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Can you please review the dvd 22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey? what skill level is this dvd and do you rec

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I think it was only released on the 25th of Jan. Should be good,I can't wait to get my hands on this one. If anyone has seen it, please post a review.

Jonathan Smile Smile
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Skill level is beginner to moderate, nothing too difficult. Nice effects and plenty of material.
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I just recently started learning magic and "discovered" Jay Sankey. I'm placing an order on this one soon.
Judah Vee
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of the JV Naughty Vanish....
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This is my latest list for Sankey stuff. Great resourse for more of his stuff Italia16!

I don't care how fast or slow you are.... As long as I am faster.. -J-
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If I remember the first effect is REALLY strong to laymen....
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I can get a review up for you. I think I have a copy of this DVD somewhere on my shelf that I didn't really do much with since I purchased it.

Let me know if you still want the review done.
William Draven
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Title: 22 Blows To The Head
Artist: Jay Sankey
Producers: Sankey Magic
Retail Price: $24.00 USD
Learning Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Length of DVD: 140 minutes
Notes: Some of the effects will require you to have additional products such as double stick tape, blank decks, etc. Most of these items can be easily bought from your local craft store and or magical outlet.

• Instructional DVD

DVD Features:
• Introduction
• Graffiti
• Homicide
• Laying on of Hands
• Mute
• Simply Divine
• Resistance is Futile
• Casualties of War
• Divided Attention
• Fade Away
• Black Market
• Mercurial Prediction
• Symbolic
• Shufflecutdeal
• Formal Affair
• Confession
• Reinactment
• Vital Statistics
• Memory Lapse
• Greed
• Hide, Keep & Give Away
• Serial Killer
• Locked Room Mystery
• Trailers

Jay introduces to you 22 of his original routines using simple objects that is guaranteed to convince the audience that you have psychic powers.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a fan of Jay’s work. He’s got a funny personality, he really knows how to connect to his audience, and his magic has a way of hitting hard. Sometimes his tricks only seem to work because it’s him, but when you’re churning out as much material for magicians to consume as he does I’m sure that’s bound to happen. 22 Blows To The Head is a DVD of 22 original Jay Sankey effects for the “intimate psychic”. Whatever the hell that means. I assume he’s implying the DVD is loaded with mentalism material. Let me be honest when I say this: of the many things Jay is, a mentalist he is not. From the perspective of someone who is only using THIS DVD, and the material presented inside as the SOLE basis of my opinion, Jay comes off as a magician trying to do mentalism style effects. This is an old soap box, and I’m not the first magician to stand upon it, but since it is relevant for the sake of this review I’ll make it quick. I’d be wary of any mentalist who resorts to pulling out decks of cards to only do a series of prediction style effects. However I digress.

The majority of the material covered in this DVD is consistent with the kind of material I’d expect a close up, bar or walk around magician to be doing. Most of the effects pack small, and hit hard when done correctly, even though I find most of Jay’s patter boring, sluggish, and fairly uncreative. Anyone who isn’t trying to produce 5 DVD’s a month should have the proper time to devote to scripting a better presentation more suited to their performance style than the canned stock that comes with the DVD. And really that’s where the true gold in this product is found. You just need to figure out how to make the tricks work for you.

Some of the tricks like Fade, or Mute require you to make additional purchases of items that don’t come with the DVD. Fear not, most of the things you’ll need are easy to find, and fairly inexpensive. I think the highest priced item you may need to buy is a blank deck.

Regrettably there is absolutely no performance videos of any of the material covered on this DVD anywhere. We can only assume that these are tricks that Jay’s made use of and not say created for the sake of producing another DVD product for magicians to consume. Honestly for the price of the DVD, and the richness of how entertaining it is to watch Jay work I would have liked him to have highlighted two or three of his personal favorites from the DVD and filmed him working a live crowed doing those tricks.

