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Below is my in-depth review for disc 1 of Dani Daortizís 4 DVD set Reloaded, the commercial follow up to Utopia, a 4 disc set brought out by EMC Productions in 2013. Iíll discuss each effect along with its practicality and of course, my thoughts on the overall impact. I will attempt to do the same for discs 2 - 4 in coming days/weeks.

Disc 1, as is typical of EMC productions, features a live show in front of a packed audience. Watching Dani work the room and manage his audience is a treat, and a worthy lesson in itself. But how about the effects?


The performer introduces a deck of cards and invites multiple spectators to glimpse and remember one as the deck is riffled before them. After several spectators have seen a card, the deck is fairly handed out for shuffling. The magician announces that this is the ďcoincidence trickĒ and proceeds to prompt the spectators for details about their card(s). Soon it becomes apparent that all the spectators have seen/selected the exact same card. The spectator holding the deck is asked to remove the universally selected card but, mysteriously, cannot find it. The magician, who has not been near the card table since the effect began, now points out that a solitary card has, unknowingly, been resting on the table throughout the whole trick. It is the selection.

This is a strong effect, but I suspect it will be overlooked by many magicians, partially because the performance didnít quite fool the video camera as much as it did the spectators in the audience. There are no flashes per se, but the selection procedure Dani employs utilizes a clever stack, timing, and psychology, and I think that some of that may be transparent to the cognoscenti (a.k.a. us). This is almost certainly going to be an opener for anybody wishing to perform it - youíll never break this piece out in the middle of a set. And for my money, there are other effects wherein multiple spectators somehow arrive at the same selection that fit my performance style better. That said, I believe that at the heart of this routine is a powerful concept that is deserving of any serious card workerís attention.


The magician introduces ďThe Trick with 10 Exact CutsĒ. 4 random cards are removed from the deck and a spectator is asked to select one - remembering only the suit. The magician divides the balance of the deck into small piles, while the spectator verifies the precision of the cuts. After the entire deck has been cut into packets, and modified at the spectatorís direction, it is seen that there are 9 highly-unequal piles on the table. Amazingly, the magician demonstrates that the first pile has only 1 card in it. The second has 2. The third 3, 4th 4, and so-on through all nine packets. The selected suit named and the faces of all nine packets are turned over to reveal a perfect sequence (Ace - 9) in the chosen suit. Finally, the 4 cards which were removed at the beginning are finally turned over, revealing the 10 through K, and completing the full suit run.

This effect is dedicated to Argentinian magician Henry Evans (who performed a similar effect in his FISM winning act) but it sure does feel like classic Dani. The effect has been modified to work with an ungimmicked deck (though NOT fasdiu) and there are three increasingly confounding climaxes that build in rapid succession into a real powerhouse. Further, the audience management here is nothing short of brilliant: not only has Dani created a dead-simple method for executing the logistics of this effect, but that same technique naturally begets a lively, hilarious, back-and-forth with the assisting spectator. This means that those who take the time to learn this effect can focus their energies almost entirely on the performance and management, which will be far more demanding than the actual technique.

I seriously think every magician who fancies him or herself a creator, should ask themselves honestly what kind of method they would have created to go from the starting stack, to the final tabled display. If youíre honest, I suspect that your solution would have involved counts, crimps, and other such subterfuges. That Dani has solved the same puzzle so simply, with such minimal demands on dexterity, is a marvel, and the reason heís more talented than the average bear.


A multi-phase routine in which the magician demonstrates in successively more-impressive fashion his ability to memorize the positions of all the cards in the deck.

Phase 1: A card is selected and the deck is handed out for shuffling. The magician spreads the shuffled pack face up and ďcommits it to memoryĒ. A number is called out from the audience and the magician accurately names the card at that position. The deck is reshuffled and re-committed to memory. The magician places the pack in his pocket and the first spectator names their selected card for the first time. The magician removes a single card from his pocket the instant the card is named. It is the selection.

Phase 2: the pack is once again shuffled and spread face up. The magician once again commits the deck to memory and describes some of his mnemonics. With his head turned, a spectator touches a card and names it aloud. The magician harkens back to his mnemonics to successfully identify the cards located beside it. This is repeated 3 times.

Phase 3: A group of cards is removed from the pack and shuffled by a spectator. The magician spreads the balance of the pack and spends mere seconds glimpsing the faces before naming accurately every card held by the spectator.

Phase 4: The deck is reshuffled and the magician looks at the faces briefly. A packet is cut from the deck and the magician now names in building speed all the cards in his hand, followed by the tabled balance.

This a modular piece that, unbelievably, Dani improvises his way through. It combines a few different memorized deck principles into one mega routine. You will need to have at least one full deck-stack committed to memory to perform this the way Dani does. But you will receive a way to get into this routine thatís subtle and convincing, and you can still be left in-stack by the end. In fact, this is such a powerful effect that Iím amazed that Dani puts it is so soon in his set. This is standing ovation material. Study, and use it wisely.


The 4 aces are removed from the deck and arranged on the table in a classic T formation. Three random cards are placed on top of the tabled aces. One by one, the aces travel from their packet to join the ďleaderĒ ace.

This effect is inspired by an Arturo de Ascanio handling of the assembly plot called ďFather AceĒ. The beginning is relatively standard fare as far as ace assemblies go, although in typical fashion there is an elegant structure, and a nonchalance to the performance, that distinguishes this from the thousand assemblies youíve seen before. I would note that the technique for vanishing the final ace was new to me as I suspect it may be for many other viewers. Itís very deceptive and allows the performer to show the arrival of each successive ace into the leader packet with a face-up spread of the cards - not a count. I think a lot of pure card guys are going to like this.


