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I'm looking for ideas of effects that one would do in a restaurant for a table that has a guest of honor. You know, that person there celebrating their birthday or graduation. For couples, I am learning Doc Eason's Anniversary Waltz, but I don't know that that would work or that I want to use it for the above situations.

Any ideas for an effect that would highlight the guest of honor, get them involved in the routine and perhaps even leave them with a cool souvenier?
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A Torn and restored card with card to impossible location such as on the bottom of a potted plant centerpiece with a note written on the finale card "Please keep the plant as a gift, Happy Birthday etc." works well if you have prep time.

Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
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Philemon Vanderbeck
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Doc Eason also teaches a "Happy Birthday" routine that employs a blank-backed card on which you write a special message for the GoH.

It's on Tape #2 of his Bar Magic series.
Professor Philemon Vanderbeck
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How about Guy Hollingsworths reformation, or the improved reperation by John Lovick. Both effects leave all the spectators with jaws on the floor, whilst the special guest gets a card with their signature on it. Add a few wonder words eg 'hold onto that card because every inteligent person here is going to want to examine it'.

good luck
Dennis Loomis
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If you know the Guest of Honor in advance, you can do Duke's Dye Version which is available from Abbotts. At the end, you have a piece of paper which you unroll to show empty. Duke Stern always lettered a special greeting to the Guest of Honor, Company President, or Birthday person on the inside.

For walk around, Mark Trimble used to make a very small version of the same effect. If you could find one it would be great for intimate groups. If you do restaurant work, there will be birthdays quite often. If the table sends back a request for a birthday cake, it wouldn't be too hard to find out the name of the birthday person. Hand letter "Happy Birthday John" on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and use that for the tube. Smile
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Andy Charlton
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I agree with Doc Eason's happy birthday card trick. Though obviously it works with , retirements, graduations, any celebration at all. BTW I just use a red backed card with the message on it, and I must admit, If I have time to set it up properly, I use a short card for the easiest Double and triple lifts in the world.


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Garrett Nelson
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I like to do an effect where the two people sign the face of a different card, then the cards are melted together, and they get to keep the "melted together" card.

There are several out there. I used one by Ortiz for a while from his book Cardshark.

It is a good fooler, and fits an anniversery like no other Smile
Peter Marucci
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In my Showtime column in the Linking Ring magazine of August, 1997, I had a routine called The Birthday Card, which also works for any other special occasion.
I have used it for years (and years and etc.) and it never fails to elicit the right response from the spectators and the guest of honor.
If you (Kaliix) or anyone else is interested, e-mail me privately and I'll e-mail the routine and handling back to you.
Peter Marucci
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Hi I find one of the strongest effects to do in these situations is taking a photo of the spectator and their card appears in the photo. Check out Sean Taylors lecture notes for details or e-mail me privately. By the way the photo`s have a sticky back which can be attached to your business cards. All the best, Gary Jones.
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I cannot believe that no one of you mentioned Jay Sankey`s "gift of the Magi"
It is in his book 100 % Sankey.
The effect goes something like this:
you show a few card tricks. After this, the magic starts!!!
"At the conclusion of your final trick, the deck instantely metamorphoses into a gift-wrapped bundle, complete with ribbon. A moment later, gift card appears on the package."

When I did close up magic for companies and did table hopping , the most important person, the person , who booked me or the guest of honnor would get a deck of cards in an inflated ballon.( Jay`s airtight)
Other possibilities were Michael Ammars permanent pencil through quarter or Michael Weber`s effect, where a card rises from the deck that is wrapped with a rubberband. In the middle of the rising , you stop and show that the spectator`s card has the rubberband running `THROUGH the card.
What I mean with this is:

As Michael Ammar points out, you have to give the people something that brings the magic effect back again, even for the spectators who did not see the effect.Look at the examples above. The gift is a trick by itself, another example might be "card on ceilling, by Ammar.

Hey guys, who are you???????????

We are not Madonna, nor Michael Jackson!!!

If I have my birthday and the magi presents me with a playing card that is signed( my or his signature, not Michael`s or Madonna`s),
it is nice but nothing more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will maybe remember the effect for the next few days but then...?
I will throw the card away.Even for the few times where you really can emotionally hook your audience with a signed card effect, other people ,who see the card will never be able to share the experience of wonder and magic that has happened with the signed card.

Let the magic happen, even when the trick is over:

How did the cards get into the ballon?
How did the card get to the ceilling? How is the quarter impaled with the pencil? How is the card and the rubberband melted together?
This is a gift that is definitely not thrown away.The magic happens again, even days after the performance!!!

BE HONEST: if you ask one spectator one week after your performance, what has happened to your signed card, what will he say? Will they be able to remenmber the effect?

did you ever ask one of your spectators this question?



Magique Hands
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Many of you have listed some great effects to perform for the guest of honor. Here's a little bit to get you thinking of the 'proper' effects to perform.

Guests of honor are to be treated as special people... honored for some reason in their life (birthday, retirement, award, etc..)

Come up with an effect that will TRULY make the special moment MEMORABLE and MAGICAL. Ravi says it wonderfully! Structure your routine, so that the guest of honor and other guests, will remember you as well... not just the effect. And so they will remember the EXPERIENCE they had.

Have Fun,
- - Troy
"If you go around sprinkling Woofle Dust on everything... people will think 'My... What an odd character."
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Thank you Troy.


it is two things: YOU and your magic. You are 99 %, the rest is the trick.

Peter Marucci
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Ravi asks: "BE HONEST: if you ask one spectator one week after your performance, what has happened to your signed card, what will he say? Will they be able to remenmber the effect?"

Well, yes.
When table hopping, I've had people come back YEARS later with the signed card from my ambitious card, and ask me to do it for whomever they brought with them.
And that is a fairly common occurence.
If it's NOT happening to you, then don't blame the trick!
Peter Marucci
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