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I thought that there was a thread about this, but my searchfu is apparently weak this evening. I tried various combinations of ken, dyne, golden, and balls and the only thing I found was his Penguin lecture.

Curious if anyone has this and if it's anywhere near as amusing as the trailer?

Not that people need any prompting, but if there's another thread about this, feel free to point the way.

Barry Gitelson
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Best trailer/teaser/magic advert ever. IMHO.
"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." Author: Leo Buscaglia
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I know what a Trailer Excellent !!
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Brilliant trailer
Karl M
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Ken has the best ball bag in the bizness
John C
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All he needs now is a ball hammock.
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Ive been using 'body language' by charles gauci for years and frankly my set is looking bloody shabby!!

Can anyone give a review as to how this compares?.. as I may upgrade so to speak
May your darkness come quickly
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I have Mr. Goldenballs.

The bag itself had a stray thread coming out when I took it out of the tube.
Hope that won't start unraveling.

My balls are sticky.
It must be the paint he used.
I purchased some clear lacquer (or clear varnish)
for $4 and sprayed it on my balls. A couple coats.
With that finish, my balls feel amazing and they look shiny.

I'd prefer however that when I purchase something that it's ready to go
and won't need improvements.
I got the idea from a guy in the facebook group, who suggested applying clear varnish to make the balls less sticky.

When I performed it for the first time,
I did not include the prediction at the end, "Performer was left with the black ball."
I decided to scrap that because I felt it very weird for the routine.
Why would you do kurotsuke, have 4 people reach inside a bag to pick a ball so that you can sniff out the gold one,
only then to take out a ball for yourself? It doesn't make sense except for your prediction.

Not only does it not make sense for the main effect,
but also I think it may dilute the overall effect.
You are presenting "mindreading" or detecting whether someone is lying or telling the truth,
then at the end you pretty much show everyone that you knew beforehand what the outcome would be.

Turns out I might've been wrong.
I stayed after the show and performed close-up.
Two people, in conversation, told me, "You should be doing THIS on stage. This is amazing. Not that goldenballs stuff." (or words to that effect).
One couple said that what I did (Mr. G Balls) was easy,
and anyone in the audience would have a good chance telling who had the gold ball.
I feel that the funnier the questions you use, the less impressive it is, and the more mundane questions, the more impressive (but not funny).
For example, "What's your mother's maiden name?" Not funny. But impressive if you can tell whether he's lying.
On the other hand, "If you could kiss John Goodman or Danny Glover on the mouth, who would you choose?" (I just made that up just now).
That's a funny question, but his response ... actually that may qualify as impressive.
"What's your worst or most embarrassing habit?" is funny but NOT impressive, because in my limited experience,
one of the men said something ridiculous ("I watch Pitch Perfect 2, three times every day"). The audience laughed. Good thing.
However, it was extremely obvious that he did not have the gold ball.

In short, they were underwhelmed by Mr. G___balls (at least without the final prediction).
This was just one event, so it's not enough to draw any firm conclusions.
But I'd have to agree that discerning whether someone is lying or not (a 50/50 shot) is fairly boring (unless you're Derren Brown,
but even then, I personally find it some of the least entertaining effects he does).

I will say, however, that my presentation of it, with MY questions, was very funny (though not impressive, according to reports).
In my opinion, the questions Ken Dyne gives in the provided Powerpoint presentation are not that funny.
In fact, one of Dyne's "Sample Comedy Questions," is "What's your star sign?" and another is, "What color car do you drive?"
He had two that I thought were funny.

In contrast, my third question is (and I use only male volunteers to make this question funnier),
"If you had to pick, which of the other contestants would you go on a date with?"
This is funny because I've chosen all male contestants.
Then the next question is even funnier (sorry, not giving it away here).

One thing I don't like is that, if any of your audience googles "Mr G___balls,"
the only links that come up are Ken Dyne's website selling this trick, and this very thread.

You don't think they'll google it?
For this trick, two types of people may google it--not just the ones who want to know how it was done.

First, those who want to know how it was done (though it's mostly just funny).
That first group will DEFINITELY remember the NAME of the trick, since "MR G____BALLS" is shown on the big screens behind you as you perform it.

