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1. "Devil's Staircase" Greg Chapman
is my top book of 2014

2. "The Butterfly Pass" by Stephen Leathwaite
is my top DVD release

3. effect....hmmmm So many interesting things...
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1. Piece of My Mind--Michael Murray...For the principles. Made me a better close-up mentalist.
2. Train Tracking--Gave me the ability to do something with almost 95% accuracy (name reveals). I can also literally read someone's mind and "walk around someone's head."
Michael Zarek
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1 Train Tracking - Atlas Brookings (Best thing I saw in more than just one year)
2 Piece of My Mind - Michael Murray (the limited edition was worth it just for the principles)
3 When in Rome - Peter Turner (was hard deciding if I should pick this or Bigger fish 2 as both are great )
Reader discretion is advised.
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1. Train Tracking by Atlas Brookings
2. The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual by Richard Osterlind
3. The Magiculum by Dr Todd Landman
Connor Jacobs - The Thought Sculptor
Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur
Be fondly remembered.
Jamie D. Grant
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as seen in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Twice!
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It's a fair ways until Feb.01 (when the voting ends), but I just want to say how amazing everyone is being! Votes and kind words- this is what our community is about!

I'll try and do a tally about every 10 days.

Stay awesome!

Your pal,

TRICK OF THE YEAR: Industrial Revelation, BOOK OF THE YEAR: The Approach, The AIP Bottle, and my new book Scenic 52, can all be found over here: SendWonder.com
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1. A Piece of my mind (Limited Edition) - Michael Murray
2. Bigger Fish 2 - Peter Turner
"Everything I show you is the truth... And the truth is the loveliest of lies"
Raj Suman
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1. Piece of my mind with Michael Murray
2. The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual by Richard Osterlind
John Kokot
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An Unofficial and Incomplete List of Books on Magic and Its Allied Arts Published in 2014

The lists below contain a total of 166 print books* initially published in 2014.** This inventory is not exhaustive; additional sources*** and more scrupulous research would yield more titles. All errors and omissions are solely mine. Corrections, deletions and additions are encouraged.

No person or entity has endorsed or is affiliated with this bibliography, including The Magic Café, its moderators, or the administrator of The 2014 Magic Café Book of the Year Poll. Books enumerated here do not automatically qualify for the poll; final eligibility is determined by the 2014 poll administrator.****