All of the tricks are pretty easy to learn, and most of them work almost completely by themselves. There really isn’t any advanced sleight of hand involved at all, but you will need to sell many of the effects on the DVD. Presentation skills are a must! Personally I love the first and last effect on the DVD. Graffiti is a great card trick to do for someone during the middle of your set. It isn’t so hard hitting for people you know personally, but in a group of strangers it packs a punch. The final effect is a card trick done over the phone. The potential for this being used to secure a gig is too good to pass up! I also liked Mute because it’s a cute (could be seasonal) effect that doesn’t use cards, coins, or other typical magician props. Mute is a cute pocket trick that puts the power of precognition in the spectators hands as they select the only jingle bell that rings from a lineup of several other mute bells. There were other tricks like Homicide that I didn’t like as much. The plot on Homicide I’ve seen played out with other mentalism style effects where it’s someone’s 20 dollar bill being burnt, shredded, ripped, or otherwise mutilated instead of a drawn stick figure. Honestly, I tend to prefer the other versions of this effect as presented in Corinda’s 13 Steps to Mentalism, but that may also just be me. Who knows, maybe you’ll love Jay’s version more than I did.

Practicality does seem to be a major selling point with nearly all of Jay’s material. Once you re-patter the effect’s you plan to use I think you’ll get a lot of work out of the material found on this DVD. Nothing really stands out as being something that only works for the demo, or as being something that wouldn’t hold up in a real world environment. I certainly wouldn’t create an entire show out of the material on this DVD, but I do find it highly possible that you’ll find a couple gems that you’ll be able to add into your lineup fairly easily.

When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The four points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, Sound & Video Quality and Overall Quality.

Product Quality: 6
The DVD has a couple great effects and lots of other good ones on the DVD. The price isn’t that bad, but you’ll need to make a trip back to the store if you plan to perform everything on here. If you are buying this hoping for actual mentalism material stick with something from Osterland because this isn’t really mentalism stuff. Its magic tricks dressed up as mentalism. I docked a point or two from this score because of that.

Teaching Quality: 6
Jay is entertaining to watch while he’s teaching you the material on the DVD. He doesn’t mess around with what he has to show you. It’s strait from a quick performance run through into how it’s done. Jay loses some points here though for not having any actual performance video of the tricks in the DVD. It would have been useful to see how he handles some of the effects presented here.

Video & Sound Quality: 8
The sound and video quality were good. Jay has some weird camera tricks throughout the DVD that is fairly typical to his style.

Overall Quality: 7
What can I say? Jay has produced another quality product full of material that I’m sure some of you will get some solid work out of. Most of his presentations I find tripe, but that’s nothing I’m sure a little creative ingenuity on you (the performers) part can’t fix. If you don’t already own it, Graffiti, Mute, and Locked Room Mystery are totally worth it.
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Very nice review, I like it!
Ray Chelt
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Still totally at a loss as to the love for this stuff.

Mr Sankey frequently gives away tricks free from his previous releases and at the moment you can see reenactment on his site.

The load of the chosen card ready for the reveal in this trick is incredibly obvious and poor and daft old me came up with a better way in seconds.

Just always feel that these things are half thought out. He does a good line in magibabble to impress you on the "thinking" behind these effects but I don't buy it --much like I didn't buy "bending the real".

Still, takes all sorts I suppose.
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Highly recommend it.
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I might go for this. I feel that Sankey is a great gateway into magic, at least he was for me. After sometime purchasing mainly his material it appeared he was releasing things just to release things. Still, he is very talented and entertaining (sometimes corny) to watch. Perhaps it is time I give him a whirl again.
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Memory Lapse from this dvd is a great trick with your business card:

MEMORY LAPSE: A spectator is 'influenced' to forget a detail everybody else clearly remembers! Shocking mental effect!!
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Memory Lapse is by far my fave effect off the entire dvd, its actually up there with my fave sankey effects of all time. Other ogood effects off this dvd are Laying On Of Hands, Symbolic, Locked Room Mystery, Mercurial Prediction (paperclipped), Formal Affair
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