Second, and this is what makes this trick the most dangerous--because this is probably a much larger population--,
those who simply think the term, "Mr. G---balls, " is funny, and they simply want to look it up.
Ken Dyne came up with it. I know because I googled it for THIS reason. I just wanted to know more about the phrase,
and whether it was popular in America as well as in the UK. The links that came up were for this trick (including this thread).
Google it yourself right now and you'll see what I mean.

If I saw ANY performer or speaker mention that term and talk about what it means,
there is a GOOD CHANCE I would google it at some point. And I would be directed straight to the website where I can buy the trick.

How would you like it if every time you perform the Inv D_ck,
the title, "Inv____le D__k" were displayed on the screen behind you, and the announcer said, "It's now time for the Inv_____ D__k!!"

One other thing I dislike is that I feel that one of the important parts where you NEED patter,
specifically a joke or something misdirecting, is when one of the contestants is about to reach into the bag.
Between one contestant and another contestant, you need to be talking. Otherwise it will be obvious you're doing something unnatural for no good reason.
Dyne didn't address this in the teaching video.
What I used was, "Are you right-handed or left handed?" and "What's your name and occupation?" and "With your favorite hand, reach inside and you grab a ball." You can't, for example, simply let the 4 players reach inside and grab their balls.
You have to do something (obviously with the bag since you're holding it).
Since it should take you only half a second to go from one player to the next,
you should (I would think) turn to the audience and say something in between the players,
to give you a reason to fiddle with the bag.
This was not discussed in the teaching video.

I agree with those above who mentioned that the ad video for this trick is the funniest I've ever seen.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who appreciated how hilarious the advertisement was.

One more thing... on my first performance,
since I didn't do the prediction at the end,
I used 5 instead of 4 contestants.
By doing this, yes, I discarded the prediction at the end,
but at the same time I made the overall effect clearer (lie detection)
and more impressive as far as the main "lie dectector" effect goes (5 people instead of 4),
and funnier (because I could ask one or two more funny questions).
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Seems you've terribly missed the entire essence of what MGB is and how it should be performed. Including the powerful final prediction. Waaaay too much magician's thinking going on here. It is a mentalism effect that you diminished to the level of a magic trick which is why you got the exact responses you did and from the changes you did. The changes you've made lost the entire essence of the entire effect. You also performed it as a magician as well.

Other than the sticky ball situation, you should have known all of this before purchasing it. Not sure why you did this then? Effects like this and most mentalism are performer and personality driven. Perhaps the problem wasn't with the effect at all and you should be looking inward at your performance of it as your greatest concern. It's clear to see you performed it right out of the box, without taking to time to master it before attempting to do perform it. Not sure how you can take something so well thought thought and mess it up like this? Then have the golden balls to complain?
George Hunter
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I usually find myself agreeing with Mindpro, but in this instance I'd like to thank Brainbuster for his reflections on his first experiences with performing Mr GB. He identified some flaws in the props and a possible gap in the instructions, and his question about the wisdom of ending a lie detection effect with a prediction worth thinking about.

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I appreciate your thoughts, Mindpro.
Just after the show, especially having interviewed a few of the audience,
I did decide to put the prediction back in.

Fortunately, I have my performance on video.

I agree that mentalism is personality-driven, as you wrote.
From the comments of the audience, they apparently loved my personality (and that was about it).
There was a lot of laughter and a few people after the show asked for my business card (after seeing some close-up stuff).

You said there was too much magicians' thinking my post.
You might've been referring to my simplifying the effect and my attempt to make it logical,
my attempt to present clearly one ability at a time instead of,

"I'm a proficient lie detector. Let me show you. And by the way,
I knew two weeks ago what balls you all would choose!" Wha-?

But I don't think that's what you meant (I'm not a mindpro).

Am I correct in assuming the "magicians' thinking"
you were referring to was my worry that some people might google it?

By "You diminished the effect to the level of a magic trick,"
I think you meant in my own mind, and not how it's perceived.

Certainly my audience didn't perceive a magic trick if all they saw was
my guessing who among 5 men held a gold ball--and even someone commented
after that it would've been pretty easy for anyone to discern the truth-teller.
He also added, "That wasn't magic." On probing, what he meant by "magic," was simply "amazing."
Of course he wasn't commenting on what was magic and what was mentalism.
When I asked him for an example of what he thought would be "magic,"
he said, "Just do anything you showed us [close-up]. Like this [he gestured to the back of my business card on which I had swamied something]."

