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Hey This is my first post woo!

So I'm starting magic (duh) and I was wondering what are some cool CARD tricks that you couldn't type into google. (e.g. "making a card vanish" .... Oh its behind your hand thanks youtube!) So yeah, Cool card tricks that arent so easy to find on google (i know si stebben too) c:
- Cheers Lux__

(FYI I have a standard deck (duh) and a Svengali deck)
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First, welcome to the forum! It's really a great place, lot's of advice and nice people to be found.

For card tricks, there are so many resources that contain some great effects. I don't know what books you own, but the Royal to Card Magic should be in every magician's library, especially considering the price. It contains some effects, but they are mostly to illustrate some principles and give you a chance to practice the sleights that were just explained. The same goes for the Card Colleges series (the numbered ones). Then there is Card College Light, Lighter and Lightest which contain many effects. Also, fellow café member Harry Lorayne has written many great books on card magic, of which it seems Close-Up Card Magic is most often recommended to beginners. He has also compiled multiple of his books in the Classic Collection series, which all contain a wealth of great magic (mostly cards, but his The Magic Book is contained in one, and that has much more than only cards).

Of course there is a lot more out there, I don't have a lot of experience with card magic DVDs, but the Easy to Master Card Miracles series from Michael Ammar is recommended often.

Regarding your point "impossible to be typed into google", that sounds very hard. Many tricks can be summarized by their basic premise, like "selected card is found face-up". I'm not saying this is true for all effects, but the harder it is to summarize an effect, the more convoluted it could be. And that's what you should avoid as a magician. You don't want a spectator going, after you have done some amazing magic, "so what actuallly happened?". Also, I don't really see it being such a big problem if a trick could be typed into google. I know some effects and principles are more exposed than others, but the spectators shouldn't want to look up how a trick is done. If they do, either you haven't done your job to entertain them well enough, or they are just bad people who want to ruin the fun for themselves. If the latter is true, you shouldn't care about that type of people. They exist, and as long as they don't ruin the fun for anyone else there's no problem. If the first remark is true, I don't really know what you should do, but then the fault is with yourself.

Please take this all with a grain of salt, because I'm quite inexperienced myself. However, I like reading about the art on the café. I'm sure some more experienced magicians will chime in.
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I don't know how dedicated you will be to practicing, but here's a list of some of my favorite effects that I've found; some rather easy and others requiring a little bit of practice. Just remember, no matter how hard or difficult a trick is, presentation and deception are VITAL. People will tell you that the only thing that matters is purely presentation, but I disagree.. A trick without deceptiveness, no matter how good the presentation will not give you a desired result. This is my opinion and I bet you some people here will disagree, and that's fine. Focus on these three things... Presentation, deceptiveness, and confidence; and you will have yourself some powerful routines to show people. If you're lacking in any of those fields, you will not get the results you strive for-- if you're serious about it that is.

The list:

The Chicago Opener - As well as The Chicago surprise which is a slightly more difficult version which plays a lot bigger in some cases

Triumph - The Push through method taught by Dai Vernon. I think 99% of all people who do a triumph with the Zarrow absolutely destroy the effect. If you have a world class Zarrow, then go for it.. Otherwise, stick to the push through method.

Darwin Ortiz's Ultimate Oil and Water - Quite difficult for beginners, but is one of my most powerful tricks. Still though, doesn't compare to the Chicago Opener. It's a GEM..

Stand-Up Monte - THE best packet trick out there in my opinion. Absolute gold. It doesn't take any technical ability, but it will take practice to make sure it's all fluent.

Angle Z - I personally dislike the direction that Ellusionist is taking magic, but they do have a few *** good effects published and this is one of them.

I've found a lot of DVD's that have absolutely wasted my money. These recommendations wont necessarily be the best for an absolute beginner, but for the time I saw them rather it be recently, or when I first started, these are the dvd's I got the most out of.

Dock Eason's Bar Magic series - 3 volumes, AMAZING help with presentation, and a little bit of the business side.. The performances on the DVD were just wonderful to watch. It felt very personal and unique, I felt as if I were there in the audience.

Jeff McBride's Art of Card Manipulation - Definitely not for the beginner! I don't recommend you get it now.. But, if manipulation ever intrigues you enough to try it, this is the series to get.

Bill Malone material - Marlo Meets Malone will teach you most of the classics, but his others are great too. Anything Bill Malone can help you. Even if you don't like his performance style, his deception is still there and you can make your own presentations.. In my opinion, all magic should have some comedy. There's cheesy comedy and there's a more theatrical, or practical comedy... Both can make someone laugh, it's just preference.

Good luck! I love talking on skype with other magicians rather it be an absolute beginner, someone that's been in it a year or two, or even long time experts. If anyone wants to talk about magic, pm me your skype name!
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I've been doing magic for over 40 years and have been recently "mining" Youtube for self-working card tricks recently. I try to take a trick and dissect it to see how it works and then change it around some how, improve it, or develop a presentation that fits my personality. Some magicians feel that the youtube video proliferation is mere exposure and of no value, but I have to disagree. For the most part, items that have been in the public domain for years ar peing put up in Youtube videos and they are a wonderful resource if some thought is put into their use.
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If you like DVD's "Thirteen" by Andrew Murray has some good 'uns. As for you tube I wouldn't worry too much....just don't call your card trick "Chicago opener" or "Red Hot Mama" or the actual name of whatever the trick is called. More important (and harder) is to be an entertainer rather than a proposer of puzzles.

Good luck Smile
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Outstanding advice from Zephury above and your Svengali deck will let you do a very easy Any Card at Any Number to close. Then you should be looking at books (lots of threads in the Café regarding best books) as you will find a wealth of material never seen on YouTube. Have fun!
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I imagine most well known classics can be googled these days ... If you know the name! But don't let that bother you. You can still get great mileage out of classic card effects as the number of people who look up card tricks by name on the net is fairly small. Sometimes you will run into an exposer who 'knows' the trick from the web, but these will be the minority. Most people will be happy and amazed with a good presentation of a good trick, even if it's as old as the hills.

In order to learn card magic there are loads of possible resources, both books and DVDs. In my opinion, Gerry Giffin's Complete Card Course (Magic Makers) is a great, and fairly cheap, resource for the beginner - over a hundred tricks and loads of shuffles and moves taught (though far from perfect - it is let down by terrible crediting and limited audience).

You probably want to team this DVD (or any other DVD for that matter) with a book. If you have the money, then the first two volumes of Card College (the PDF version has embedded video clips - see advert at bottom of Café). If you're looking for something cheaper, then the reprint of Royal Road to Card Magic.

Regarding your Svengali deck then I would probably consider Daryl's Essentials DVD series - the one on that deck (obviously!).

Have fun!
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