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Mediocre the Great
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Rich Hurley
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I have Bic Pens with my Name & Phone number printed on them - I use them as a Magic Wand, sometimes do Gregory Wilson's Re-cap. Makes a great give away, and in quantity they are not that expensive.

I'm on my second batch. My first batch was with Color Changing Mood Pens, also in the classic Bic style. Unfortunately I can't find those anymore.

Specialty Advertising companies can produce pens with quality engraving inexpensively.
Mediocrity is greatly under rated!

Rich Hurley aka Mediocre The Great!
Peter Marucci
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I use the fortune-telling fish. It comes in its own little plastic envelope, which is just big enough to include my business card (which also keeps the fish from getting crushed).

They can be bought in bulk at many supply houses. Do a search on Goodle or some other search engine if you are truly interested.
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My Room in Va.
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The link you sent was exactly the same as what I was speaking of, only using a pencil of course,but I loved the printout of the instructions.What a perfect way to hand this out to someone later and that way they could even take it and fool their friends with it and keep the pen as a souvinier. I love this idea and I think I've just made a decision to produce some of these.Thanks for the link.
Some of my friends use a give away of rolled up posters or promotional advertisements (Coupons for reduced shows or event promo's)the outside of the paper is white with two bands of white on the ends to appear as wands when rolled up.This is given out and even used in routines with the spectator and that way they receive a wand and a promo too.
I too use the Fortune telling fish, but what a great idea to just place your business card inside to keep them from bending.(A key problem with that particular giveaway) Great idea Mr.Marucci!!! I think I'm gonna have to use that one!With your permission of course...
Thanks for all the great ideas. Keep them coming...
Your friend in magic,
Ron Reid
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Phoenix, Arizona
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I just love the Fortune Fish! Eric Henning has a very nice routine for the Fortune Telling Fish that's a real fooler. He uses it in his table hopping, and gives it away with his business card inside the envelope (as Peter does).

I bought Eric's book from Mike Close gave the book and Fortune Fish routine a real nice review in this month's MAGIC magazine. I'm going to start using this routine.

Concerning the fish, here's a place with the best price I've seen: (4.80 per gross, or less if you buy multiple grosses).

Alex Linian
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I like giving out the burned card with their signature at the end of Simon Lovell's "Flasburn 2" routine from His Book "Simon Says"
D J Hawkins
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Reading, UK
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Just want to add my thanks to Eric Henning for releasing his Fortune Telling Fish. A BRILLIANT effect - and the rest of the book is just as good. Another idea I haven't used but might be worth trying are the fake million dollar bills you can get with your details and portrait printed on them. Do an effect with the bill (or maybe a simple origami figure), then hand it out as a novel keepsake.
David Hawkins
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I give away signed cards the most but I am trying to work that give away item that Daniel Cros explained in Magic Magazine
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Donald Collins
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*My favorite giveaway is anything I have turned invisible. I love doing this because of a few lines I use. There is a plethora of jokes to be made here. "This is compliments of the management. One free invisible _________! Whatever restaurants name spares no expense for your viewing enjoyment. I'm the best there my price range." This is also the most inexpensive give away that I have found.
*Bob Knigge taught me the mini pearl. Great giveaway.
*I've had guests at ski resorts return with a signed card from years gone by to have the card placed on the ceiling. I tell them the card is a memento to remind them of the magical moment they just had at X restaurant/resort. If they return with the card on another date I will place the card in the middle of the deck, inside the card case, I encircle the card box with a elastic, then the cards are thrown at the ceiling. Their card will penetrate the deck, box, and the rubber band to be left on the ceiling for years to come or until they fire me, which might be tomorrow. The guests love the idea, its like legal graffiti. The managers can see proof of return guests and others ask about the cards.
*Balloon animals are great as well. Order a bag of 160's and you can make a poodle, bear, cat, or such that will fit in the palm of your hand. These make less noise, pop less, and even mature ladies love the cute little things. You can also attach your business card to it with a rubber band and a hole punch.
*At college parties I would give away a twenty penny nail after performing BH....well I don't do that anymore.
*Magicians Assistant Cetificates are great as well!
*So are broken spoons!
*Chocolate coins wrapped in foil are fun as well. I keep a supply near my close up case. I can do the coin that falls up about three and a half feet with these. It is only for after dinner and it helps you suggestive sell desserts. At my last restaurant a local chocolate company gave me the coins to advertise for them and the manager of the restaurant liked the fact he didn't pay for them.
*To attractive females I would like to give them my phone # but I'm on the clock you know and if I ask for theirs they seem to learn a trick...."Its 555-@#$%
*After a rope routine a length of the "magic" rope makes a great necklace for a child.
*I get a great reaction by plucking coins from behind childrens ears and giving them the coins. A great use for the Sylevester pitch. This is the close up magicians version of pulling a rabbit from a hat. Use pennys but only "magic" pennys...make them worth more.
*Sometimes I want to give a guest a knuckle sandwich.
*Children love the paper from any type of coil as well.
*Another giveaway item I used to use is custom coloring sheets for the children. I need to have some more of those printed up. Don't forget your conact info and the restaurants logo
*I also giveaway my autograph....Maybe someday someone will ask for it!
*The best giveaway is a brief escape from reality while you suspend their disbelief along with a emotionally impacting story line with a point or moral...much better than a demonstration of manuel dexterity don't you think.
I have began to ramble. TMC has drawn me into a all nighter and I have to be at work at 6. Hope you can use some of this!
Life is not a dress rehearsal!
Less is more.
Knock'em dead!
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The very first post suggested giving out the rubber band from the star gazzer effect. I like this idea however I have been unable to get any replacements - any suggestions to where these can be obtained.
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My name tag...which their signed card ended up perfectly folded inside!!!....they get the name tag with my magic ifo on it...and the signed card too!!!...unless it's a famous person, then just the name tag and I KEEP the autographed card and tell 'em if they want to see more, give me a call!!!

