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On Jul 12, 2016, danaruns wrote:
Just curious, does anyone know of an actual, real "school" for magic, with an actual curriculum? A kind of real world Hogwarts that gets people ready for a career (such as it is) in magic?

I've taken classes at the Magic Castle's "Magic University." It is not a real school. I've taken classes at Jeff McBride's Magic & Mystery School (both online and in person). It's not a real school either, though Jeff's master class is a transformative experience that I highly recommend even (or especially) for working magicians. But wouldn't it be cool if there was a school where you could get a complete and thorough education in magic, where you learn all the secrets and techniques the right way, and are graduated as a skilled magician with an understanding of history, techniques, theory and business, ready for a career?

Is such a thing economically possible? Surely there is enough interest. There are such schools for music and acting. Why, then, does it not exist for magic?

I do not know about the existence of the school of magic! I think that such schools exist, but these schools are not in all cities. However, the writing lesson is obligatory in every school, and the writing lesson is obligatory in the school of magic too. The writing lesson is a lesson that many schoolchildren do not like, because writing is easy only with the help of the service (which writes my personal statements), but studying how to write correctly is a complicated process without help from this service and without using services that are service. If you find a school of magic, then my recommendation will be useful for you, because you will use this service to get good grades in your school.
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These schools DO in fact exist, but we do not get to learn of their existence, which is highly shrouded in secrecy. Even at the level of expertise and skill as Danaruns, we must spend our days working and practicing and performing in the meagre hope that one day, when we least expect it, there will be that knock at the door requesting our appointment at the School of Magic admissions Council. That hallowed place where only the very select few have ever been graced with seeing the walls from the inside. Or outside, come to mention it. The place where dreams are reality and Magic is more than mere sleight of hand and showmanship, or a trick hawked at the local shop for profit over substance! Where students become Masters of an ageing artform with a rich history and even richer future. Where the real Magic is practiced and honed into excellence far beyond a youtube dreamer's comprehension.
They say only 1 in every 10,000 will ever become one of those Masters. They say the school does not exist.
I prefer that it does and you should, too.
Who knows. You might get that knock one day.
Only if you work hard enough. . .

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Those who think that magic consists of doing tricks are strangers to magic. Tricks are only the crude residue from which the lifeblood of magic has been drained."
- S.H. Sharpe
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Shouldn't that be your magic club? Every new member should have an experienced "god father" or "god mother" who is responsable for your magic education and is working with you. You can't have better feedback than performing in front of fellow magicians and from time to time, when the club is organizing a show for laymen audiences, where you have to proof yourself or at least to check out, what reaction you get.

Reality is unfortunately quite different. At least in Switzerland the philosophy in the clubs is, that nobody is showing or teaching anything (although they demand for you to improve). Why is it not the clubs interesst, that their members improve and get better and learn the good stuff "from the ground"?
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For years I have been willing to mentor younger magicians - different than teaching tricks. (no age limit - just that I am an old fart)
But this requires that they come and meet at my physical location some of the time. They are unwilling to commit to a time, show up at that planned time;
and be prepared for a couple of hours of isolated work on moves, sleights, mannerisms and psychological stratagems.

Of course, some activities can be accomplished by email or Skype. I can guide the learning of sleights/moves from a distance.
But, mentoring is about mastery of self as well as props and sleights.

Plus, a given, agreed "effect" must be mastered before moving on to another (or completely rejected for cause).

So, yes, I can provide a real school at no monetary charge to a person interested in learning magic beyond tricks.

I six years of offering, no one has been willing to pay the price called "commitment" and "diligence."

I quit going to the local Magic Circle because of disability and care=provider issues. But, I have not been motivated to return
because the attitude is "let me show you something I am working on that I bought yesterday, but, no, I don't want to discuss magic."

Back at my first Magic Circle EVERY member had to perform at every meeting. No necessarily a magic effect - could be a story or demonstration of a prop.
Often a Theme was scheduled with several members performing within that venue - and then scheduling a teach-in for members interested.
There was always a contest on a theme for younger members - with prizes donated by the older members.

Thus, general support of "learning magic" was always there - with more focused training and mentoring available for those "ready."

The key is that any "student" should first demonstrate that it is worth the time of the mentor to be involved.

Scotland is far away, Heron, me lad - but I would be happy to communicate with you at some level.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

ShareBooks at * questions at
Dick Oslund
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Hi Ken...

As a teenager, I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 500 MILES from Detroit, and, almost that far from Chicago! My only contact with other teens was Darrell Hammer (Marinette WI 60 miles away) Howard Kahn, (Milwaukee, WI 5 hours by train) Bob Blue, (Iron Mountain, MI another 60 miles away). We corresponded via "3 cent stamps"! and once or twice, we got to meet personally. Darrell, and Howard are now deceased. I lost contact with Bob during the Korean War.

I was able to meet C. Thomas Magrum. Stuart Ross. Roy Mayer, Roy Shrimplin, and Loring Campbell, all school assembly magicians, plus various carnival and circus sideshow magicians, like Herman Suss. Buzz Worth, Red Friend, plus several whose names, I've forgotten.

Roy Mayer, Clem Magrum, and Stuart Ross and I would correspond by mail.

Except for library books, the above were either my fellow learners, or mentors, until I joined the Navy at 19, and was sent to Norfolk, VA.

There, I met the owner of EdMar Magic Shop, and "got" an agent who booked me club dates. (As Sophocles had said,a few thousand years before, I was learning by "doing the thing"! Of course, studying TARBELL, had helped!

That agent booked club dates which provided an opportunity to gain experience. --and, the club date fees allowed me to send my Navy pay checks home to the bank for 3 1/2 years. I lived on the show money!

In later years. I have been a mentor to about a dozen young men who are now full time professionals! I also mentored Doug Hennning, Bob McAllister, and Chuck Windley. They all did well as full timers, although now deceased.

Maybe if there had been a "school", I might have done better! (hee hee)
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Not sure if it's any good but Penn and teller have some online classes
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Hehe. Dick!That's quite a list. I'm bookmarking this page for future reference of those others you mentioned...
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Those who think that magic consists of doing tricks are strangers to magic. Tricks are only the crude residue from which the lifeblood of magic has been drained."
- S.H. Sharpe
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