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Hey guys, instead of chop cup I do jiggernaut...It's the same concept, but you use a bar jigger to make balls and such appear underneath. I start off using olives appear under the jigger, then the second round I use wine corks. However, what should I do for the final load? I'm thinking Jumbo olive? Even though, it does not fit under the jigger, I'm thinking of gambler's copping it to make it "fall out" of the jigger.

My original routine was 1) sponge balls appear under jigger three times
2) wine corks appear under jigger three times
3) finale????
...but now I'm thinking 1) olives appear under jigger 3 times
2) wine corks appear under jigger twice
3) finale with jumbo olive load
any suggestions on the 3 phases or ideas for final load using a jigger?
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I have never had a problem with the routine as is. The wine corks were meant to be the final load after the whole olive routine. But if you must take it further, the final load should be the biggest "most impossible" load. Ie olive, cork, spongeball.
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Michael Baker
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If it were me doing the routine, I'd pare it down to one cork and follow with one more olive before the final jumbo olive.

Logic of sequence: Olive 1 (establish), olive 2 (confirm & reinforce), cork (oops?), olive 3 (whew, redemption!), JUMBO OLIVE (exclamation point!)
~michael baker
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Pete Biro
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Since it is smallish... switch it for one that is solid (fill it with lead or plaster). Smile
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I use airplane bottles of alcohol in my routine as the "jumbo" loads....
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I have been doing the jigger routine with cocktail one of the sites on magic Café you can buy queen-sized olives which are bigger. Do you guys think the presentation will be enhanced by using bigger sized olives rather than the smaller cocktail olives, or should I just save my money.
Michael Baker
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It's a close-up trick. Save your money. (my opinion)
~michael baker
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Jamie Ferguson
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I've expanded on the sobriety test idea from the original instructions and now produce "their" car keys as my final load.
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As a rule I do not like sponges to use for routines like this. They squish by nature, and it gives them sorts of answers.

Just a preference mind you not a law of magic!

Now let me say this. Once something has appeared or vanished from under an object, they know you can do it. You run the risk of redundancy fairly quickly. This was why Don Alans routine was so fast. He showed he could do it, he loaded the large load. 5 for 6 appearances is tough to keep fresh. I am not saying it can't be done mind you but just something to think about.
Danny Doyle
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I was not a fan of the original routine and shortened it quite a bit such that I never repeated a method.
The jigger is a great prop since it's double-sided.
The only down-side is that you need a pretty flat surface to avoid it tipping over.

If you do work up a good jiggernaut routine, you'll have something you can basically us with a jigger, a plain cup or a chop cup.

Having a chop cup routine that doesn't require one is a very flexible routine. Hand Crafted Magic
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In Jennest's original routine, the corks are the final load. I've done Jiggernaut many times and I've never felt the need to change the routine or final load. I say stick with the corks but that is only my humble opinion.
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Profile of TXKEVIN
I think the routine is great as is. I use some crocheted cork 'olives' I bought and love. However, I think JustinVisible's loads sound like an interesting twist. Thanks for the idea!
Richie Larson
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It's funny you ask!

I've actually been doing the routine, pretty much as is, but I DO , In fact, finish with a jumbo olive at the end. Just as the OP questioned.
Bought it, and the smaller olives I use , from RNT2.

After I reveal the second cork, and say the bit about seeing double. I say, " And the olive... Well, it's in there too! It's just starting to appear a little larger. Feeling drunk yet? "
I palm the jumbo while revealing the second cork. And as I say, "and the olive" ,.. I pick the jigger up again , and "Shake the jumbo out ".

So far, this has gone over well.. I often use it to close my set.

I also questioned how this would play though, at first... With the idea that the olive really didn't come from inside.

While performing this recently at a buskers contest, I had someone reach for the jumbo olive at the end. Then she tried to fit it back into the jigger.
It not fitting in only baffled her more! But the fact remains... She still perceived it as the olive really coming from inside.

Now , I wouldn't necessarily encourage you to let them grab at, or even think they can get away with grabbing, your props ,without being asked.. This happened during a slip of audience management while delivering my bottling speech.
But in this instance,
This only reaffirmed to me that it was, in fact, received as I was hoping it would be.

I present the routine as a sobriety test as in the original routine. And I remark that if they aren't feeling drunk now, they likely will after it is over.
The only time I ask them, and have them answer aloud, is during the first phase...where nothing has happened. The rest of the routine, I kind of ask aloud, but make it more of a demonstration, if that makes sense. This way, no one person is looking like a fool. And this also gives me a way to veer off track of it being a serious sobriety test and slowly let them see it's all been a goof.

Anyway, this is how I've been using the jiggernaut. I hope it answers your questions, and helps you come to a conclusion.

-Richie "TwoTime" Larson
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Profile of hacketr2
Does anyone know of any additional published routines using Juggernaut? I have Mark Jenest and Dan Fleshman's work on this and both are very good!
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Profile of MagicSteve84
Look into Thom Peterson's lecture notes. He has a nice Jiggernaut routine but I forget the title of his notes. Worth the effort to track down because it's great and so is his other material.
Doug Arden
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Thom Peterson's Jiggernaut Routine can be found in his "Action Packed " lecture notes.
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I have not used this myself, but maybe.
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For audiences that don't drink or for younger audiences maybe think about non alcoholic items. More Family oriented objects could be... start with cherry's and finish with peanuts.
Michael Dustman
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Saw this at Magifest. Using lemon drops and a lemon with the corks as a final load. Nice tidy little set.
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