What I performed was believable if anything.
Given that, no one from the first group (trying to figure out how that "trick" was done)
will be googling it.

You might also have been referring to my use of the word "trick,"
instead of "effect," or "experiment." Sorry about that.

If there has been any recent agreement or conclusion among mentalists
about whether clarity of effect or continuity of skill set
is important to the audience, I have not read it,
as I haven't frequented this site lately (in a year?).
In my personal experience, I am probably incorrect (in this thread)
in my worry that this will be jarring to an audience
so long as you aren't giving a speech on body language or psychological tells.
Ken Dyne
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Just saw this thread - so sorry for my absence.

Here's a few thoughts and updates:

- I am working on a new way of producing the balls as this was a huge issue when producing the sets. I'll keep you updated by email on what and when I have more information on this.

- Regarding the prediction, in my current show I've changed the routine a little again and don't use the trophy. Instead the prediction of the colour of the ball left for me in the bag is one of the many things that is predicted at the very end of the show.

I hope that helps Smile

- K
MR GOLDEN BALLS 2.0:" target="_blank">

BAIRN: Named 'Best Mentalism Product Of 2014 by Marketplace of the Mind is my collection of more than 40 mentalism routines in a beautiful paperback book:
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I love the trailer for this!


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Where can I find more information on this? The link above does not have the actual props or trick listed.
Ken Dyne
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On Sep 24, 2016, o2b2b2 wrote:
Where can I find more information on this? The link above does not have the actual props or trick listed.

Unfortunately I am not able to produce these right now, however I am in talks with a new supplier who will manufacture them to an even higher standard, and the balls will no longer be sticky.

Regarding the issues faced in the performance mentioned I really don't feel that it is fair to judge the effect if you miss out elements of the effect. I highly recommend that you give it another shot but play it as I have worked it over the years. There are small things I learned from the performances I give of this and that is what I have tried to pass on to you.

I have not supplied you with my exact script (and the script is not advertised as included) because honestly it's mine and suits me. Just as my questions don't suit you, my script at every other moment in this routine would not suit you either.

Thank you to Mindpro for your opinions. Those who have seen me lecture this know I am sure will agree it is a powerful routine that adds some bright colour in the middle of a show for me.

When you perform a routine is just as important as the routine itself. For example, if I had 15 mins on stage I would not perform Mr Golden Balls. However in a 60-minute set I do perform it because after a powerful opening and another routine I want to lighten the mood. Just like in the movies, you lighten the mood just before you hit them with your big reveal or emotional climax.

Make them laugh just before you make them cry Smile

I hope this insight is useful in helping you get better reactions from the routine. And am sorry that your first experience was not all you'd hoped for.
MR GOLDEN BALLS 2.0:" target="_blank">

BAIRN: Named 'Best Mentalism Product Of 2014 by Marketplace of the Mind is my collection of more than 40 mentalism routines in a beautiful paperback book:
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For what it's worth MGB is a staple in my theatre shows and I have never had a problem with my bag or sticky balls! Smile
Ken Dyne
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Hi gang, just a heads up that I've had Mr Golden Balls produced again from scratch to an even higher standard.

The new balls are made to a custom size for us in a pool ball factory, and the new bag has a lovely hem along the edges to make this a prop designed to last for hundreds of performances.

They'll be available in limited quantity pretty soon, but I have made a short video to show you what the routine is all about, and even give you a sneak peek at the new set, here if it's of interest:

- K
MR GOLDEN BALLS 2.0:" target="_blank">

BAIRN: Named 'Best Mentalism Product Of 2014 by Marketplace of the Mind is my collection of more than 40 mentalism routines in a beautiful paperback book:
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The link is:

Can't wait for it to be out!
Ken Dyne
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On Mar 14, 2017, wchoo002 wrote:
The link is:

Can't wait for it to be out!

Oh sorry man, that was just a test link, it's been taken down now (not sure how you found it?!). However if you are interested in knowing when it will be released you can use the link I gave:
MR GOLDEN BALLS 2.0:" target="_blank">

BAIRN: Named 'Best Mentalism Product Of 2014 by Marketplace of the Mind is my collection of more than 40 mentalism routines in a beautiful paperback book:
Tony Venetico
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I just ordered it from Penguin yesterday, thinking it was the new one. Is this the new version, Ken? I sure hope so.....
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