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Sven Pad , no doubt !

And then Amazebox !
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I'm becoming really tempted by SvenPad... The more I think about it the better my idea with it is becoming.
Eddie Garland
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Carl Andrews
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Maui, Hawaii
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Tequila Hustler
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1. Svenpad by Brett Barry (So very ordinary yet 100% deadly)
2. Visionary 2 by Stephen Young
3. Screen Test by Steve Dimmer
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Witch Hazel / Steve Peebles
Spectre / Prof BC
SvenPad / Brett Barry
Jamie D. Grant
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as seen in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Twice!
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Okay! 5 days to go! Let's get those votes in, and those vote counts past 50! The way I do the count is that for the current leaderboard, I've counted everyone's vote, no matter what their post count.

On Feb.01, I'll go back through the thread and subtract anyone who doesn't have at least 50 posts and any doubles I find. It takes a while, but I've found it to be the best system. So, for example, Svenpad Supreme by Brett Barry would actually have 48 votes and Amazebox by Mark Shortland would have 42 votes. This was done in an attempt to eliminate people from signing up just to vote for their pal- and to encourage people to take part in our awesome community that we're all a part of!

Current Leaderboard:


1) Svenpad Supreme – Brett Barry (55 votes)
2) Amazebox by Mark Shortland (49 votes)
3) Tequila Hustler - Mark Elsdon (26 votes)

