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(I Originally Posted This In INNER MINDS, but it most definitely deserves to be here. Yes below I DID Mention a GUN, but I was very UPSET when I originally posted this Monday. DON'T WORRY I'll be getting PEPPER SPRAY. Here is where I Originally Posted this and the responses I got from there so far. I've been doing this 18 Summers now same Place, Same Time roughly each WEEKEND Night as it's close to my home. Thanks.)

This will be a re-post from what I put on my facebook in which I got TONS of replies from my Loved Ones. DON'T MOVE THIS, as I TOO am putting this in "Not Very Magical But Still", most of my closer friends here are hear though. Also YES I DO know the risk of Late Night "Sidewalk Performing" BUT as you asee below I wasn't performing but on my way home. I NEED, need the money though. Also I LOVE making others Happy and I hope to meet "The One" too.


I got jumped tonight at 1:20am as I was walking back from Street Performing (For locals it was directly across the Street in Front Of The Big Church. It was a tall guy early 40''s with a Mustache) bringing joy to others. This drunk attacked me and I got knocked out they said. I did land a couple kicks to the guys stomach, and a punch or two. Luckily 3 minutes later these bouncers at a bar nearby (fans of mine too) restrained the guy. The cops came. He even BEAT me with a tripod I have and my whole basket (the one that can hold like 4 Paper Bags of Groceries with a handle and two wheels. In the Basket in a Close-Up table from Ronjo's but it opens as a Drawer. Way back in 98 that & Tripod was like $250.00, A Fold Up Chair and a Hand Bag kinda like a Back Pack) that has the two wheels in back. He tried going after this female and I did my best to defend her as you NEVER hit a female. Good things those guys came as I'll admit I do have a temper and I had grabbed the the tripod and was literally going to smash the guys brains in (or until I saw Gray Brain Matter). OTHER people came though for me as I was obviously quite agitated and they and the police "talked me down" as AS SERIOUSLY I would be charged either with Murder or Attempted Murder.

I'm so thankful to ALL who came running did so. I as I said was knocked out but I never knew it. The Ambulance came took me to the Hospital did a Cat Scan which was Normal. I DID however have a fever of 102, my heart rate was in the 150's and my Blood Pressure was high, as was my Blood Sugar as I'm Diabetic. I was given Tylenol to Reduce the Fever, Ativan for the Agitation, and Morphine for the strong Head Pain. God was with me. I know people want me to go Street Perform and Belly Ache when I'm not out there but they don't know the risks either but I DO. I've been out performing since 1997 and this is my FIRST
EVER Incident which is not bad. Well actually 6 years into Street Performing 2 people were watching my Ambitious Card, With Card To Wallet and this VERY Drunk Guy like at 1:30am came near me and started urinating hitting me a little. Again I literally started seeing Red / Black, and felt Hot / Cold (Signatures of me Losing my Temper, and most friends even my Mom said I should've knocked the s*** out of him. This was way back in like 2002 / 2003, and a guy at a place I go to The Magic Café, this guy I've even met Danny Hustle said "There you go Ed, Your first "Flowing Ovation" which kinda made me smile".

Anyway this incident made the paper PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK too SEE the actual guy a Darryl Landry 46, (a habitual offender). The newspaper got it wrong and said I was a "Street Magician / Psychic / Certified Hypnotist". Also I wasn't performing but on my way to say hi. Here is what the newspaper wrote STILL see the LINK though.

Newspaper Account ...

By Elizabeth Dinan
July 14, 2014 1:23 PM

PORTSMOUTH — A local man is being held on $10,000 cash-only bail for charges alleging he beat two street performers who were playing in front of the North Church early Sunday morning.

Charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple assault, a felony count of second-degree assault and a misdemeanor alleging his possession of drugs is Darryl Landry, 46, of 352 Hanover St. No. 6.

According to an affidavit by officer Roland Dupuis, he and other officers were flagged down by people in Market Square at 1:20 a.m. on Sunday for a report about assaults in progress. The officer reported that he was directed to the area in front of the North Church where employees of a nearby bar were holding a man on the ground.

The witnesses told police they saw the man, later identified as Landry, push a woman to the ground. Then, the witnesses told police, he punched a man in the head, knocked him to the ground and struck him with a metal sheet-music stand.

According to the city's public police log, the male victim was knocked out, then reported feeling dizzy, so he was transported by ambulance to Portsmouth Regional Hospital.

Landry was arraigned by video from the county jail on Monday when police prosecutor David Colby said the victims were street musicians who did not known Landry. Colby said Landry had been in a downtown bar and started to argue with the musicians, during which he grabbed the metal music stand and used it as a weapon.

The second degree assault charge against him alleges the tripod music stand was a deadly weapon.

Landry said during his arraignment that one of the musicians struck him with the sheet-music stand first.

While Landry was being booked, police allege, officers found marijuana and a pipe in his pants pockets. He's charged with a misdemeanor count of drug possession, based on those allegations.

Colby told the court that Landry has prior convictions for assault, driving while intoxicated, identity fraud, possession of a weapon with intent to commit a crime and for being a habitual offender. The prosecutor asked the court to set cash bail at $10,000 cash, prompting Landry to say he could get $150 cash.

Judge Sawako Gardner set Landry's bail at $10,000 cash and ordered him to have no contact with the two alleged victims and the two bar employees who assisted at the scene"

I wrote back on the Newspaper stand replying ...

