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I'd be interested in knowing the first trick you learned. Do you still use it and how did it affect your interest in magic?


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It had to be a card trick, a pick a card varitey, I don't remember which.
my first magic props were a fan-ta-stic, and a rope to silk. I got both of them at the Magic Townhouse in NYC. I still remember the place as if it was yesterday, and still have the props, the fan-ta-stick had a run in with some flash paper and grape juice, and the silk is thread bare. I still do the hot rod (fan-ta-stic) and may make or get a new rope to silk, don't know.
I liked both when I was Smile
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John Clarkson
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Hi, Brian!

I think the first trick I got was in a magic set... the rice bowls... a little plastic set. Also came with some linking rings. I don't use either now since I prefer close-up and both those are more suited for parlor or stage. However, in the early 80's (I think) I did do a pretty mean McAbee Rings, a good closeup linking ring routine. Smile
John D. Clarkson, S.O.B. (Sacred Omphaloskeptic Brotherhood)

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Mr. Ed
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The first trick I learned was a double reverse. I do not know who came up with this handling, a friend showed it to me. I still perform this trick at least weekly. Maybe it's because of my experience with it, but it is one of my tricks that gets the biggest reaction from lay persons. Smile
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Dr. JK
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The first effect I ever learned was the "TT Disappearing Silk", and yes, I still use it today. It really hooked me on magic... it looked SO real. I learned it in practically no time flat (I have since improved my technique) Smile and enjoyed the responses it got. The rest, as they say, is history. Smile
- Jeff Kowalk, The Psychic CPA
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The first trick I ever learned was using a change bag. I can't remember what I was changing, and it was pretty simple stuff, but very effective! I think when you are learning it is better to work with a couple of tricks that are pretty, well, self working, so you can concentrate on your part - the presentation! It is only magic if you do it magically!
Kaz Smile
Peter Marucci
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The ball and vase was what started it all for me, about 55 years ago!
And I still have that original ball and vase, although I don't use it.
The interesting thing is that it is made exactly the same today, except that the ball in the original was wood and it is plastic today.
Fascinating (well, it is to me!) Smile
Peter Marucci
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I am not totally sure, but I believe that it was the vanishing water trick. A vase, pour some water in and dump it out, pour some more water in and then cover the hole on the side and no water will come out, claim it disappeared!

First card trick I ever did was a pick a card trick with a series of riffle shuffles to keep the card on top.
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Color Monte!

I got so blown away by it, that I just had to have it... and that started me down this road to ruin of owning every packet trick made in the 80's Smile

I wore my original out, (I still have it though, It was on Aviater bridge size cards and the metallic red and blue rubbed off form so much use.) and I just picked up a brand new one on Biclcle cards.

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Harry Murphy
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I had three tricks to start and I don’t remember which was the first I actually learned to perform. Honestly, I learned them as a unit or act and performed them on a platform from the very start!

I had to spend several summers with my uncle because both my parents had to work and they could not afford “child care” for four kids. Each of us kids got to spend the summer months with relatives. I was lucky; I got to travel with my father’s brother. He was a Carney. That is, he made his living traveling with various carnivals in the southwest and south of the USA. He ran a flat show (gambling joint).

Two weeks into my first summer, the ten-in-one operator lost a couple of acts. He needed to fill the spots. He and my uncle decided that I should become “the worlds youngest Professional magician!” I was 12 almost 13 and very small and slight for my age. I also looked younger. Just based on size they called me 8 years old! Hey, I could have passed for seven!

The ten-in-one operator gave me an Egg-Bag, a Die-Box, and a spool of rope. He taught me a routine for each and then spent several days drilling me on presentation and performance of my spot/act. Three days later I was on stage and earning money as a magician. I got critiqued after each set by all the performers. I got competent fast!

The act consisted of a fairly good Egg-Bag routine with a lemon production finish, a standard die box routine, and a cut and restored rope.

There were two other effects I was trained to do. The first was a Broom Suspension that was my bit to perform "out front", to help gather a crowd. I would use one of the female performers or a girl from the “Kooch” show (owned and operated by the same guy).

I also performed the “Blade-Box” as a blow-off to make a little extra money inside. Again, some poor girl was drafted to be my assistant. My boyish prank was to reach into the box and pull off her costume after I had sectioned her with the blades.

