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On Sep 16, 2014, Raj Suman wrote:
On Sep 16, 2014, Sashac wrote:
Ok Guys, I for one own the book and have only gone 3-4 routines and must say it's absolutely BRILLIANT! Tattle Tailed is probably the best E.S.P. card routine I have ever seen. I use springboard on a daily basis, .... It's just full of solid stuff! I am sorry that Ian did not like it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Did you buy the copy or was it a free one? This would be good to know for bias of comment.

Raj, I BOUGHT one. Just read the 5 pages of positive reviews, I'm not the only one who loves this book (and some people are bound to hate it, it's human nature!)
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Just to clarify a mistake on my part ...

I *was* an AIMC, but resigned from The Magic Circle (thanks to "creative differences") a while ago. I'm afraid I've neglected to change my signature, but I will do that now.

My opinions remain, however.

And, for the record, Sashac is right. human nature being what it is, you can't please everyone all the time. Plus, as I've just said to Michael himself, Mr. Murray has taken the brave step of putting his ideas out there for us to like/dislike. That in itself is to be commended.


( ... definitely *not* an AIMC, but I do have a BA and a PhD if that makes any difference ...)
Martin Pulman
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Great to hear a variety of opinions, and great to see Michael treating both impostors with the same courtesy and dignity. Rather unusual for the Café!

Based on the effects of Michael's that I own that are in the book, I'd say BMWguys review is rather rose-tinted but Ian's seems unnecessarily harsh. I suspect the truth, as in most releases will probably lie somewhere in the middle.
Raj Suman
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Hmm, I am now questioning an opinion of someone who was thrown out of the magic circle. I am suspecting there is more than meets the eye with Ian's review.
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Ask The Circle yourself (I suggest Chair of Council as he handled the matter). I *resigned*. And have been invited to rejoin whenever I want.

And why don't you talk to Michael himself and get his opinions on my post? I have no agenda here, and he can tell you that.

Martin: I agree with you. My opinions stand, but the mid-ground is probably going to be correct.

And that's it from me. Typical Café mud-throwing about to begin, methinks, so I'm out of it. The Café too, come to thiknk of it ...

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As Martin suggests its healthy to have a mix of opinions. This book is simply a collection of my thoughts and I realised that in releasing it it would not be to everyone liking. At a recent lecture Luke commented that whilst no one in the room liked Cliff Richard there were many more only too eager to purchase his albums. The same is true of magic and mentalism.

Peoples opinions are as individual as they are, respect them for what they are and where possible learn from them. I respect those that share a difference of opinion and hold no grudge against them. Having spoken to Ian it seems that whilst our thoughts on mentalism differ we both share a like for the occasional pint and so we have our mutual respect Smile

I hope that everyone reading these posts takes them for what they are, personal opinions. I hope that in this respect that people share their thoughts on the book rather than their personal opinions of anthers comments.

Love to all Smile
As a mentalist you must always ask yourself what if! And throughout your life you should seek to ask and answer this question over and over again, only then will your wildest dreams become a reality!

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Although I'm looking forward to reading the book and learning the effects, the thing which excites me most is learning from Michael and being inspired by his inventions and concepts.

I'm also looking forward to being creative with his ideas, just as Alex told us he has been with the Springboard principle (which is, after all, one of the beauties of the principle and, I'm sure, other ideas in the book).

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Penguin Magic finally has them in stock!
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When lecturing it's often been difficult to portray the true intention of my ideas since the majority are looking for new routines. Whilst they are included within the book it is my hope that people take the principles and tools which make up these effects and use them as the foundations for their own routines.

There is nothing more gratifying than placing your own stamp on these things and I'm already proud of what has become of some of them already. Martin Pullman suggested that some of the ideas of mine he has read were in his eyes one step from greatness and I'm happy with that in the sense that I'm hoping to inspire rather than dictate.

I hope that everyone who reads the book takes a step in a new direction and as a result paths new ground on previously un-chartered territory.

I also wish to add that I am always available to give guidance on my work on a personal level too. Should you guys need any help or have any questions then I'm always happy to help!