I did this for Ron Howard's dad and brother...still hoping I'll end up being "geek #2" in one of Ron's movies!!!! ***smiles****
Chris Keppel
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Kansas City MO
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I either like to give them a signed card after a nice effect, or do a buisness card effect and give them that. Even better a signed buisness card. I also take small sized tricks to give away at my private parties if there are some kids there. If you do balloons as I do as well, you can give them those too. Not just kids stuff. Adults love balloons too.
Kepp's Custom Carbon Fiber
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My Room in Va.
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Alot of really great ideas guys... Thanks so much for all the responses to this post. I'm sure there are alot of magicians out there taking notes on this one.
Take care... Your friend in magic,
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My give away is the answer sheet from Paul Green's Jepordy routine. I have my business card photocopied onto it.

One several occasions I have had spectators say "When you pulled this out I thought you had counted the face down cards and opened it to that number, but when you kept unfolding it I couldn't believe what I was seeing."
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What is the name of the eric henning book with the fortune telling fish?
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Erics book is called "Tips: Real World Ideas of a Working Magician", the cost is $25.00 and it's available from DennyMagic.

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Norwalk, CT
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I give away new cars..

Toy cars that is , when I do Bill Abbott's fantastic trick "THe Great Game" . The cars cost less than a $0.25 USD a piece . I am looking into buying them by the gross.
But its a great giveaway and a wonderful routine .
Have a Magical Day!
<BR>The Maniacal Mage
<BR>Pablo Aymerich
<BR>Norwalk, CT 06851
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A stack of
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I give away Napkin Roses with my business info. printed on them.
One hundred percent of the shots you don't take don't go in - Wayne Gretzky
My favorite part is putting the gaffs in the spectators gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside! - Bob Kohler
John T. Sheets
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Las Vegas, USA
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A "Lucky" bent coin, after performing the "Quantum Bender"

See the "Quantum Bender 3.0" trailer here...

See my Dove Act here...

See the "Energy Bender" trailer here...

See the "Table of Death" in Las Vegas trailer here...
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After some coin sleights, I give away the novelty coins, which have the ten commandments printed on them. It is a nice stepping stone to sharing the gospel.

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? - Mark 8:36
James Munton
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Dallas, TX
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A Million Dollar Bill with my contact info printed on the back.
People keep them in their wallets for years - I know because they've shown me years later!

Oh and you can get them here:

The best thing is when someone says, "Can you make a million dollars appear?"
Then I do a bill switch using a TT and let them keep the million dollar bill. Doesn't get much stronger than that!

Otherwise, I just give them a million dollars at the end of my performance and tell them not to spend it all at once!

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