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Hi guys,

I am just compiling a list of general mentalism effects for my own use which I can refer to whenever I am looking to add new routines to my act.

Also so I can make sure I am covering an interesting range of themes for my audience and not loading it with too many predictions, mind reading or lie detection.

This is what I have so far - what have I missed out?

Sneak Thief (Graphology)
General Prediction (Lottery, Newspaper Headline, Words, Memories, etc)
Add a Number
Which Hand
Lie Detection
Remote Viewing
Direct Mind Reading
Cold Reading
Bank Night
PK Touches
Spectator as Mind Reader
Drawing Duplication
Colour Match
Psy Forces (perhaps more a technique than overall effect)
Dead or Alive (Oil and Water)
Rain Man Effects
Memory Effects
Synchronicity routines
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Two person mind reading act
Spirit Cabinet
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And also not Oil and Water - Out of this world I mean.
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Chair tests (although you could argue that this falls into prediction or synchronicity)
Second sight - blindfold
Metal bending
PK (as opposed to PK touches)
Book test (direct mind reading but I think worthy of its own category)
Smash and stab / Russian roulette
Mind over body eg pulse stop.

Harpacrown is available from
Ophiuchus is available from
Totally Free Will is available from
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That's a good range, more than enough. Just pick your favorite 3 and start creating an act.
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Eternal Order
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My mystic senses tell me you are fairly new to mentalism, like structure to your life when you can get it aaaand you got into mentalism because you refer to ootw as dead or alive...

its Paul Curry...

i wouldn't worry about some enormous list that will no doubt five you too much choice, and instead focus on a narrative for this act of yours...

what is your act currently?and what is its theme?
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Hi guys,

Sorry I should have explained! It's been my full time job for 3 years now in London and I've been learning it for about 15 (I was a musician by trade before this).

Im not new to mentalism, but would like to compile a single list of the basic plots for my own usage and wondering if there is anything I have forgotten.

I already perform most of the effects I listed in close up and parlour shows.

Thanks for your help though! Smile
Magical Dimensions
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Why are you making a list here?

This is something that all entertainers do at home on the computer or in a notebook.

I have a notebook from my magic days and one for mentalism. In my magic notebook, I have the effects listed and rated. Next to the name of the effect I have codes that tells me if this effect is 'Working in One', with a spectator and how many - man or women, music (yes or no) and there is also a list of all things needed to carry out the effect. So at a glacé, I can tell everything about an effect. I even made blocking notes.

I am not sure what you mean by plots, by like IAIN already said, "What is your theme?"

I made my list for my magic notebook from years of trail and error. My mentalism notebook isn't a list of willy-nilley routines. I first decided on my persona and then from that, I determine my theme. Once that was done, I then made a short list of routines that would best fit me.

I just feel that you may be going around the barn to milk the cow.

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Hi Ray,

Thanks for your thoughts! I have masses of notes also, handwritten and on various devices covering thoughts, subtleties, etc on whatever I am still developing.

I am only listing them here so other people can see if I have missed out any of the classic effects and to help me compile a comprehensive list.

This list is not a list of all the effects I perform, but the effects I perform are all born from these basic plots or themes or whatever you prefer to call them.

In western culture music there are 11 notes which are harmonised into chords. These are then used in standard chord progressions over and over which make up almost all of the music we listen to. Even the most diverse and alternate music doesn't deviate from these progressions too much as it is what we, as humans like to hear, or are conditioned to.

Its the same with mentalism, there are only a certain number of basic plots and most if not all new ideas and effects are just variations on those ideas.

Or are you suggesting I shouldn't make a list here for secrecy reasons?
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Oh thanks Mark, I didn't see your post earlier for some reason! Smile
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Better than starting off by creating a list of all possible mentalism effects, why not first take some time to develop your character, and only then generate a list of effects that fit that persona. If you're taking the whole psychological influence approach, for instance, there's no need to overwhelm yourself by mentioning PK effects. Also, your list above confounds methods and effects. Color Match is a method, not an effect. There are multiple effects possible with the method. Cold reading is also a method, not an effect.
Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever.
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The request here is for a list of effects, but the examples offered are mostly (but not entirely) plots.

Some are confusingly specific. "Sneak Thief", for example, does not involve graphology. But it does involve psychometry and drawing duplication.

Some are sufficiently broad as to not even be plots (or effect, or techniques). "Predictions", for example, covers a broad range of potential plots and effects.

I think it would help for posters to agree on just what they are trying to do, before trying to do it. I realize that it is common to conflate "effect" and "plot" in casual discussion, but that kind of sloppiness has no place in any serious analysis of the art.

Lists are great, but they need to carefully delineated.
Doug Dyment's Deceptionary :: Elegant, Literate, Contemporary Mentalism ... and More
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I always prefer to begin with the possible mental abilities that can be demonstrated then seek to find plots and effects within them. This to me creates much more clarity from the very beginning while also defining your character.
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I would echo that it would be mire productive for Nebo to describe his persona and character and solicit feedback on appropriate classes if effects and related plotline consistent with that character and persona.
Johannes L.
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Equivoque. Despite being an technique to achieve something, it can be the backbone of a whole act. It's extremely powerful when performed correctly.
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Equivoque is a method, not an effect.

The basic effects in mentalism are:

telepathy- mind to mind communication
mental influence/suggestion
clairvoyance/remote viewing/clairsentience/clairaudience, etc.)
sightless vision
subliminal perception/influence/NLP/interpreting body language (and any other so-called "psychological illusion")

There are subcategories and combinations, of course, but those are the basic effects.

But to just pick one from each category would produce a show that was all over the place. I agree with the idea that it's far more useful to put together a list of effects that present only those abilities that are consistent with your back story and persona.

As I always say, the more abilities you claim, the less believable you will be.

Good thoughts,

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Thanks everyone and thank you Bob for breaking them down with such exactitude.

It's almost as if you wrote the book on mentalism........

Of course I understand that character comes first, I only perform material which speaks to me and turns me on and I know my tastes very well.

I would never perform metal bending or a spirit cabinet routine for instance, it's not in my vision for myself.

This was more an academic exercise for me to create a very broad overview of what we call mentalism so thank you all for your help. Smile
Papa Legba
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On Apr 17, 2014, Magical Dimensions wrote:

I just feel that you may be going around the barn to milk the cow.


I concur with Ray
Use the FORCE Luke.
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