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Brian Lehr
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With Easter approaching, I thought I'd suggest a good effect that some of you might want to use in your Easter shows.

It's called "Squash" and it's marketed by Abbott (at least that's where I bought it 14 years ago! I've seen it elsewhere, with other names as well (ie: "Evaporate").

Basically, you begin by explaining how Christ is the Water of Life (Spring/Well of Living Water). To symbolize Christ, you place a shotglass of water on your outstretched palm. You then place your other palm over the water, to symbolize the tomb. Have someone (perhaps one of the children) place a black cloth over both your hands to symbolize the stone in front of the tomb (I did it with the cloth, as it got one of the children involved; it can be skipped).

While this is all happening, tell the story of what each part in the process represents.

After having everyone count to three (three days in the tomb), have the child pull away the cloth (the stone rolled away). Open your hands, and show that the shotglass has vanished! Christ is no longer in the tomb!

You can keep the shotglass vanished, and continue with the show. Or you can make it appear again (from behind your knee, etc.) to show that Christ later appeared in an unexpected place at an unexpected time.

Perhaps some of you would like to suggest other such effects.

Brian Lehr
Terry Holley
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My most effective Easter effect over the years has to be the old Die Box. I use a Rubik's Cube as the die to represent Christ. I talk about how the different colors remind me of his claims and character (white+purity/without sin, red=shed blood , green=promise of eternal life, blue=loyalty to the Father ("true blue"), yellow/gold+royalty of a king, a flourescent orange= bright like a light (light of the world).

I place the cube in the hat that represents Christ living in the world, performing miracles, claiming to be God. I then remove the cube and talk about the crucifixion. Then into the box (tomb) and I close it up (the tomb is sealed).

The following byplay of the body being gone as they looked and went into the tomb really plays well. I act like this is all there is to the trick, and state that as many don't believe the cube is really gone, some don't believe Christ rose. But if he didn't, then as Paul says, we are the most miserable of all men and still in our sins. Just as we have faith that the block is gone, so we are to have faith that Christ rose. It is interesting how people are drawn into this because they are feeling sorry for me that I am using such a poor trick to illustrate such an important truth!

I finally talk about how Mary was weeping when she heard a voice that called out to her. I then open all the doors to show the cube gone. I state that Christ was taliking to her and told her not to weep because he was alive. At that point I take the cube out of the hat.

I have performed this for many years (prior to the creation of Rubik's Cube when I used a red and white block) and it has proven to be a stunner. It has humor and mystery, and all ages have responded well.

I'm not claiming that the idea is original, but I thought of the idea the first time I saw the Die Box which was about 40 years ago, and have been performing it almost that long.

If you don't perform it, you should! It has been a great way to close my "gospel" show, and a great stand alone for Easter.

Co-author with illusionist Andre' Kole of "Astrology and Psychic Phenomena."
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I like "A 'Grave' Revelation" (I like it because it is simple and effective and one I created.)

The routine starts out with you holding a matchbox that has a ribbon about 10 inches long running through it. You show the matchbox drawer open and containing matches, from one side, and then the other. The ribbon clearly, even with close visual examination, runs competely through the box and the box is seen to be trapped on the ribbon.

Two spectators each take one end of the ribbon, and while both hold tightly to the ends, the matchbox is fairly slid back and forth, and left suspended on the ribbon.

The ribbon ends represent "Death" on one end, and the "Grave" on the other. The Matchbox, represents the Body of Christ, The Lamb of God, who was crucified as a sin offering for us. He who was without sin, was made sin for us. Once that debt was paid, He was laid in the tomb. But God wasn't done! aren't you glad that God wsn't done? Watch!

A handkerchief now covers the matchbox representing the stone door which was rolled into place. Then He was in the tomb for 3 days.

The performer now reaches under the handkerchief, and asks the specs to remember that Christ arose from the tomb on the third day; Now count 1, 2, 3! And the matchbox is free from the ribbon still held by the two spectators,

Death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory? Christ is Risen!!

The matchbox and ribbon are fully examinable and I give a lot of them away Smile just to help the message cement the message into the spectator's minds.

The effect is actually the same as one I built and wrote patter for Hampton Ridge magic a long time ago, before I was saved. I called it, The Sorcerer's COffin. I hadn't made them in years and although it is still being sold in a few places, those are rip-offs (The basic concept is from the 30's, but the patter was all minee) and I get nothing for them, although they still credit me in the Patter. Oh well.....

I will begin offering them again soon, I sold some at International FCM two years ago, and we are now geting ready to make more again.

I perfromed this one at our last local FCM meeting for some new folks, and it was a hit with old and new alike.

It is simple and powerful. No sleights, and the ribbon and box can both be examined and even given away (if you can find a supply for the boxes.)

If you have one of the old Sorcerers coffins, let me know, and I will send you the instructions sheet (contains more than I said here) for "A Grave Revelation".

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
Han Solo
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Well my favorite ressurection trick is Larry Anderson's Houdini Hanky. I call it the Jesus Hanky. You take a cup {the grave}, and a hanky {Jesus}. You have a child stuff Jesus into the grave and you cover it with another hanky {the stone} and put a rubber band around the top and have them count to three. You reach under the hankyy and pull out Jesus. It gets great reactions.
Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!-Elmer Fudd
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I'm working on a stage illusion that won't be ready for this Easter but will by next... it is a raised platform... the magi (symbolizing Christ) is led by a robed and hooded executioner up the stairs to the platform and his/her hands are nailed to the cross (spikes in full view of audience coming from center of palms). Death comes upon the magi. The executioner descends the stairs returning to the stage level. The curtain is raised around the platform (symbolizing the grave) and the executioner turns the platform as he encircles it, showing off his trophy. As he completes his circle- PUFF! FLASH! SMOKE! the curtain falls exposing an empty cross. The executioner turns toward the audience, takes off his hood and reveals it is the magi (Christ figure) victorious over sin and death!

Just something I'm working on....
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