"Actually I'm a MAGICIAN, Mind Reader, and Certified Hypnotist. I have been a "Street Performer" in Downtown Portsmouth since 1997, so this is my 18th Summer out there. I've only had another incident. This was while actually PERFORMING though. In like 03 as I was performer this very intoxicated guy came near me and was urinating close to me and trying to get urine on me which he did a tiny bit. Here I was NOT PERFORMING, but I was on my way home, said hi to this Juggler which the Juggler did NOT mind. This guy Landry starting yelling to move along not to "Congest" the area which I wasn't. I starting walking away when this female came up and asked what I did. We moved like 10 feet away when I told her that I was a Magician, Psychic, and Certified Hypnotist. This guy Landry got up was being verbally abusive. I told him to F*** Off. He than started punching me his me with my Basket I carry my stuff in, and hit me with a tripod that I attach to my performing Stand when I perform. I defended myself landed a couple of punches and kicks ti his stomach as I have more leg reach. I guess I was knocked out though I didn't remember. He also went after the female that showed up and to me YOU NEVER HIT A FEMALE, so I tried defending her too. Anyway when I was down a bunch of bouncers ran and restrained him, and a couple guys got me calmed down as the guy would've been in trouble HONESTLY if the people didn't show up as I admit I got a temper. Thank to all those who came to my aid, I Love You ALL.

Ed Draughn 7-14-14"

Bottomline I know you'll probably be like "Ed start doing earlier hours, and you know the risk. Ed, you need Pepper Spray." True I do need Pepper Spray, I'm SO ANGRY though I want to get a Concealed Weapons Permit PLUS what that entails. I MUST have the extra money. Too bad I only get so much a week, and I don't get hired Privately Enough as never having owned a car makes it hard. He broke my Titan I.T.R. w/Vecra. You'll see in recent TODAY POST 7-14-14, about my luck with I.T.R.'s and new ideas for INDEXES. See I use to be out like 10+ years ALL THE TIME, like every night. Saturdays I use to perform like 12pm-2am, 14 hours Straight but burned out. Then I was out weather permitting EVERY WEEKEND NIGHT 6pm-2am. Now sadly as of 3 years ago and Health Issues I can only start like 8-9pm perform till 1-2am. I use the "Trickle Method". I don't pitch get a huge crowd then do a "set", then have a Hat Passed. I have a couple times if I've done a Hypnosis show with 30-50 people watching. No when people or even a PERSON comes to my stand I'll perform. I have a plastic old butter container duct taped to my table that says "Tips". As Street Entertainers we all get our "Licks In" so to Speak. I've heard though of some Street Workers being arrested in other countries and having there stuff taken. In my Town it's LEGAL 100%.

I'm still going out, but "Loaded Now" if I can help it. I feel Mentally at the end of my rope. I NEED, the money too for Health Reasons. See I have quite a few Doctors, and the NEED to see me for things. I can't use buses due to me having to be near a bathroom (that's too personal though), and my Uncle is the ONLY person I know who lives close enough to give me rides. He works 3rd shift so he isn't awake until like 3pm. (I keep similar hours too). Also like 3-4 months ago he had a Heart Attack. So I try not too hard to get rides. The thing is as I DON'T know my Uncle's Schedule I usually when they call me (The Doctor's Office) give them my Uncle's Number. He's hard to get a hold of. Like I had Blood Work done 3 weeks ago but they want to tell me the results IN PERSON. My Stomach Doctor since very Early June has wanted to do a Medical Procedure. I'd usually take a cab though they are VERY EXPENSIVE in my town. With this I can't. I mean I can take a cab there, but no I need a trusted person to give me a ride home. I've also since May wanted to take my Mom out to eat but he keeps pushing it back. See in Late May I made a Nice Fee doing "Walk Around" for a hour at this 4 Star Hotel near me. It was a Dinner for Republican Senator (Florida) Mario Rubbio, though I'm NOT political and never voted. I performed for Cocktail Hour. Anyway for HEALTH Reasons I NEED to make money. I help my Uncle too with Gas. It's hard bottom line. I had to take my $50.00 a Month Gigsalad profile down. While YES I DO have plenty of "Stuff" as you all say but I STILL even have a list of stuff I need. I think I got my Index Problem now solved (which I DID), now I need to use a RELIABLE Invisible Touches System. I'd love the Osterlind Steel Blindfold though YES I have 13 Steps know other methods but his look the best. I need a Deck Sealer, Styrofoam and Card Seals because as you know I LOVE doing NOT "Strong Stuff" BUT EXTREMELY Strong Stuff under "Test Conditions". I now use Andy Nyman's "The Code" though I back other GREAT Marked decks and I use also Marc Spelmann's N.A.M.D. I love A LOT Phoenix's SUM, and the Ultimate Marked Deck. (Can't Stand the Boris no offense to him). The BIGGEST, and most expensive thing I want and you've heard it, is Hugo Shelley's 2.5. I want to do a PERFECT, perfect "Which Hand". I know there is the Prevaricator, Ring of Truth" ... etc, but they are not perfect. Don't worry I know, KNOW we should ONLY be right 85% of the time. I however want to pick the 1 out of 5 to get wrong with a "Which Hand" Effect.

Sorry I got off point a bit but I also felt you needed to know the WHY as well.

P.S. YES I know Mike MacDonald I need a better Wardrobe ... etc.

God Bless, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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Sorry to hear you got injured. I hope you're back to your usual 'normal', or better, soon.
The presentation makes the magic.
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On Jul 17, 2014, MagiCol wrote:
Sorry to hear you got injured. I hope you're back to your usual 'normal', or better, soon.

Thanks yes I'm doing better ... Rock On.

God Bless, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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