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Evan Williams
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Hi Everybody,

I went through Rick's DVD again today, except this time I did it to write this review. I tried to be as detailed as I could without exposing or giving away too much of the information. Enjoy!

Title: The Art of Card Throwing

Featuring: Rick Smith Jr.

Produced By: A1 Magical Media

Retail Price: $34.95

Where to buy it?: - For the special SIGNED copy of his DVD.

Overall: 9/10


Card Throwing:

  • Introduction to Card Throwing
  • Card Throwing Grips
    - Jay Grip
    - Herman Grip
    - Rick’s Grip
  • Throwing Techniques for Distance
    - Correct Grip
    - Body Positioning
    - How your body moves as you throw
  • Throwing Techniques for Accuracy
    - Correct Grip
    - Body Positioning
    - How your body moves as you throw
  • Multiple Card Throwing (Throwing card after card FAST without having to load and re-grip each card separately.)
  • Thumb Shooting
  • Boomerang card
  • Canned (Rick’s “carnival” game – Knocking over six stacked cans with a single playing card! This caused some hilarious outtakes for the “Bonus Footage”)
  • Celery Stalker (Rick slices a few full pieces of celery by throwing single playing cards!)

Flicks, Nicks, and Tricks:

  • Flick Trick (This is a very powerful card routine ending with a flick of the chosen card and being caught in the deck.)
  • Swing Shot (A variation of Daryl’s “Hot Shot Cut”)
  • Ring Finger Shot
  • Snap Shot
  • Back Flicks (Flicking cards behind your back)
  • Fire Flicking (Rick’s rapid fire card shooting that he is known for)
  • Sucker (A bit of comedy as Rick shows you how a card thrower does a “sucker” trick)
  • Hackey Flick (How to flick a card into the air and then kick it back up while it is still spinning. Although Rick says he cannot teach it because it is nearly impossible, he also says just to practice and you might be able to get it.) – Just a note, after some time I eventually learned this. It just takes a lot of time to practice, practice, practice!
  • Popup Cards – Catching the Popup (Popularized by Jeff McBride, this flick is one of the ones I use the most out of everything taught to me by Rick.)
  • Fly Out (Variation of Popup Cards but this time flicking cards out into your audience!)
  • Quick Flick

Other Footage:

  • Guinness World Record Throw – 216 Feet, 4 Inches – March 21, 2001
  • Outtakes of “Hackey Flick” (There is a TON of them! Shows you how hard it actually is!)
  • Outtakes of “Canned” – You have too see them yourself, they are actually very funny.

Overall, I really enjoyed this DVD. The only thing lacking that keeps it from a 10/10 is that some of the explanations are not as in depth as other DVDs. Everything is very learnable, and the multiple camera views help to learn the flicks and throws a lot.

HIGHLY recommended for anybody who is interested in card throwing, card flicking, or just wants to add a few great flourishy moves with cards to their close-up or stage act!

Hope this helps,

Evan Smile
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Here is a review I did for Rick:

On March 21, 2002, Rick Smith Jr. Shattered a world record by tossing a playing card an astounding 216 feet 4 inches - topping the previous record by over 10 feet! Now for the first time ever, Rick Smith Jr. explains to us mere mortals how to accomplish such a feat in his DVD, "The Art of Card Throwing". Never before has there been such a comprehensive DVD on card throwing, flourishes, and stunts! In addition to seeing Rick Smith Jr.'s outstanding world record breaking moment, you will learn how to throw a playing card for speed, distance and accuracy. There are several techniques, grips and stances taught here, as well as a few mind boggling stunts.

I for one am most grateful to Rick Smith Jr. for sharing such coveted information with the rest of the magic community. After watching the DVD I tried some of the techniques, and almost immediately noticed I had better distance and speed! I could not believe it! Even more, it's not all that hard. Yes, it will take some practice to break the world record, but I can guarantee the time spent will be well worth your efforts. You even get the benefit of positive motivation from actually seeing your improvements!

I could go on about how excited I am that someone took the time to sit down and explain the art of card throwing, but I will be the first to admit, I hope no one realizes the fun and potential of this DVD (No offense Rick). This is TOO good to share!
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A friend of mine bought this DVD and we watched it together. I was not impressed to say the least and neither was my friend although I guess this depends on who you are and what you want to get out of the tape. If you really want to learn to throw cards, I guess this would be good for you. I just can't see this having a practical use in the real world and I highly suggest against trying some of the stunts he tries like having people stand right by the objects you are shooting at. As a lawyer I can't think of a quicker way to get sued than to hit someone in the eye with a card traveling 90 mph.

What Rick does is impressive, but you've got to really want to be able to thow cards if you are willing to pay $35 for this DVD
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I also viewed the dvd recently and was impressed by the stunts. However, unless the ONLY thing you want to do is throw cards this dvd is way to expensive.
Evan Williams
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Any DVD could seem expensive if you do not really use the material within it. Although somewhat short, the DVD does have quite a bit of material on it. With only one routine, the rest of it you could use to enhance a card manipulation act or use for revelations of cards, etc.

You just have to see where you can plug in and use the techniques; audiences seem to love the stuff.
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I can't stop throwing card since then...
Quite interesting
Review King
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If you want to throw cards, then this a a great DVD. If you don't, then it doesn't make a good purchase.

The same logic can be applied to almost everything in life.
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
Evan Williams
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I agree that the DVD is aimed for someone wanting to learn to throw cards, and otherwise may not be completely worth the money.

Probably the best card throwing technic I have learned from Rick is the multiple card throwing moves. I actually have used it in a way of producing cards this way during a manipulation act, and then throwing them off into the audience. Be warned though, there IS a certain way you must throw cards into the audience to avoid hurting someone in the crowd. Think about... a boomerang card on thrown farther. You also have to put a lot more spin than actual POWER while doing this. Just a tip.

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I actually liked the DVD--my cat however did not Smile

Jim Tighe
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I just picked the DVD up from Rick himself at the Magi-Fest (yes he gave me a discount). I really enjoyed it and have been throwing some heat in the rec room. We'll be finding cards behind furniture for years. I do however feel sorry for the celery.
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I just got this DVD and here is my review:

First, I was wondering if I was watching a leave it to beaver show. The production was extremely cheesy and I think Ricky could do much better than the Maxwell production!

There was a couple of throws/flicks that were useful. I'm not sure what good "fire flicking" is when you shoot a bunch of cards all over the floor for no good reason.

Ricky's power throw did it all for me. That is the reason I got the DVD and I learned what I needed to from it.

I could bare to watch it again though. Seemed like a video geared toward 6 year olds.

Also the bloopers were horrible. Who would admit to failing 30 times in a row? Not good.

Over all, if you want to learn some throws, you should be able to. Even though the angles were horrible and once he even had to turn around to try and show it. But still you can learn it.

Other than that, I didn't like it too much, but I did get what I wanted out of it.
So mixed reviews and feelings from me. I'll give it a 3/5.
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I also just purchased the DVD from Rick Smith Jr. at the Magifest and was very impressed. I thought it was a great DVD, and was very impressed with Mr. Smith as well, a very professional young man. Mr. Smith even took the time to give a few of us one on one instruction.
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