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OK, third time filling in for this friend just came and went. Since it looks like I'm going to be doing more close up, I need recommendations on what else I need to add to my repertoire. Remember, I do hardly anything that is considered genuinely close-up...all of what I do is stuff I have adapted from my parlor and stage shows to the close up atmosphere. Thanks, in advance, everyone!

The only stupid question is the one not asked.
Steve Brooks
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Hi Margarette,

always good to see you at the cafe. Smile

If you're still filling in doing the table thing, here's a few items I've used in the past. They are fairly quick, carry easy, and the laypeople really enjoy them. Smile

In no particular order: "Hot Rod" or "Color Changing Knifes", "Sponge Balls", "Brainwave Deck", "Silver,Copper,Brass", "Color Changing Silks" or "Vanishing Silks" and anything with a string or rope. I do others as well, but offer these as a suggestion.

Good Luck! Smile
"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
Peter Marucci
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Sponge balls are probably the ideal table hopping trick -- but donít use balls.

I use sponge rabbits, from a Tenyo trick called íRabbit Explosioní (the trick is lousy but the die-cut sponge rabbits -- about 40 -- are charismatic and can be tossed out when they get dirty).

Why not balls?

Well, they are round (surprise!) and tend to roll off the table. And thereís nothing thatís going to wipe out your "magic" image faster than for the customers to see you crawling around on the floor looking for a little ball.

The rabbits donít roll off the table, are cute, and lend themselves to obvious jokes:

"This one is called Esther; youíve heard of her -- the Esther Bunny?"

"This one is Pearl; sheís the Oyster Bunny."

"And this is Chloroform; heís the Ether Bunny."

If the audience hasnít lynched you by this point, you know itís safe to go on. Smile


Peter Marucci
Burt Yaroch
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Ether Bunny!! Smile

Perhaps this is a generational thing or perhaps a regional thing but if you pull the Ether Bunny from...well...just about anywhere, you're gonna get some looks where I'm from. Either that or hysterics. Smile Smile Smile Smile Bad Ether Bunny! Go away! BAD! BAD BUNNY!
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ETHER sounds funny to me!!!!!

Bengi Smile Smile Smile
Harry Murphy
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Margarette, Scott and Peter have given some great advice here. In fact, I must admit that Peter made this recommendation to use bunnies rather than sponge balls on a different forum some time ago. I took the advice and have performed my sponge ball routine using the sponge bunnies since! They play well and I believe that they get a better response than the balls did.

When you think of restaurant work not so much as close-up but as stand-up done close. Many of your parlor type effects will work in that environment. Build sets of three effects/tricks. Try to make each effect be able to stand-alone (you might only be able to do one or two before the food comes. Donít make the people wait for their food and donít interrupt the wait staff as they do their jobs).

I carry two sets of three tricks on me when I am working. That is six discreet routines. I could mix and match and get roughly 35-ish acts.

One of my sets is Color changing knives, sponge bunny routine, and end with Un-card-card-trick The Un-Card-card-trick is one that involves everyone at the table that wants to participate. It uses the imagination of each spectator as the spectator takes an invisible deck and cuts it black and red, and tosses one half away, gives it to a second spectator who cuts the suits (hearts/diamonds or spades/clubs) and tosses half away, leaving yet another spectator to select any one of the 13 cards. Then name the card. The named card is found in my billfold!

My rhythm is: approach with a spectator-passive but magical effect, move to an active-spectator-participation effect, and end with another active-spectator-participation effect that can involve the whole table.

Another rhythm I have is to have a Money trick [Beswitched, Miss-made bill, scotch and soda (hey check out Peterís non-gimmicked one) etc.], a novelty trick (sponge balls/bunnies, color changing knives, mini linking rings, professors nightmare, Ring on string routine), and one in the hands card trick (I have over 100 of these).

I frankly donít carry a lot, as I also know literally 100ís of routines that can be performed with what is at hand (some call it impromptu magic, but it is not as I am rehearsed and prepared). Dan Harlan has a set of tapes that show tons of this kind of stuff. For example, I can get almost 5 minutes with a borrowed lit cigarette. (Performed in bars only in this State and never before children) and I donít smoke! Borrow a dollar bill and I have a whole routine that is totally magical and stand-up close. Itís good for a good 3 to 5 minutes. See Harlanís tapes for both of these routines

You donít need a lot. Just do what you do well! And by all means, HAVE FUN!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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Keep it all as direct as possible and try to focus on audience participation, whether youíre borrowing objects, having them sign cards, or just plain conversing with them... get them active.

The key also is knowing when your time is up at a table, ie.

When youíve worn out your welcome. So keep it fast and build a cresendo with your act.
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