Books Available from Magic Dealers

Abbott's Magic Co., Dark Matter Secrets
Abbott's Magic Co., Decades: 80 Years Timeline of Abbott’s Magic
Al the Only. The Magic Graveyard Book
Aronson, Simon. Art Decko
Ammar, Michael. The Topit Book 2.0
Andreu. Mindsight
Barnowsky, Larry. Magica Analystica
Baukin, Larry. The Unholy Grail
Baxter, Thomas. The Action Cop
Bluemle, Robert, & Behnke, Leo. The Incredibe Dr. Jaks
Biro, Pete. Ken Brooke: A Lifetime of Laughter
Biro, Pete. Close-Up Magic 4U
Brookings, Atlas. Train Tracking
Browning, P. Craig. Thoth’s Wisdom
Bruno, Joe. 12 Steps to Creative Magic
Caffrey, Lance. The Asian Hustle: Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle
Caudal, Dorian. MiriACAAN
Cavelli, . The Cavalli Files VI: Notes from the Lord’s Diary 2
Caveney, Mike. Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum II
Chapman, Greg. The Devil’s Staircase
Christopher, Dee. Anate
Christopher, Dee. Deep Shadows
Curtis, Jack. Distorted Thoughts and the 1914
Dobson, Wayne. Look No Hands The Lecture
Drury, Steve. Key Mysteries
Drury, Steve. Mysteriousophy
Dyne, Kim. Bairn
Edward, Mark. Hand Springs
Edwards, Doug. Nukes
Elsdon, Mark. Conversational Mentalism 2
Erdnase, S.W. (edited by Marty Demarest). The Expert at the Card Table (Charles & Wonder Edition)
Feldman, Michael. The Opposite of People
Froment, Patrick. Real Telepathy
Giobbi, Roberto. Ask Roberto
Gilbreath, Norman. Beyond Imagination
Goodman, Wayne. The Definitive Guide to Restaurant Magic
Guastaferro, John. Discoveries and Deceptions
Hannibal. Bookends
Higham, Justin. The 75 % Production and the Trick with No Method
Houstoun, Will. Hellis in Wonderland
Houstoun, Will. The Notebook
Howard, Max. Creating Theatrical Magic
Jay, Joshua. Big Magic for Little Hands
Jermay, Luke. Faith Healer
Jheff. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Jermay, Luke. Modern Mentalism
Landman, Todd (Editor). Magiculum
Leech, Al. The Complete Al Leech
Lorayne, Harry. Lorayne 5: The Classic Collection
Lovell, Simon. Betcha: How to Win Free Drinks for Life
Lovick, John. Mayhew: What Women Want
Lubliner, Laurence. Playing Cards in Photographs
Magician, Christopher T. Beyond Look, Don’t See
Manchester, Michael. Library Legerdemain
McComb, Billy. McCombical: The Wit and Wisdom of Billy Mccomb
McLeod, Colin. Divine
Mitchell, Sean. How to Become a Professional Magician
Moore, Thomas. Confictura
Murray, Michael. A Piece of My Mind
Murray, Michael. Zodiacus: The Isabella’s Star Companion
Neale, Robert. The Sense of Wonder
Nelson, Alexander. Believe
Neufeld, Todd. Sign Here
Osborne, Paul. Kidtrix2
Ong, Harapan. Close Culls
Osterlind, Richard. The Professional Mentalist’s Field Manual
Palmer, Stephen. Method Memorabilia
Parker, Fraser. Memoria
Parker, Fraser. True Mysteries 2
Parker, Fraser. Utsukushii
Perovich, Michael. The Vernon Companion
Philpott, Chris. The Book of Monkeys
Pin, Ran. T-Rex
Racherbaumer, Jon. Modus Operandi
Randall, Chris. Card Tricks
Randall, Chris. Exchanges
Rauscher, William. Silent Mora: The Story of Louis J. McCord
Reinbold, Damon. Bob Nelson’s Sins & Secrets
Romhany, Paul, & Blakely, Jasper. Flown Away
Sass, Chester. 120 % Chestosteron
Shaxson, Alan, with Penrose, Scott, and Short, Steve. Alan Shaxson: The Sophisticated Sorcerer
Steinmeyer, Jim. Treacherous Impuzzabilities
Stevens, Eric. Happenstance
Stillwell, Mike. Entertainers Handbook
Stone, Jeff. 793.8: Where’s the Magic
Strivings, Mark. It’s Hip to Be Square
Sum, J.C. Equilateral
Sum, J.C. Illusionism
Sum, J.C, Simple Showstoppers
Tamariz, Juan. The Magic Way (revised edition)
Tams, Mark, and Neighbors, David. David Neighbors Project: Volume 1
Taylor, John , & Romhany, Paul. Watch Dog
Turner, Peter. Isabella’ Star Z: The Star Goes Supernova
Turner, Peter. When in Rome.
Volpe, Luca. The Italian Mentalist
Volpe, Luca. The White Rose
Waldron, Daniel. Blackstone: A Magician’s Life (revised edition)
Watson, Brian. Topas’ Wand!
Webster, Richard. Strictly Scryer
Webster, Richard. Scryer’s Vault
Weimer, Bill. Now You See Them, Now You Don’t
Westfall, Chris. Calculated Chaos
Westin, Nicky. The Ultimate Cold Reading Manual
Williams, Geoff. The Aronson Stack for Everybody
Williams, Geoff. Stuff That Violates My Parole, But I Do It Anyway
Wilson, R. Paul. The Art of the Con

Magic Books Available from Lulu.com and Amazon.com

It’s tempting to dismiss trade books, like those listed below, as inferior to those published for magicians. Applying this criterion in the past, however, would have slighted estimable works like Scott’s “Discoverie of Witchcraft,” Hoffmann’s “Modern Magic,” Erdnase’s “The Expert at the Card Table,” Elliott’s “Classic Secrets of Magic,” Hay’s “The Amateur Magician’s Handbook,” Hugard’s and Braue’s “The Royal Road to Card Magic” and “The Tarbell Course in Magic” (initially advertised in Popular Mechanics magazine) -- all of which were initially aimed at the general public.

