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Review King
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On 2003-09-23 02:51, oagwood wrote:

You could have kept the gimmicked portion in your pocket without the wallet if you wanted to for the Celbrity Autographs. When doing so, you just pull it out and proceed as described in the instructions.


Great idea!!! Thanks!!!
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
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I have the Wallet Wallop arriving any day. Looking forward after reading reviews on it. Spec card vanishes and reappears in wallet sitting right in front of them.
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I am curious about the Wallet Wallop too. I read the add at Elms magic and it sounds interesting, as do most magic ads. It also states that you can repeat the effect for the same spec after he knows what to expect. Now that is interesting.
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Honolulu, HI
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The information in this thread is dizzying! What a great service this Magic Café is!

OK. Enough buttering up the house.

I've been using the Doug Malloy wallet. It's not at all expensive (the one I got from hocus pocus was around seventy-five bucks), and it's regular old hip pocket wallet size. (That was my original motivation for getting the thing in the first place. No way do I ever wear a coat. If you lived here you'd understand!)

While I'm at it, the Ed Marlo book on the subject couldn't hurt.
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Kudos to the Malloy Wallet, I use it as well. It is finely crafted, and comes with a great routine, Not only can it fit in your back pocket, but you can put it in your jacket as well
"Perfection is in the details, but detail is no Perfection"-Dai Vernon
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Amazing! Smile

After reading these posts (I have no idea how I stumbled in here on this subject), I suddenly remembered a large cardboard box in the top of my closet, in which I have thrown DOZENS of unopened items I bought at pennies-on-the-dollar, during a close-out sale at our local (on the beach) magic shop (now defunct)...In fact, I have 3 such boxes, all nearly full.

I remembered seeing something from John Cornelius, quite a while back...Instant Pro...and sure enough, there it was, unopened ($5 closeout price still attached!)... say "thank you" would be insulting you...frankly...I would not have even looked at it, if I had not seen your review on wallets.

It's like I just bought a new magic trick (and didn't spend a dime!)...

Happy Holidays!

Harry Murphy
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Doug, after you have played with it for a while and performed it a few times, how about posting your review of its strengths and weaknesses?

Man oh man; you have boxes of unopened treasures!!! Wow! I think that I could disappear into a room for days just going through the stuff!

I am glad that the review helped a little.
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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The BKM wallet has been my wallet of choice for many a moon, but I must say Peter's C-W routine is kind of sweet.
Recently I have came across a wallet that is quite unique. It is non gaffed, allows for a no palm signed card to wallet which the spectator can remove & is an exceptional wallet for Kollosal Killer which can be loaded at all times.Additionally I have found that with some slight modifications I can modify it for a peek wallet & so my KK stack is hidden once the chosen is removed so the spec. can see that it is the only card in the wallet. Quite a unique find really, I am trying to see if I can get these wholesale to retail.
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Card to Wallet (Mullica style) DVD?

Can anyone recommend one (the DVD that is) ?

Many thanks.
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Thank you Harry!

Yes, I will do a review, but the one thing about the Cornelius stands out, and that it is practically self-working...I know, I know...that phrase has bad connotations, but simplicity here, is the key...

A SIGNED card appears on the back of the gag card, and without any "moves", other than maybe reaching to show "YOUR CARD"...

These days, simple is better...the fewer "props" you have to carry around...well, you know the drill. This Memo Book is something I use every day, now...not for magic, but to actually USE...then, when the cards come out...

Woo !

UPDATE: Dec 19th...Well, I guess I had to learn my lesson...I won't be carrying this with me all the time...I had to be issued a new debit card...old one was was wiped clean, due to my Instant Pro's "gimmick", that was embarrassing...had to return a whole bunch of stuff to the store shelves...LOL !

Mike Walton
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Thanks Harry, by the way, for a well written and thought out wallet review and post.

Here's a demo for the Mirage Wallet

Anyone know if the Burger or Parr tips/routines for the Mullica wallet are appropriate for other non-Mullica wallets mentioned in this thread?