Best Wishes Michael
As a mentalist you must always ask yourself what if! And throughout your life you should seek to ask and answer this question over and over again, only then will your wildest dreams become a reality!

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Personally for me this is the book of the year (assuming Bob's Artful mentalism 2 was released last year). It all depends on what you like and what you are looking for. Michael is predominantly a close up performer and so his material will lean that way. I mostly perform for small groups and so it's a good fit. I personally like Michael's writing style and I love the way he thinks but we all have different tastes. Some people love Stephen King books, others think they are drivel, horses for courses. Personally I get a huge amount of use out of the springboard principle. Sure I won't use everything from the book but I will use a lot and I will probably use ideas from the effects that I won't perform. But that's just me.

Reviews, both positive and negative are very useful but there is no substitute for knowing the author's prior works if possible. Certain authors like Atlas Brookings, Bob Cassidy, Pete Turner, Sean Waters and Michael I will buy knowing full well that I like what they put out. Others like say Voodini, I know his material doesn't suit me despite its quality and so I'm less likely to jump on one of his releases while others will buy them sight unseen because it fits them perfectly.

In the cases where I don't know the authors material I follow the reviews written by people that tend to like similar material to me and place less weight on the reviews written by people who I know have differing tastes to mine. Reviews are neither right or wrong if they are honest, one mans meat is another mans poison. Learn who's material suits you, and which reviewers tastes are similar to yours and you will find that you make more good purchases than bad.

Mark Chandaue A.I.M.C.
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I have already gotten great food for thought from this book, and one idea particularly has led to some experimenting with a new tool I may keep in my wallet from now on if it continues to be successful in testing. And this is just in the first day of reading the book in small chunks! I don't know Michael and have nothing to gain from this, but again, I am a happy camper.
Jamie Ferguson
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So when can we expect the limited edition? Been waiting a while now.
When the chips are down, the duvet is uncomfortable.
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I think Michael posted that they will be shipped on 24th of this month.
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Is there any limited editions left?
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You would have to check the site to know if there are left, and as for shipping date I believe he said 24th would be the LATEST which means not long now.
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Hey guys,

Im back as promised with another review from more of the book.

up first we got the CUPS principle. I first discovered this principle through Peter Turner and then found it it was Michael who came up with it. With this principle you can have a spectator think of something and without anything being written down, just basically internal thought process, able to discern the spectators thought, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that your mind will be spinning with ways on using this principle. Imagine having mXXXXXle XuXs, and you know your spectator is thinking about one of them, and you can use the CUPS to find out which one. Or you may be able to use this to find out how the spectator is thinking, thus, being able to figure out his thought of word. In the book, there is examples, with playing card suits, vowels, and even Michaels version of Colin Mcleods bookless booktest using CUPS.
This is a principle that I have used before in my work during a book test, or a word reveal, and I am glad people will be able to learn it here, for those that don't know it. My rating for this is a 9/10.

The next routine is called Un-Real and is an effect Michael developed based on an Atlas Brookings release. Also, think of Patrick Redford and Prevaricator. This is more of a truthteller/lie routine. Although the idea can use the CUPS principle, which is great in itself, and many people perform which hand effects, I will not be pursuing this one particlar routine, not necessarily saying its bad, the idea is good, and most mentalist will perform it, if you like the plot, but its not for me. Rate it a 7/10.

The next effect is called The Boomerang force, and its not really an effect its a principle all in itself, and let me tell you, it is great. you can cause a spec to think of something change their mind and think of something else and then you know what it is. This is something that was based on something Peter Turner did on his Devil in Disguise DVD. Michael follows this up with ways to use it using CUPS, as well as being able to force random stuff as well. Def worth a look, and something that I am sure most will use. Rating 8.5/10.

The next review will cover the PANDORA reading system, Animal Instincts, PIN, Consulting the News, and the bonus routine which is called Once Removed, and that will cover the entire book.

Alex Alejandro
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There are still some limited edition versions left. I am emailing a few people tonight to check they still want their reservation copies. Delivery is scheduled no later than a week today 24th and I already have the bubble wrap pouches, book wrap boxes and shipping labels prepared. I've also primed the post office for my entrance too.