10S Star Sign Divination by Ceierry (1 vote)
A Time to Remember by TheSecretFire (1 vote)
Arthur by Chris Wiehl (7 votes)
Balze by The French Twins (1 vote)
Bandwidth by Gregory Wilson (7 votes)
Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel (1 vote)
Big Four Poker by Tom Dobrowolski (1 vote)
BIP Book by Scott Creasey (2 votes)
Black Box by Eric Samuels & Promystic (4 votes)
Blaze by Tony & Jordan (2 vote)
Blind Man's Wallet by Menny Lindenfeld (1 vote)
Break by Uday Jadugar (4 vote)
C4 - Color Changing Card Case by Jonathan Levit (1 vote)
Calculated Risk by Michael Murray (1 vote)
Canvas by ? (1 vote)
Card to box by John Carey (1 vote)
Cerberus Wallet by Daniel Meadows (1 vote)
Changeling by Mark Lavelle (3 vote)
Code Break by Joel Dickinson (1 vote)
Code Breaker by Gregory Wilson and Michael Murray (2 votes)
Cointum Leap By Justin Morris (1 vote)
Combine by Michael Jae (1 vote)
Conan Doyle and the Bad Penny (4 votes)
Cross by Agus Tjiu (1 vote)
CUBE3 Steven Brundage (21 votes)
CubeFX Karl Hein (1 votes)
Cup Cards by Will Gray (1 votes)
CUPP App by Cesaral (2 votes)
Da Vinci Box by Thomas Pohle (1 vote)
DMC Black Gold Marked Deck by Phil Smith (6 votes)
DOA by Morgan Strebler (1 vote)
Double Deception Deluxe by Mark Mason (1 vote)
Down the Hatch by Brynmore (3 vote)
Element by Kieron Johnson & Ellusionist (5 votes)
Energy Coins by Matt Mello (1 vote)
Euphoria By Adrian Guerra (1 vote)
EVP by Alan Rorrison (2 votes)
Eye of the Beholder by Docc Hilford (1 vote)
EyeQ by Paralabs (1 vote)
Flictionary by Steve Haresign (1 vote)
Flex System by ? (1 vote)
Fobulous by Steve Shufton (3 vote)
Freedom Writer by Mark Allen (1 vote)
Flying Microphone by ? (1 vote)
Gonzo by ? (1 vote)
Heaven and Hell by MR. Darkness (2 votes)
Illumini by J.C. Mooreni (1 vote)
Inject by Greg Rostami (8 vote)
Insight by Hugo Shelley (7 votes)
Invisible Card by Blake Vogt (2 votes)
I-Unlock by Eric Samuels (1 vote)
Jaks Wallet (1 vote)
King in the Green by Paul Kostrach and Christopher J. Gould (1 vote)
Krampusnacht by Dan Baines (1 votes)
Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon (2 votes)
Lecture Notes by David Corsaro (1 vote)
Magic Plunger by ? (1 vote)
Magic Squared by Andi Gladwin (1 vote)
Magneato Cards by Hannes Koch and Card-Shark (1 vote)
Manoeda- Eever Elizalde (1 vote)
Mentalist Symbol Pack by Anton James (1 vote)
More Ghost by Prof BC (5 vote)
Multiple Out Envelope by Scott Creasey (1 vote)
O.C.L. by Ben Williams (1 vote)
Oh Snap by ? (1 vote)
Pagoda Mystery by Magic Wagon (1 vote)
Pantera 2 Wallet by ? (1 vote)
Paragon 3D - Jon Allen (8 votes)
Paranormal Wallet by Paralabs (1 vote)
Phantom by Peter Eggink (1 vote)
Phantom Display by Adam Wilbur (1 vote)
ProMystic Flex5 by Criag Filicetti(1 vote)
ProMystic RD by Criag Filicetti(3 vote)
ProMystic Scan 3D by Criag Filicetti(1 vote)
PWP by Shaun Robison (1 vote)
RA by Greg Rostami (1 vote)
Revolution by Greg Wilson (13 votes)
Rock Paper Lies by Jay Di Biase (9 votes)
SCAN3D - Craig Filicetti (16 votes)
Screen Test by Steve Dimmer (3 votes)
Scryer's Black & White Book by Richard Webster (1 vote)
Secret Servante by Sean Goodman (4 votes)
Sew-on by Roddie McGhie (1 vote)
Schrödingers Tie by Thomas Blomberg (1 vote)
Shell Shocked by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling (1 vote)
Sleeper by Eoin O'Hare (1 vote)
Spectre by Prof BC (1 vote)
Star Trik by Adam Hudson (1 vote)
Stegosaurus by Phill Smith (3 vote)
Street Thief by Andrew Gerard (3 vote)
Sympathetic 10 by ? (1 vote)
Take a Note by Seamus Maguire (2 vote)
Target Number by Ted Karmilovich (1 vote)
TBC Box by Luca Volpe (6 votes)
Tembus by Robert Bertrance (2 votes)
The Alchemist's Square by Christopher J. Gould (2 votes)
The Family by Max Vellucci (1 vote)
The New SUC by Mark Strivings (1 vote)
The Original Matchbox Penetration by Magic Inc. (1 vote)
The Search Engine Pen by Jeff Prace (2 votes)
The Vault by David Penn (2 vote)
The Wizard in the Sky by Art Vanderlay (1 vote)
Ultimate Levitation Pen by Steve Fearson (1 vote)
Ultimate Rising Card by Marc Antoine (1 vote)
Unbelievalope by Jeff Kaylor (9 votess)
Under Wraps by Mark Mason (1 vote)
UTP by ? (1 vote)
Victorian Coins in Glass by K. Hartbottle (8 votes)
Visionary 2.0 by Stephen Young (19 votes)
WISHBONE by Paul Harris Presents (1 vote)
Witch Hazel by Steve Peebles (1 vote)
Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti (4 votes)



1) Craig Filicetti (21 votes)

Andi Gladwin (2 vote)
Atlas Brookings (1 vote)
Brett Barry (5 vote)
Cesar Alonso (2 vote)
Christopher J. Gould (1 vote)
Christian Schenk (1 vote)
Dave Bonsall (1 vote)
E. Raymond Carlyle (2 vote)
Eric Samuels (1 vote)
Gregory Wilson (4 votes)
J.C . Mooreni (1 vote)
Jeff Kaylor and Anton James over at the Magic Estate (1 vote)
Jeff McBride (5 vote)
Jim Magus (1 vote)
Joshua Jay (1 vote)
Kozmo (1 vote)
Mark Mason (7 votes)
Michael Murray (7 vote)
Nicholas Lawrence (1 vote)
Paul Harris (1 vote)
Pedro Nieves (1 vote)
Prof BC (4 vote)
Richard Sanders (3 votes)
Steve Brundage (1 vote)
Steve Shufton (1 vote)
Stephen Young (6 votes)
Thomas Heine & Rainer Mees (1 vote)
Tony Miller (2 vote)
TRICK OF THE YEAR: Industrial Revelation, BOOK OF THE YEAR: The Approach, The AIP Bottle, and my new book Scenic 52, can all be found over here: SendWonder.com
Kindness takes practice. My TEDx talk
Jamie D. Grant
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as seen in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Twice!
2415 Posts

