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Curtis The Mentalist
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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to add something to it since I don't think anyone mentioned this.

I've had great success in walk-around with Paul Rhomany's "Dream Prediction Elite"--the pocket version of his former stage effect "Dream Prediction." Of course it has it's angles, but I've not had any real problem with that to speak of. I simply make up a bunch of folded slips in advance, keep them in a small bulldog clip, shove them in a pocket and it resets in seconds. Plus I like the fact that I can customize it for events--I've done it strolling at expos, golf tournaments, private parties, fundraisers, car shows, etc. For golf tournaments I had people name things like their handicap and a funny caddy's name, for car shows year, make, and model of their favorite cars, etc.

I'm also a fan of peek wallets, pocket wr****g, etc. Especially Mark Striving's SUC. Direct and quick effects that kill. I also do a lot of CT's, and am a fan of Richard Busch's CT where you draw the person's face on a card and the word is placed on their "forehead." It makes for entertaining by-play and kills as usual and all I need are a stack of index cards and a pen.
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While it's understandable how people stay away from electronics, Promystic products has been a god sent for strolling set.

Mini. MD can be amazing with a believable presentation, and six sense works pretty well too.

The most impromptu one got to be Free Will. <3
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Will to read for Steve Dela and Alakazam magic.
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Number prediction with Super Sharpie and What's in the name by Oz Pearlman
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Are there any Super Sharpie units available anymore??
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Olympia, WA
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On Oct 27, 2019, marcomotroni wrote:
Are there any Super Sharpie units available anymore??
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San Luis Obispo, CA
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Thanks to whoever revived this thread! Some great answers! Don't know what it's called, or who shared it... but my favorite mentalism "Strolling" piece is a Crown Royal bag with 7 Black Stones, and 1 Clear Stone. It's the "Diamond". Everyone at the table gets to participate, and pick a stone. I determine who got the Diamond. (Holdout) I can do almost a whole set around it. And it kills every time. Anybody know what it's called? Any history on the effect?
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One of my favorites is the marked deck trick from Opening Minds. I can't remember what Colin Mcleod calls the effect, but I call it double mind reading.
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Anyone care to update this thread WITH the links asked for in the original post?
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I once did an entire ballroom with a Promystic die in a leather shaker cup and the paperback MOABT

I'd have each spec roll the die and give them a numerological reading based on the number they roll - come to think of it, this part could likely work without any magic (i.e., openly roll a die THEN give a reading)

For bigger tables, I'd finish with both phases of the pocket MOABT

talk about packing light! I didn't even need pockets!
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Richard Osterlind's "Radar deck" is one of my favorites.
Theodore Lawton
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I'll add crazy cube.
It's cheap. It comes in some magic sets now unfortunately.
Most people have never seen it.
It plays HUGE if you can act. This little trick gets genuine startled gasps from people.
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I have been using Entourage for years as an introduction trick (Let's see if we're in sync). Quick and instantly reset.
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Which Hand.
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Norfolk, UK
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Inject - so many uses
Directors Cut
Any peek device - my preferred is Vision or Stealth Assassin Wallet

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Creator of Secret Servante, Genetics, Tick Tock, Starstruck, CelebriDate, MagiDate, Focus, SIGMA and R2R
Chuck Finley
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One of my favorite is from a set of Al Schindler's lecture notes that I have used for so many years it is simple but it never fails. You draw a tic-tac-toe board on the back of two of your business cards. You make a quick mark then ask them to mark two spots in a row. Not only do you predict the box to stop them from winning you predict the opposite mark they chose. If they use X's you draw an O or vise versa.
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Some Ideas

- Gregory Wilson's Exact Change is a fantastic opener, especially if you keep the coins on the table while you're performing since you have the option to do some quick vanishes and reappearances during dead space.
- I saw Powerball 60 come up recently. That trick is fantastic, and made better with the correct justification and presentation. Use the tickets to divine the number, get them out of the way, and make them subconsciously selectively delete the part with the tickets. It will help make the divination process all the more impossible. With all of these effects really, it is very important to find a character, and think how you want that character to be viewed as a mentalist. Are you reading tells? Are you simply a psychic? Present your mentalism in a way that leaves the only possible explanation in the realm of your character's abilities. I degress. On we go.
- Spidey's Sneak Peek (a version of Acidus Novus) of a number or name is also great to do with a blank business card. If you want a peek in which you tear the card, consider Spidey's Shredder or even Hands Down by the Other Brothers for a more complete routine.
- A simple peek wallet can work miracles as well.
-If you have Peter Nardi's Infinity Wallet, feel free to use this idea that I sort of came up with, but let's be real, I'm sure thousands of people have thought of it. I saw Steven Himmel use a part of this idea in A Forced THought, but this uses an ordinary deck. Have your index system set up to reveal Ace through 8 of Hearts. In your actual deck, take those cards out, give them a mix. Put indifferent cards every other card, and put this on top of the deck. From here, deal down, and wherever they call stop, take one of the 8 force cards and set it aside. Then, simply go into the wallet and produce the correct card! This is a killer card opener or even standalone piece. Impossible to lay people and magicians alike, especially when you reveal all the cards to be different and ungimmicked.
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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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This is a fun question. In addition to some routines that I created for my own use, I here are some I really like:

Alias Wallet Colin McCleod A peek wallet to do drawing duplications.
Pivotal Peek Schlutz A way to peek a card
Just Imagine Jay Sankey A fun color and shape prediction
Alarmed Noel Qualtar An amazing clock prediction with a souvenir
Will To Read Steve Dela Predict the actions with three objects
BIP Book Scott Creasy Read minds using the "British Institute of Parapsychology" book
Predict Tac Toe Richard Osterlind Write the prediction on a bill in wallet.
Decisions Mozique You predict a yes or no answer before they ask.

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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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This thread is just about mentalism. Personally, I combine mentalism and magic, so I didn't include items that I would perform that are not mentalism.
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Memphis, Down in Dixie
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My favorite segway , a direct steal from The Mentalist, is after doing a strong opener is to say "magic is for kids, would you rather I read your mind ?"
Bally Hoo and Hullabaloo
one for me and none for you.
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