Best Wishes Michael Smile
As a mentalist you must always ask yourself what if! And throughout your life you should seek to ask and answer this question over and over again, only then will your wildest dreams become a reality!

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I can only speak for myself in saying that what I am looking forward to most are the principles and subtleties within this book. I feel pretty good about my act as it exists currently yet, I am also looking for ways to get more out of something, make it stronger, or "cleaner". For me when I come across something that is strong enough for me to want to consider adding or replacing of something else in my act it is slightly disappointing because that may potentially mean a lot of work.

Anyway this is what I am looking forward to most from this book.

Just my opinion amongst the mass of opinions that may or may not hold any actual significance .


"Everything I show you is the truth... And the truth is the loveliest of lies"
Investigative Mentalist
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I have hundreds of effects that I will never use.

I expect that this book will also contain many more effects that I will never use.

The average 45 minute mentalism act contains only 5-6 routines, so most of us don't need many new "tricks."

But if I can find some ideas in the book that can be incorporated to make my existing routines better, it's worth it.

If I find a routine that is better than the 5 I am currently using I would be very pleasantly surprised.
John C
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On Sep 16, 2014, ithomson wrote:

I'm afraid I don't agree with the positive reviews. In fact, I'm even fed up with the dealer I purchased this thing from as they haven't posted my negative review on their site.

I won't be using any of this material; in fact, to test my concerns I've already experimented with one effect, for some reason explained twice in the book, and received such negative comments I was chortling. Plus I wasn't impressed by the writing style, structure or scripts. And I thought it massively over-priced anyway. So I'll stick with the likes of Cassidy (with a very similar and much more workable ESP card effect, as it happens), Biss, Maven, and the like. And will be losing this book as soon as I possibly can.

Apologies, but that's my honest opinion I'm afraid. And the last I'll say on it before the inevitable arguments start.


Hey Ian,

I'm glad you offered your honest opinion. It's important. It's a good starting point. Now, let me give mine.

This is just my opinion. I was lucky in that I've followed Michael for a few years as have many here on the Café. I purchased his stuff in bits and pieces. He is an intelligent thinker. So, often I would read through a PDF and think oh that's all theory and I put it aside. Since I didn't make a huge investment into it I didn't worry about it.

Then along the way I read posts and threads here and there about a praticular idea of Michaels. (in this example I am specifically thinking about Springboard) I would stop and read the posts and think, WOW I never understood how exactly that worked. So, I reread the PDF and actually trieed it out. It worked. But I tried it many times at a charity gig. Each time I forced a card I would try SB. I eventually got good at it. What I am saying is these are the types of things and ideas Michael puts out. Some are easy reading some are not. Some take time to digest.

Another one is his take on OOTW. It's awesome. It starts with the premise that we are all striving for and that is to use a completely shuffled deck. This is it. It works.

Tattle Tailed is another. What a great way to show two people how to read minds. Yea it takes some thought, but that's mentalism.

We all want NAKED mentalism ... well with it you can't also have "self-working" NAKED mentalism is not self-working because usually there is a lot of thinking going on behind the scenes.

I love his ESP 3 with the routines on the DVD. His take on letting the spectator be the mind reader with ESP cards is awesome. It's JAZZ. In perfect harmony for me since I like to play it as short or long as I want.

I think Ian if you peruse the Café and read the threads about Michael and his products you will have to admit there are more positive moments than negative ones. And we can't all be Michael Murray disciples. Not all of us. I am. But everyone can't be.

I don't know what your experience has been with the Café, mentalism, esp, Michael Murray etc. Heck you may be the smartest, most knowledgable and learned performer in the Café, I don't know. But in case you're not then my advice may be good advice.

My point is, in may case I was introduced to Michael's stuff piece meal thru the years. I was able to digest his thinking and structure the whys and hows, methods etc. He was harder to digest than most, for me anyway, but I realized the end result of his effects was what I enjoyed.
So I stuck with it. I'm glad I did.

Fianlly, the LAST person in this Café that would non-intentionally or intentionally produce an inferior product and not put their heart and soul into a project is Michael Murray. I think a lot of us here in the Café would agree.

Stick with it Brother Ian. You'll be glad you did.

John Cesta
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