The broom suspension and the blade box belonged to the ten and one operator and apparently had been abandoned by a previous magician who tended to drink a bit and just wandered off one night and never came back.

The egg-bag was a heavy, red, wool flannel affair. It may have been home made and I still have it. It has a few spots on it that the cleaner couldn’t get out but is as functional as the day I got it. It was not new when I got it.

The die box was a rather primitive affair. It did not have a sound gimmick (noise maker) or any fake door panel to show the die present in a compartment. It was small, The die being 2.5 inches cube, and the box itself only 6.5 inches by 3.25 inches (front to back) by 3.5 inches deep (top to bottom). The shell was made from steel! It was painted red and I still have it and still use it from time to time

In the early 70’s discovered that the Rubik’s cube was the same size as the die. So I bought two Cubes, painted the shell glossy black, peeled the square colored squares from one Cube and stuck them on the shell. Viola! Rubik’s Cube box! I added new brass hinges to the box at that time. The old hinges were painted and looked horrible!

I still have the original die.

I added to my repertory over the summer and over the next few years. But that was my first magic.

I have tried to attach a photo of those props (OK, I don't know what I am doing and the photo is poor, but I tried!). The Egg Bag (with the original wooden egg, new paint, and I tossed in a lemon for color contrast), The Die Box with original die, and I added a hank of magicians rope. That friends is all I had for my platform act.

Click here to view attached image.
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Peter Loughran
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The Chinese sticks, and the penetration frame! They are both still great tricks too!


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Jimmy Lee
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I started off with the card warp! Smile
Magically Yours,

a guy from a tropical island in South East Asia
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The TT was the first magic apparatus I bought. I had limitless fun making silks disappear, and putting out cigarettes in my shirt! My first card trick I learned well enough to actually SHOW off with was Twisting the Aces.
Alan Wheeler
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My VERY first tricks were learned from library books on magic. I just picked out easy things I thought I could do: the mummy finger, paper-tube hole in hand (really an optical illusion), coin into elbow.

I saw a kid at school do the ball in vase for show-and-tell. He had gotten it from a cereal box, but I was fascinated and jealous (just like I am fascinated and jealous of you guys today!)

My first purchased magic effects were in an Abbott's Magic Kit ordered as a Christmas present from the Sears Catalogue. It had a card trick with a DF and DB (maybe that's called "double-reverse"?). It had a coin to nested boxes effect. It had a coin through rubber-sheet effect.

I think it might have come with my much longed-for ball-and-vase. It definitely had a cheap plastic coin plate. It also had the rice bowl effect, though it frustrated me because I knew it couldn't be performed close up. Soon after, I learned to love parlor size effects, but at first I didn't trust them!

My favorite, I think, from that first magic set was a water suspension in a pop bottle. I loved it, that a pencil or pen could be pushed through the bottle neck to show there was no obstruction while the water still hung there mysteriously and also that any bottle could be used!

Wow. Now that's magic.

The views and comments expressed on this post may be mere speculation and are not necessarily the opinions, values, or beliefs of Alan Wheeler.
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I can't remember which trick I first learn but what I remember is it was from a magic trick set named "Hocus Pocus", if my memory is good...Smile

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Unfortunately I can not remember what was it. Most probably it was a card trick. Because there were no magic shops in Turkey during my childhood. In fact now there are only two of them!!! So buying a TT was a dream. I could not buy a vanishing cane for the first three years of my proffession. They were hard days for me. now thanks to internet things are soooo muuuucccchh easier. I am telling these in order that you may understand the value of communication of today. Cheers.
Smile Smile Smile
Magically Yours,


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My first trick(s) were the Ball and Vase and the Pencil through glass. They were made by Adams. I still have them, but they aren't included in my act! I have opted for a little more sleight of hand. Once I saw the first trick, it was instant magic!!
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My first tricks were from a magic box of SILVAN. I don't remember but I think it was a packet card trick.
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MY very first trick to learn was the French drop taught to me by my Father. He also taught me to use the side slip to make a card vanish. Then he also gave me my first trick deck, an Aviator stripper deck and taught me how to find the chosen card with it.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
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I, too, learned the French Drop first. Then I mastered the 'Pull your finger off' trick. I use the French Drop in shows when a vanish is needed and I am always 'pulling off my fingers' to little kids when they look at me cross. It gets almost as good of a reaction as the other stuff I do that took so much longer to practice.
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