Profile of Jamie D. Grant
Previous Winners of :

The Houdin


2000: no voting took place
2001: no voting took place
2002: no voting took place
2003: Passing Through by Kevin Parker
2004: no voting took place
2005: Sinful by Wayne Houchin
2006: Fraud by Daniel Garcia
2007: no voting took place
2008: Multi-Dimensional by Craig Filicetti
2009: no voting took place
2010: Get Sharky by Christoph Borer
2011: Industrial Revelation from Jamie D. Grant
2012: Nest Of Wallets from Nick Einhorn
2013: Inferno by Joshua Jay
2014: Fair Play by Steve Haynes & Inferno by Bobby Hasbun

The Thurston Award

2013: Andy Nyman
2014: Craig Filicetti
TRICK OF THE YEAR: Industrial Revelation, BOOK OF THE YEAR: The Approach, The AIP Bottle, and my new book Scenic 52, can all be found over here: SendWonder.com
Kindness takes practice. My TEDx talk
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I vote for Mentalist Symbol Pack. That's all...
Todsky's Magic Shop: over 15,000 tricks, books, DVD s and Card decks. www.magicstore.ca
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I didn't purchase enough tricks this year to cast a vote (plus I don't have enough posts to vote.) But I wanted to second what Jami previously mentioned- winning this award can be life changing. Every year for the past 5 years I've purchased the magic trick that wins this award....and I'm sure many other hobbyists do the same.
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The Houdin
Svenpad Supreme – Brett Barry
Revolution by Greg Wilson
Secret Servante by Sean Goodman

The Thurston
Leon Mjolnir aka Floatingcardtrick for his work on "IT department" youtube channel. Such a kind, nice person.
Still with the Chinese circus Smile
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Profile of jonnyboy
SvenPad- Barry
Scan 3D- Filicetti
Amazebox- Shortland

Jamie, in your totals, I note that you list "Promystic Scan 3D" and "Scan 3D" separately with two different vote totals. I assume that they are one and the same product and the votes for these two entries should be totaled.

Thank you for doing this again, Jamie.

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San Diego
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Profile of jonnyboy
Thurston Award

Craig Filicetti.
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Profile of toberman
1. SvenPad Supreme by Brett Barry
2. Scan 3d by Craig Filicetti
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Eternal Order
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Profile of Mindpro
1. Sven Pad Deluxe- Brett Barry
2. Target Number - Ted K
3. Black Box - Eric Samuels
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Concord Ca
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Profile of bobgoss
1. Sven Pad - Brett Barry
2. Rock Paper Lies - Jay Di Biase
3. Blind Mans Wallet - Menny Lindenfeld
Sven Rygh
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Oslo, Norway.
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On Dec 2, 2015, saysold1 wrote:
May I make a suggestion -

Why don't all of you just cut and paste or quote this template below for your voting to make things groovy and easy + consistent?

Might help Jamie to tabulate the votes too without Red Bull Smile Jamie many thanks again for your enthusiasm and work on this yearly tradition.


1. Osterlind Mysteries Extra Sensory Perception

2. SvenPad

3. TBC Box

Matt Andrews
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1) SvenPad Supreme
2) Visionary 2.0
3) Target Number
Because nice matters
John C
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Eternal Order
I THINK therefore I wrote
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1. Sven pad
2. Tequila hustler
3. Double cross
The ULTIMATE Routine Series: rebirth soon!
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Ted Gillam
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Profile of tgplano
1. Sven Pad
2. Amazebox
3. Reveal
Mentalism for the Metroplex
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