Abacus, Richard. Magic: Theory and History (Lulu)
Agrawal, Akshat. Magic Tricks
Barnhart, Norm. Cool Kid Show Magic: The Comedy Magic of Norm Barnhart
Beckwith, Tobias. Beyond Deception: Volume 2
Canavan, Thomas. Amazing Magic Tricks
Canavan, Thomas. Comedy Magic
Canavan, Thomas. Magical Escapes
Canavan, Thomas. Magical Illusions
Canavan, Thomas. Mental Magic
Canavan, Thomas. Miraculous Magic Tricks 2
Canavan, Thomas. Number Magic
Canavan, Thomas. Table Magic
Carrington, Hereward. Hindu Magic: An Expose of the Tricks of the Yogis and Fakirs of India
Cunliffe, Kevin. The Book of Invisible Thread Knowledge (Lulu)
Cunliffe, Kevin. The Definitive Collection 2013 (Lulu)
Cunliffe, Kevin. The Definitive Collection (Lulu)
DK Publishing. Children’s Book of Magic
Dunford, Ian. Meta-Ph-Oracle2
Einhorn, Nicholas. The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic
Fullman, Joe. The Great Big Book of Magic Tricks
Gentle, Johnny. How to Do Magic Card Tricks
Glassman, Ed. 44 Easy to Learn Card Tricks for Senior Citizens
Goodman, Wayne. The Comedy Magician’s Joke File Volume 3
Great Stanton. TMT (Lulu)
Harris, Christopher. The Hypnotist and the Magician
Hill, Shane. Start Laughing Now
Husson, Gary. It’s Only Magic
Dunford, Iain. Meta-ph-oracle2
Janssen, Maurice. M3ntal Magic
Jay, Joshua. Big Magic for Little Hands . . .
Jones, Alan. Mostly Mental (Lulu)
Holmes, Donald. Some Modern Conjuring: A Series of Experiments
Huckleberry, Nick. Amazing Magic Tricks . . .
Hunter, Nick. Fun Magic Tricks
Lawrence, George. Miscellaneous Handkerchief Tricks You Can Do
Lobban, Sean. Look at Yourself – Increase Your Bookings . . . (Lulu)
Lustig, David. La Vellma’s Vaudeville Budget
Masked Mentalist. Mentalist Secrets Revealed
Mitchell, Sean. How to Become a Professional Magician: A Practical Guidebook . . .
Mostyn, David. Amazing Magic Tricks
Mowgli. The Mentalist’s Gym”(Lulu)
Nightingale, Hugh. Show Me How: I Can Make Magic
O’Brien, Thomas. Learn Magic (Lulu)
Ovason, David. The Book of Magic
Parker, Charlie. Amazing Mind Reading Tricks You Can Do
Prevos, Peter. Perspectives on Magic
Sarcone, Gianni. 3D Illusions Pack
Skinner, Al. An Order of Magic on the Side: Magic Tricks You Can Do
Smith, Phil. Quina: A Miracle in Five Parts
Strebler, Morgan. Ice Cold: A Cold Reading System
Taylor, Rev. Ed. S. The History of Playing Cards: Anecdotes for Their Use in Conujuring . . .
Turnbull, Stephanie. Easy Card Tricks
Turnbull, Stephanie. Easy Coin Tricks
Turnbull, Stephanie. Easy Dinner Table Tricks
Turnbull, Stephanie. Easy Mind & Body Tricks
Turnbull, Stephanie. Easy Pen and Paper Tricks
Wardle, Chris. Math Tricks & Number Magic (Lulu)
Warford, Aaron A. How to Become a Magician . . .
Watson, Brian. The Cleanest 0 3 0 Sequence in the World! (Lulu)
Watson, Brian. No Sleight 3 Ball Production (Lulu)

*eBooks and printed lecture notes are excluded.

** Reprints of books published prior to 2014 have been omitted.

*** The sources consisted of two independent magic magazines, seven United States magic retailers, two mentalism dealers, two European magic dealers, one magic wholesaler, amazon.com, and lulu.com.