I bought a Switchback wallet based on this thread. Mind you, it's the only wallet of the sort that I own so I can't compare. The wallet is well made, looks like a real wallet, and I too have used a large bobby pin to mimic a money clip style wallet. It looks beautiful and along with the bobby pin money clip holding some cash and some receipts, all blends and look natural.

The "load" is easy, especially for the beginning card to wallet type such as myself, and the visible card in the window when you open the wallet is absolutely beautiful.

I questioned the removal and display of the card, but when done in a quick, but not overly fast, manner it even fools my own eyes. It's brilliant and with my beginner experience in card to wallet, I recommend it.
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Peter Marucci graciously sent me his Anytime Card in Wallet. I haven't tried it yet but it looks terrific. If you get a chance, check it out.
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Hi! I have nice signed card to wallet that I am selling. BRAND NEW! This wallet, by far is the best out there. It's a hip wallet. It's called the Hip Himber Double Kaps Wallet. This is what the wallet can do:

A signed card can be loaded in the wallet in two different ways!

1. You can reveal the card in a zippered compartment

2. You can reveal the card in a clear plastic zippered compartment in the front of the wallet.

3. What is so great about this wallet is that it is also a himber wallet. You can do amazing switches.

4. The loads are so amazingly easy! Better than any other wallet I have seen!

This wallet is not widely distributed. And the one place that carries it (the manufacture) charges a lot for it.

If you PM me I can give you the wallet for a reduced price.

I am selling this because I need a bigger coat size wallet. I didn't know that it was a hip style.

You can see the full description with a picture from this web page:

PM me if you are interested
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Is it possible to add the "Celebrity Autographs" gimmick to an Heirloom wallet, and do any of you recommend Kollosal Killer over Heirloom, as far as non-traditional card-to-wallets?
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OK, if I want to do BOTH "Celebrity Autographs" and "Heirloom", which is the best wallet in which I can use both effects? Would it be the Viking Simplex? The Pimpernel? I'm curious to get your expert opinions.

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Hi Gabelson,
The "Viking Simplex" is a great wallet, but not for "Heirloom" does'nt have enough room!
The "Pimpernel Notecase" would be the one to choose!
It's also a multiple out wallet, hip style and beautifuly made!
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I love the Notecase. Does the Viking Simplex provide enough room to add Celebrity Autographs to? And can you do a no-p**m CTW with it?

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Although I have a few card to wallets I have to agree with 1908. The DB has always worked best for me and it is always ready. The only problem is if someone brings there own deck which has rarely happened but then I just palm the card than. Just my 2 cents woth.
Thanks and have a Magical day.
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I recently acquired a Jardonnet fire wallet which doubles as a card to wallet. I'm working on my card palming technique to load it. But I'm always interested in alternate methods (plus, as an amateur, the prospect of trying to pull off a card palm is a little intimidating). I have sometimes used a DB/DL method or even just a force and duplicate if I get put "on the spot" (depending on what items I have available at the time).

I've been thinking of purchasing one of the "automatic" gimmicked wallets discussed in this thread. The one thing that concerns me about these types of wallets is, depending on the nature of the gimmick, do you have to do contrived things such as placing the wallet on top of the deck to steal the top card? If so, doesn't it stand out like a sore thumb that your wallet was near or literally touching the cards just moments before you produce the card from the wallet? How do you present such an action without raising suspicion?

In deciding which product is right for me, it would be helpful to compare how the presentations differ. The review of the quality and descriptions of the various types of wallets was very helpful. It's good to know things like WHERE the card appears, what the wallet looks like, etc. But could someone please clarify for me the methods used for each?

Maybe "methods" is the wrong word to use... I'm not fishing for exposure, but just for a description of the "steps" of the routine (minus the secret steps, of course). Again, I'm mostly curious about how the wallet is handled once it's taken from the pocket. Is it opened immediately and the card removed? Is it placed on or near the deck? Basically, just describe what the spec sees.

B. Robert Pulver

The "I Hate Card Tricks!" Book of Card Tricks Vol. 1, 2, and 3
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I am using my BKM wallet! Never used it, like new. Pse PM me.
If you are going to Puerto Vallarta on your acations, let me know and write me a PM. I am interested in meeting magicians.
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