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Professor Marvel
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When the comedian Steve Martin was learning to play the banjo, he said that he bought one for each room of his house to encourage him to constantly practice. I do the same with cards. I have a deck at work and even in the bathroom! Better than a magazine:).
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Not done much if any practising for a while. So now hoping to devote a bit more time to it. My first thought is to practise things like palming just through my normal day to day activities, such as palming a coin whilst at work. Hopefully this will help to make it a more natural process, the more time spent doing it, the more it will feel "normal"
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I have a table in my room that has a few effects I'm working on so it's always in my face and inspires practise. When learning to work with the TT, I'd run a drill putting on, removing, palming and back again whilst driving. Yes, definitely morning and late at night is a good time to practise. Sometimes it's better to work smarter rather than harder.
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[quote]On Nov 12, 2015, Yellowcustard wrote:
With learning new slights or cars moves and shuffles I find what my juggling teacher said. its better to practice 6 times a day for 10min a time, then practice 1 time a day for 60min. Little and often is always best. However you also need to set time were your crunch things hard espical putting routines together.

Also remember Devant's famous quote: 'I should say I know about 8 tricks with cards'. It is best to only focus on two to three tricks at a time. Do them until you move through the sequence like molten gold. When you only focus on a handful, it is easier to put in the practice on your spare time. Even when you are without a deck of cards or a set of sponges, you can think about the theory in what you are doing. Hope this helps.
The Mysterious One
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On Dec 4, 2015, Professor Marvel wrote:
When the comedian Steve Martin was learning to play the banjo, he said that he bought one for each room of his house to encourage him to constantly practice. I do the same with cards. I have a deck at work and even in the bathroom! Better than a magazine:).

Steve Martin, in his younger years, was also a professional magician. He was very skilled at sleight of hand, especially coin magic. I learned about this from the Spirit of Magic podcast with Dodd Vickers when he interviewed Dick Cavett, the famous talk show host and an accomplished magician as well.

Teller once said in an interview that when he is learning something, he takes a break and may go in another room. He may do the dishes and then all of the sudden pick up an item (e.g. a deck of cards) and try to execute the move right there and then. This is to ensure that mastery has been accomplished. It has to be second nature so you can concentrate on the presentation and give the performance a "jazz improvisational" feel while engaging spectators, responding to comments, and having spontaneity. This has been great advice because if you are doing a show, you don't get a chance to warm up and practice going from one performance piece to the next. I think Teller talked about this in the Mysteries of Magic documentaries in the late 90s.

Also, what is so important as well is scripting and practicing one's patter that it sounds natural. I have done this as well while driving around town. I also practice sleights/moves whenever I am alone or think I am since I don't want to expose anything. I remember the stares one time from a driver next to me while I was practicing making 5 cards disappear during my lunch break via a "b*** p***" in my car. I looked casually to my left and this guy is in his car 20 ft away just staring like I was the devil incarnate. LOL. For certain key moves in coin magic and magic like the clas*** p***, I remember going throughout the day in meetings with a quarter and later a Kennedy Half while being in meetings, typing, and even presenting for my bosses when I first started learning magic at 23.

Carrying a notebook (or jotting things on your smartphone) when ideas hit you while going through your day is phenomenal advice. I have used this and have used this to really improve throughout the years.

Great magic everyone...
Father Photius
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I still keep cards, coins, thimbles at various places around the house. When I walk by and have a second, I stop and practice a move or routine. Just having them there to remind me to do it has always helped. Sometimes when you are sitting in a chair, clicking the remote and finding nothing you want to watch, it doesn't pop into your head "hey, you could practice that card move". but if you have a deck there beside you, it reminds you. Also, even if you think about doing it, the idea of getting out of the chair and go chase down the deck or the coins just doesn't appeal to you, when they are there, no need to retrieve and no excuse for not practicing.
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I currently have few different "modes" of practice.

1. One thing is my Morning/Evening routine. Includes few other things than magic as well(piano, some push ups etc). Basically for magic part I once do the routine I'm working on without the music and by one time basis cover all the slights that come to mind. In total takes about 10 minutes for magic.

2. Freelance, this is the sneaking in part. So whenever I'm waiting for something/in bus/tram/train/study break etc. I take deck of cards from my pocket and start working on sleights. Depending on my mood it might be just smoothening up my best one's, working on some eternity one's(FLICKER I'M LOOKING AT YOU!), "driving in" that new sleight that's very clumsy and spotty or even just listening music on headphones and literally improvising by doing whatever fits to it. However if I'm not doing the music thing it's most likely me doing same sleight over and over again(like second dealing through whole deck, shapeshifter same two cards over and over again etc.)

3. Set "practice" time. So this is when I actually take an hour etc. at home. Stop everything else and set everything up, pick up deck of cards. I usually start by warming up and going through all the basic sleights etc. Then use some time for any new sleights/flourishes etc that I'm trying to learn. After that I move on to routine and start by going through it's components and then performing it in with as much of full set up as possible(so doing all set up speeches etc).

4. Planning. Since I like to do magic to music I'm always looking for ideas when I listen to music. If I pick something up on the fly during a day I'll write it on my phone, but often in evenings I'll open my google drive where I make google docs about any idea that I may have involving specific piece of music. It might start with just basic idea that hey "this type of concept could work on this music", from there it may go to point where I go through the whole thing thinking what should spectator see/how it should look to audience with eventually specifics(like color change at "X" word or at 2.32). And eventually I might start to work specifics out like how to achieve the effects desired and write down things like what sleights to use and how to stack a deck etc.

That's four different ways that I invest time to improving my magic right now. Not including things like me watching it or going to meetings etc.
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Wow atl. That's a lot of practice. Lots of great ideas there - thanks Smile

I too love to practice while waiting for a train etc. I'm the only person pleased when there are delays. Smile
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That's definitely a plus of it that delays are reason to be happy. Only thing I have found to be annoying is when people come up and ask to see a magic trick. I'm not really street magic type of guy and I don't enjoy it too much, I mean sure I'll do something for them, but half of the time thinking "I'd rather be practicing now".
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I carry my cards and coins with me everywhere, I'm not a performer and never have performed in public, but usually I walk around with a coin palmed and try to do everyday tasks with a coin palmed like typing or browsing on my phone, even things like making a cup of tea etc. Also on my morning travels to work if I go by train I'll put earphones in and listen to music while practicing with my cards, the earphones I feel prevents people from requesting tricks that I'm not very confident on performing. I got this idea from the Café about the coins part and palming them while doing everyday tasks. Hope this helps.

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