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Miss Direction
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New Jersey
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The first thing I learned in Magic was a French drop also.. Smile
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Well, it was probably the trick where a card is selected, replaced, the re-appears face up in the deck. You all know this one!

Surprisingly, I STILL use it today every so often. You might wonder how on earth I can get away with it when every one over the age of 10 knows this one? The key is on how I've twisted the presentation on this one. If any of the regulars here want to know my presentation for this oldie, feel free to PM me.

My next trick was probably a card trick where four jacks are put into a deck (four robbers rob a bank) and are chased by the police. They then appear at the top of the deck to escape in their awaiting helicopter.

The french drop was learnt early on, well not really, I had mis-read how to do it and wondered why it never looked right (that taught me a lesson!) Hint for the beginner: You should be able to do it with quite large objects (a pool ball is about my limit, but I am sure there are some out there that can french drop a melon Smile ) and not get caught. Its good to practice it with things other than coins.

Anyway enough rambling..


Kris Sheglova
The above is all rubbish, except that which you chose to believe
Thomas Wayne
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The first trick I learned was a common pickpocket routine finale. My father took me to see Harry Blackstone, JR. when I was about 8 yrs old, and the climax to his pickpocket routine was to yank the dress shirt off the back of one of his audience volunteers as he escorted the fellow off stage.

After much Socratic discussion between my father and me, we decided that the audience volunteer must have been in on the secret and we proceeded to reconstruct how that could be done without a specially built shirt. My father was a Minister and rarely without shirt and jacket, so at the next family gathering I performed the only trick I knew...

That debut was not much for structure and lacked any semblance of theatre, but afterwards the hook was definitely set.

Thomas Wayne
MOST magicians: "Here's a quarter, it's gone, you're an idiot, it's back, you're a jerk, show's over." Jerry Seinfeld
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The first trick I learned was coin falling up (muscle pass)...
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First trick was a stripped/marked deck bought at the Magic Shop on Main Street in Disneyland, along with a two headed quarter. About 35 years ago. I still have the deck, and I've taught my 6 year old daughter to do the 'pick a card' and she still fools her mother.

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my first trick was changing a dollar bil into a 5 with a TT

greetins niels
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I found my dad's old stripper deck about 5 years ago and have doing magic every since. Sometimes I will use it for a kid or coorporate show but not that often.
- Evan
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The first trick i learned was mismade bill AKA quadraflex.... i still use it.
white hats rule.
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Omaha, NE
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I started out at age 8 with a magic kit for kids. I don't remember the name of the kit, but it contained a lot of small effects that worked without a lot of sleight of hand. I can't specifically remember many of them, but I do remember that it didn't focus very much on card tricks, and I've never really been interested in them as much as other types of magic. I suppose, then, that it did have a lasting effect on my preferences and the styles I like.
Jeff Jay
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Scottsdale, Arizona
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The Jiffy Coin Trick from Adams.

Still a great effect and a bargain!

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression!"
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Wilmington, Delaware
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My Uncle John was a magician in the late vaudeville era.


He taught a LAYMAN (me) the Downs Palm at
age 6!

Of course, I really didn't know the name (or for that matter) even that this move HAD a name until my early sixties when my interest in magic was rekindled enough to do the reading.

All I knew is that I was the only kid on the block who could vanish a quarter.

"Pick any card. NOT that one!!!"
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My first trick was the classic Rubber Pencil. I learned it when I was 5, and fooled absolutely no one.

But I guess that qualifies as an optical illusion, rather than a trick.

After that, I can't remember what the first trick I learned was, but I think I know where it would have come from. In the mid-70s there was a TV offer for a set called "Hat Full of Magic", and after some begging, I was able to convince my parents to get it for me. (I'm not sure if Hat Full of Magic is still on the market or not.) Something in there must have been my first trick, but I can't for the life of me remember what was in the set. All I remember is the hat -- a big hard plastic top hat that wasn't shaped like any human head, so it was impossible to wear (and darnit, I wanted to wear it!).

My first "grown-up" trick was a junior Cups and Balls set that I purchased at the magic shop in Disney World.
Jeff Chesnut
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Ada, Michigan
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My first trick was the hot rod. I still carry it and pull it out occasionally. That's also the first trick I taught my kids to do. Extremely simple (my 8-year old is very facile with it), yet effective.
Alan Jackson
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Cardiff, UK
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The Hunter knot. Tying a rope into a knot without (!) letting go of either end.
There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary numbers, and those who don't.
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Collinsville, Mississippi
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When I was a kid, an older cousin from New Orleans taught me to do two coin tricks.
One was throwing a coin out the window, via the thumb palm. And reproducing it from behind a spectator's ear.
The other one was causing a dime, placed on the palm of the right hand, at the base of the index finger, to appear in the left hand, after both palm up hands were simultaneously turned inward at the wrists and closed.
I still do them sometimes.

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The Boonies, NC
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I at first thought that I got started much later, but something in this section sparked an old memory. I now remember what my first trick was. I believe it is called "the egg cup". It is the trick where you have a small egg shaped cup with a lid that sits on a stemmed base, and you make the egg inside appear or diasppear at will. I believe my father Taught this to me in 1959 when I was 4 years old. I was the happiest kid in the world, and I still feel this way when I get a new trick.
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The first trick I learned was where a deck of cards was shuffled and spread out on the table. You would then ask a spectator to pick the 'Three of Clubs' and slide it to you without looking. Take the card and claim it to be correct. Get another spectator to slide yout he 'Queen of Hearts' etc. At the end you would pick another card yourself.
Then show all the cards to be the correct ones.
I was 12 at the time and this seemed completely impossible.
The trick was shown to me by a camp leader at summercamp.
Ever since I have been interrested in Magic.
The rest as they say is history...

PS : For those that wonder, it's based on the one ahead principle Smile
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I think the first trick I learned was the cups and balls. I really liked it because a friend had shown me some tricks with gaffed cards and I didn't go much on the idea of having tricks that worked by themselves because of fake props.

The great thing about cups and balls is that a minimal amount of skill is required to get something which can fool people using straightforward props.

However, I now well appreciate the usefulness of gaffed props and I'm currently (20 years on) looking at buying a decent Chop Cup!
Dennis Loomis
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1943 - 2013
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Would you believe that the first trick I learned was a one handed riffle shuffle to do a perfect faro? No.... I didn't think so.
The first trick was the broken and restored tooth pick in a handkerchief. The one with the duplicate in the hem. I remember it vividly. A bellhop at a hotel my family was staying at showed it to me. I was absolutely stunned, and then he taught me how to do it. I was 5 years old at the time.
A few weeks later I got a "Mysto" magic set for Christmas. It had a tiny multiplying ball set with wooden balls about 3/4" or 7/8" in diameter and a metal shell. I struggled to pivot the ball out of the shell and learned then and there that this stuff takes work!
Dennis Loomis
Itinerant Montebank
Jim Davis
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What is....? Utah
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Svengalli Deck.. I don't have the origional one.. I passed it along to another dreaming magician.. and yes I still use one from time to time.

I was 6, and it was included in a magic kit I got for my birthday along with ball and vase, a bill printer, paddle trick and some other various classics.. unfortunatly I never had the vision to save any of it.
Diamond Jim Davis "The Cardslinger" ~~~ Magic from the '80's....................the 1880's!
<BR><BR>Don't just be a magician, be a human interest!
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