**** For the 2014 rules, see Jamie D. Grant’s November 27, 2014,, 3:37 p.m., Magic Café post (entitled The Official Book of the Year Thread-2014!)
Adrian Tugui
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1. A Piece of My Mind by none other than Michael Murray. This book man, this book.
2. Modern Mentalism by Luke Jermay.

I haven't had the pleasure to read any other publication that has appeared this year.
Myke Phillips
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Myke Phillips
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Profile of Myke Phillips
1. A Piece Of My Mind By Michael Murray
2. Train Tracking By Atlas Brookings
3. Devine By Colin McLeod


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Profile of mikesmithmagic
1. A Piece of My Mind - Michael Murray (this is not influenced by the fact he quoted me on the front cover, shameless plug!!)
2. Train Tracking - Atlas Brooking
3. Bairn - Ken Dyne
"I seriously love the disarming flexibility of Mick Wilson's SDP...one of those rare card-handling procedures that exemplifies the concept of 'why run when no one is chasing you'. SDP is an open-handed utility tool that conjurers will use to great advantage when creating new effects in the years to come."

Mick Ayres, South Carolina, 2016
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I'm sincerely humbled by the mentions and have so many books that I would like to nominate but will have to reuse it to those who's material I am currently performing and in the order I received them -

1 Train Tracking
2 When in Rome
3 Oliva

Although these won't count they are worthy of mention too (Bairn by Ken Dyne I the only reason this wasn't in my top three is that I haven't yet finished reading it) and Wayne Goodmans Definitive guide to restaurant magic (the only reason this didn't make my top three is that I rarely perform restaurant work but that doesn't stop this being an incredible book). I so wish this was a top ten ha ha
As a mentalist you must always ask yourself what if! And throughout your life you should seek to ask and answer this question over and over again, only then will your wildest dreams become a reality!

Visit - www.mindfx.co.uk to learn more!
Falco Spitz
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Divine by Colin McLeod
One Eyed Jack
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East Sussex, United Kingdom
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Profile of One Eyed Jack
1. A piece of my mind by Michael Murray. The production quality of this book is superb, it really is absolutely beautiful. They say that you can't judge a book by its cover but I think that this is an exception to the rule (and I don't even own the limited edition version). The routines, thinking and principles in 'a piece of my mind' are all workers. I knew that they would be because I was lucky enough to experience Michael demonstrating it to a room full of mentalists back in June and it went down a treat with applause after applause. The material in this book has kept me awake at night pondering its possibilities.

2. Pygmalion effects by Aaron Alexander. This is a book of real Magick. Aarons performance ethos has changed my outlook on the mystery arts irrevocably. It outlines ways of genuinely re-defining peoples accepted idea of reality using nothing more than your body and mind.

3. OLIVIA by Myke Phillips and BAIRN by Kennedy. I had to give these two books joint third. I love them both and couldn't bring myself to choose one over the other. They are both of an exceptional quality in terms of both production and material. OLIVIA contains material that Myke uses all of the time. Some of that has been tested hundreds of times when he worked as a street performer and Bairn contains solid working material from Kennedy's sets. Both authors have clearly poured their hearts and souls into the release of these books and it shows through in both of them.

I think that Haresign press deserves a special mention too. It has been the publisher for at least two of the above titles and the work on them is exemplary.

Right now to rack up 40 something posts to make my vote count Smile

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Profile of Shuaige
1) A Piece Of My Mind By Michael Murray

2) Train Tracking By Atlas Brooking
Jamie Ferguson
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Profile of Jamie Ferguson
A reminder to all the guys here with less than 50 posts.

Make sure you get your post count up to 50 before the competition deadline to ensure your vote is included.

Would be a shame for an author not to win because of a post count issue Smile
When the chips are down, the duvet is uncomfortable.
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Profile of maggus
- Train Tracking By A. Brookings
- Modern Mentalism by L.Jermay
- A Piece Of My Mind By M. Murray

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Profile of Gorgeous
-A Piece of my Mind LE by Michael Murray
-Divine by Colin McLeod

Subject to change!
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New Jersey
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Profile of krazykat
Mayhew: What Women Want by John Lovick
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Profile of Zedd
Greg Chapman - The Devil's Staircase!!! Smile
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