU. If you can't connect with the kids, you could make a Ferrari appear on their tabletop and they'll ignore you.
How you leave others feeling after an Experience with you becomes your Trademark.

Magic Youth Raleigh -
Motley Mage
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Just to keep the emphasis on the best comments so far: All magic is kids' magic. Some PROPS are "adult", but almost any magic can be done for kids or adults. The connection you make with your audience is what counts.

That said, sponges (I prefer balls), ropes (c&r, PN, and a million more) , and paddle tricks (e.g. Hot Rod/Rainbow Rod) have always played well for me.
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I sometimes bring along those chocolate coins and produce them behind their ears. They love that stuff and they get chocolate. You can't lose!
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Get a small set of Chinese Sticks or a small Pom Pon Pole. They both can be used for table hopping kids night.
Custom Props Designer and Fabricator as well as Performer from Indiana, USA
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A small tip for the Ambitious Card Routine that I usually do with younger children at the restaurant I perform at:
Ask for the kid's favorite animal/pet and draw it onto their selected card, maybe even add the pet's name to the card as well. It transforms the trick from a card jumping up to the kid calling for their pet to leap to the top over and over again. It adds that special something to the ACR that makes it enjoyable for both adults watching and the child participating Smile
"Ars Est Celare Artem"
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Alan Munro
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I prefer to be flexible when it comes to kids. Staying away from things in their hands isn't always necessary. Why not add a routine using a Sanada gimmick and a sponge ball, if the kid(s) have dirty hands, instead of always doing a typical sponge ball routine? Stephen Tucker has an excellent routine on YouTube:
jay leslie
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Ball work is very good for low lighting, bad angles, loud atmospheres and for people that don't speak your language. 2 or 3 different colored super balls and a silk can give you 4 minutes.

R&S is also good. Ellis ring on thumb. Pen through bill (if they don't immediately say they they know it) Color changing scarves. 1 to 100.

3 inch coin manipulation. 3 inch coins are not jumbo (see pic). That's a jumbo coin. I'm making a sh^^^ eventually

Color changes with cards. Spellbound and believe it or not, your fav Tenyo effect.
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Sugar High by Chris Randall is great for kids

- Yazz
Mary Mowder
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John Bannon's Revolutionary Penetration is a nice effect for Kids that the adults will enjoy.

Wonderland dollar is fun and it doesn't have to be a dollar.

-Mary Mowder
Mediocre the Great
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Rich Hurley
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Work up a routine using a silly billy inflatable wand and all the by-play that goes with it. Give away the wand. A 1.50 wand will get you much bigger tips. Work in other tricks with inexpensive give away items. Just keep in mind candy may not be appropriate for kids with diet restrictions and watch out for choking hazards. 3 more words of advice: Sponge bunnies rule.
Mediocrity is greatly under rated!

Rich Hurley aka Mediocre The Great!
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Hello strollers!

So I'm looking to add an effect to my restaurant repertoire. My restaurants are family type restaurants with lots of kids ages 4-10 ish. Or that seems to be the majority.

I open with chop cup, then move to the ubiquitous ACR to wallet or some other card effects, then close with a sponge ball routine. All of those kill. But I need something for the younger kids who might not be all that into the ACR. Even when I force a blank card and have them draw a pic, it's still a card trick. I'd love something as good as the chop cup or the sponge ball routine. I played with Dishonest Abe for awhile with a jumbo penny production. Meh. Then color changing knives with mini knives climax. Little kids are not all that into the knives. And none of these compare to chop and sponges. I'd like that 3rd close up trick for the 4-6 year olds.

Thanks for any help my friends!
Mary Mowder
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Beaded bracelet through the wrist plays very well for all ages.

You can see it in Jeff McBride's "Magic from the Edge" from L&L.

I know jeff did not invent it (or claim to) but I don't know where else to direct you.

-Mary Mowder
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A few words of advice

With young children think of entertainment NOT magic - entertaining the whole family matters, not how good your sleight of hand is.

David Ginn narrows down the interests of younger children as colour, animals and toys - could you produce a load that's an animal from the chop cup? Do your cards have to playing cards or could they be a misschievious animal/ cartoon character that keeps escaping in your plot?

I do a mix of adult and family tricks at tables. I don't have rigid sets when working for family restaurants. Routines include - mini change bag with streamer, coloured SB to pocket, hot rod, coin unique, CLONED by Wayne Goodman, Screen Preview by Danny Archer ( they talk to parent who writes down their favourite tv programme/film), Whare's the rabbit? (Razzamatazz), card to wallet, hoop and string,.

Entertaining patter that involves as many at a table as possible is vital. All of the family need to share in the routines you do for younger children.
Have wand will travel! Performing children's magic in the UK for Winter 2014 and Spring 2015.
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