The magician introduces two contrasting decks. A spectator selects a card from the blue deck, and a second spectator is asked to merely think of a card that contrasts with the first. An audience member calls out a random number and the first selection promptly disappears to be found back in the deck in the numerical position just named. Spectator 2 takes the cards and is asked to count through the deck until he finds his own thought-of card. Having gone through the whole deck the spectator reveals that there are only 51 cards, and his is not among them. At this point the red deck is introduced/displayed, and the second selection finally named. In the middle of the pack is a single blue card. It is the thought of card.

Read the description above again. The effect really is that clean. Now, let me start by saying that this is not impromptu material. You will need to marshal some dedicated resources to perform this effect but boy does it look good. The CAAN sequence at the beginning of the effect is a moment of true astonishment. Plus, like most of Daniís material, it is pretty easy to execute.. Seriously, has there ever been someone with better chops, who produces cleaner effects, with simpler methods? Iíll answer my own question. No, there hasnít been.

Towards the end of Daniís explanation he reveals that this is his closer. Itís not hard to see why.


A spectator selects red or black, and all the corresponding cars are removed from a shuffled deck. The non-selected color is split between two spectators to safe-guard. The selected color, letís imagine itís red, is now broken into suits one of which (the hearts) is set aside while from the diamonds a card is selected and isolated. Despite a convincing series of mixes, the magician shows that the 13 diamonds somehow match in perfect numerical order with the hearts. The black cards, which were held from the beginning by the spectators are now reintroduced and revealed to also match each other in order, number and value - a true sympathy of the cards!

Dani bills this as a tribute to Juan Tamariz (inspired by his effect Triple Coincidence) and itís a wonderful piece of magic made possible thanks to a stack and some clever routining. Like nearly all of Daniís material, this looks downright impossible, yet is well within the reach of most card men. But be advised. Dani employs his full arsenal here: bold ploys; disarming attitudes; deceptive card handling; and psychological subtleties. This effect, and Her Majestyís Solo are the pieces I can see most likely to enter into otherís repertoire.


4 spectators join the magician on stage and between them each takes a pile from the deck and mixes it. One of the spectators is asked to glimpse a card and commit to memory. The pack is assembled and the magician declares that the cards will be eliminated one-by-one until one is left and it will be the spectatorís selection. Despite a seemingly fair series of procedures, the only card remaining after 51 others have been displayed and removed, is in fact the chosen card.

Once again Dani blends devious methodology and spectator management into a highly entertaining show piece. Not quite as versatile as some of the other effects, this is hard-hitting magic nevertheless that will delight real-world audiences. Note Daniís use of sound throughout this performance to maintain audience engagement via laughter, as well as to build momentum to the climax.


A card is selected and lost into the pack. The magician describes the spell-a-card plot commonly employed in card magic. He announces that this trick will differ in that the card spelled will not match the selection, yet the card arrived at will,l in fact, be the selection. Two spectators help the magician arrive at a spelling for a seemingly random card (i.e. the Queen of the Hearts), yet the last card dealt is revealed somehow to be the spectatorís actual selection. To conclude the effect, the magician slowly turns over every other card in the deck revealing that they are all Queen of Hearts.

I was a little unsold on the premise of this effect on my first viewing. For starters Iím not a big fan of spelling tricks, and then Daniís Ďspell the wrong cardí gambit seemed a touch confusing and risky. But then the climax happened, and it all made sense. It even managed to remind me of one of my favorite effects from Daniís first set Utopia: The Pendulum. Bravo Dani.


Brilliant first disc. Personally I donít perform often in formal settings, so itís unclear how many of these pieces will make their way into my repertoire. However the magic is so artfully constructed and presented that I put aside my practical considerations and just allowed myself to be wowed by the material. Assuming that this is indicative of the quality of material on the rest of the set, this will be another winner from Dani. Hopefully we'll find a bit more impromptu material along the way.

One thing that I would have liked to see more of, was Daniís prop management. During the live set however there are a lot of cuts between effects so each routine ends up being highly self-contained, and we donít get a perspective on how the show is actually flowing.

On the note of props, while many of the effects do require pre-arranged cards, none require gimmicks or gaffs, so there will be nothing you need to go out and buy in order to perform this material straight-away. Also, with some ingenuity and creativity, I imagine that some of this material could be routined together for those looking to do so.
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Many thanks for this highly detailed review.

I look forward to your reports on discs 2-4!
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Very informative review. Thanks.
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Very good review. I share almost every aspect of your point of view about this disc 1. My english is not good enough to allow me to write such a review, so I'm glad someone took the time to share Dani's work with the entire forum.

Everyone should know that the serial number of the set gives the buyer the opportunity to download a one hour video (kind of a disc 5) about lapping, one of Dani's secret weapons.
Ray Haining
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On Jul 31, 2015, pedro95 wrote:

Everyone should know that the serial number of the set gives the buyer the opportunity to download a one hour video (kind of a disc 5) about lapping, one of Dani's secret weapons.

Good to know that. Thanks.

By the way, your English is perfect, in that post at least.
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Thanks a lot.
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Thanks bro for this review!
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Thank you! A really helpful review (4 years later!)
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