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Paul Rathbun
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I do a lot of card effects table hopping. Most of them are off-beat and not the standard classics. I do some of the classics such as Triumph, Chicago Opener, Ambitious Card, but usually try to throw in a twist. Anyway, I was wondering what routine/effect plays the strongest for you? If you could include the name of the routine and who it is by it would be helpful to everyone.

My top five right now would probably be:

Trick Photography - by Richard Sanders off of his Richard Sanders Show DVD
Behind My Back - it is my own creation taking ideas from Richard Sanders, Benjamin Earl, and Get Sharky
Ambitious Card - my own routine
Rainbow Deck - from Nick Einhorn off of his At the Table Lecture
Rule of Three - by Jon Allen
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Eternal Order
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The Card Under Tablecloth by Matt Schulien.
Danny Doyle
<BR>Semper Occultus
<BR>In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act....George Orwell
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On Sep 24, 2015, Dannydoyle wrote:
The Card Under Tablecloth by Matt Schulien.

Not to often that one pops up. It's about as strong as you could ask for but honestly I don't think most people would try it. It's almost like so many have forgotten what "misdirection" is these days. I bet if more people tried it they would do it; they would be shocked how impossible an audience thinks it is.
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Eternal Order
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It takes nerve. I don't know of many doing it regularly. Which I have to admit is one big reason I like doing it.
Danny Doyle
<BR>Semper Occultus
<BR>In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act....George Orwell
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I was fortunate to see both Matt's "boys" Charlie and Ed perform for me and my girlfriend when we went to Schuliens (drove from Ann Arbor Mi) in the early 1970s. I am sorry to say I never saw Matt (or Eddie Fechter either). But I feel fortunate that I saw Matt's sons. They did most of the effects from the The Magic of Matt Schulien book pretty much the same as written up there. Wonderful. Of course there is magic that can't be put in a book (or on a DVD either). A perfect night! I was pretty new to magic and she was my first real love. At Magic Inc. earlier Jay Marshall fooled me with his version of Oil and Water. I had never seen Oil and Water before! That's how new to magic I was Smile
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Routines that always play well for me when performing at events

Odds are with me (Paul Green)
Be honest, what is it? (Eddie Fechter)
Smiling mule (Roy Walton with touches from Michael Vincent)
I've got a Surprise for you (Eddie Fechter)
Fav card to pocket (John George)
Diminishing? not likely! (Paul Gordon)
Peeked mind read (Brian Gillis)
Think a Card > Pocket (Brian Gillis)
Amazing 4 card trick (Paul Gordon)
Biddle trick
Chicago surprise (Whit Haydn)
Back in time (Jay Sankey)
Weighted aces (Greg Wilson)
Bob (Lonnie Chevrie) love this routine
Mr stickman (Jonn Kam handling)
Quarter notes (Mick Ayres)
Card to forehead (Jim Sisti)
Torn and restored kinda (Chad Long)
3 Card Selection (Chef Anton)
Band up (James Brown)
Trick shot production (John Bannon) - crazy the reactions you get from this
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Back in Time
Sandwich routines- I use between your Palms, The Visitor, Mystery Card
Memorized Deck routines- I use 2 that I created and Bill Malone's Hands Off Memory Test.
Theodore Lawton
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ACR to wallet
ID- when I do it; which isn't very often. But it always kills.
Contact Colors by Aldo Colombini
Jumbo Coincidence by Aldo Colombini
3 1/2 of spades- call me a dork, but people like to laugh and this gets great REACTIONS.
Card to forehead
I should have done it myself by Bill Malone
Cutting Tens by David Solomon
Magic is the bacon in the breakfast of life.


God bless you and have a magical day
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the Wilds of Ireland
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Here's one that surprised me. `i've had an "Insurance Policy" , 3 reveal type for about 25 years - never used it.

I tried it out last year, just for fun, and it went down so well, in it's basic form, that I worked on it, and it always gets a response way out of proportion.

Just for the ability to force three different cards on 3 spectators. I don't use the script that comes with it - I pretend to read out the conditions, but ad-lib with references to the audience. It's a good 5 minutes at a restaurant table, there's no need for a surface, it's highly visual. It attracts the attention of the other tables. I use a spoof mind-reading theme, which I think may be what the instructions say..

I usually use effects that that involve as many of the willing as I can.

Bill Switch, with bill found in fruit (red pepper, usually)

Rope Routine

Sponge rabbit routine with four phases and bits in between, squeeker/non-squeekr, purse frame,wand. Keeps four of them busy, two at a time.

Card on ceiling - with as many signatures as feasible.Again - involves as many as I want.

Sanders Identity I always carry, again, making sure all get to see it. It's a VERY powerrful effect, but I use it sparingly.

Sankeys Holy Moley.

Nothing but the Truth.

Chicago Surprise, in he event of a clean, dry surface..... Smile

Pea can

Sponge bananas, still.. Smile

And much more.

I also have an 8 minute story telling routine which is basically the old "ash on the hand" trick that was so popular when smoking in pubs/bars was rife. It leave them stone cold staggered!

I've worked in the same bar/restaurant every summer for 10 years - and I still love it. Holiday crowds.

I have a different set for weddings, etc.

(For what its worth.. )
"With every mistake - we must surely be learning..." George Harrison.
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the Wilds of Ireland
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Apologies... I just noticed your request was for just card effects...

oh well.. Smile It's done now..
"With every mistake - we must surely be learning..." George Harrison.
William Dee
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I find that All Backs by Derek Dingle always goes over very well. The idea of showing a deck as a "trick" deck then having it tranfer back to normal seems to register well with an audience.
Gordon the discombobulator
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Phil plus.
it gets a great reaction.

but if you discover that one of the ladies in the group just happens to be called LUCY (the force name) and you ask Lucy to choose a card at random, then the reaction is unreal. she chose the only card in the pack with her name printed on it !!!
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Cheque This by Cameron Francis, Identity by Richard Sanders and actually a few routines from SLIM by Craig Petty.
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For close up, signed card to impossible location...usally wallet or box. Someone recently told me a quote from a well known mentalist, "In the eyes of a layman, whoever does card to wallet first, wins."
Parlor or stand up, Bedwell's Shake, Shuffle and Twist KILLS!
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Always get a good reaction when doing The Rhythm Twins from Rafael Benatar.

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it"...J.M. Barrie
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Before doing anything I take out a folded post-it note with a selected card written on it and tell the spectator to keep it folded and just keep it secure. After a couple tricks I end by forcing that specific card and tell them to open the piece of paper. Despite the short routine, talking only maybe 30 seconds to force the card, the fact that they were holding the piece of paper the whole time just throws them. I have never met a person who said they did not like that trick, it is usually met with a good reaction. It is one of my favorites to end with.
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Cullingula triumph
Double take-asi wind
My version of the biddle trick
card to mouth
2 card monte
Merlins aces.. Ed Marlo.
ACAAN... Asi Wind
TNR, 3 card trick.. David Williamson
ACR along with a few transpos.
Mnemonica... the trick that can not be explained.
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Be honest what is it
Torn and restored transpo
Arc de triumph

These produce wonderful reactions. And they're all in the hands
Chuck Finley
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One of my favorites and my audiences favorites is Reset by Paul Harris it is just such a great routine.
Gerald Deutsch
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Invisible Card

Apocalypse January 1993
Perverse Magic thread of Genii Forum May 1, 2009
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