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Jamie D. Grant
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Heya Everyone!

Wow, where did that year go?! Well, here we are and I think it's safe to say we're all excited to be here! So let's get started! Before we officially get rolling, let me say that I am happy and honoured to host/moderate yet another year. I'm going through a big move for Jan.01 (from a big city to a small one) so I won't be doing too much updating until that first week in January. Luckily I can copy and paste the rules from previous years and I trust everyone to take part, have fun, and make this awesome for all of us! Good luck!!

I'd also like to say that the Book of the Year thread usually gets the most "hate". I wish I could explain why, but every year there is some sort of drama or negativity that I do my best to try and avoid. I'm a bit older now, though, and realize that I can't, no matter what I do, so I'll just say that this thread is meant to be joyous, celebratory, and fun. That's it. If it offends you, if you don't agree, or if you just hate the idea of it- I have no right to tell you those feelings aren't valid. I just ask that you leave those of us here that don't feel that way to carry on our merry way. I hope we can agree that that's the best course for all of us.

Alright, let's go!

Hiya Gang!

Without further ado...

It's that time of year! Who will win The Tarbell for 2016?!

What is your favourite book that was released in 2016?

Please submit up to 3 entries and we'll tally them up on Feb.01.



And, gang, I know firsthand how much of an impact this thread will have on someone's life. Seriously. The prestige from this little thread will drive their sales through the roof. So please let's take this seriously, say nothing but nice things, and have fun! We're going to change someone's life!


If you follwed the Trick Of The Year thread last year, things got a little bit complicated. What started out as a fun thread between pals several years ago has turned into a HUGE event and, you know what? That's a good thing! It shows that the art of magic is alive and well and that we're all passionate about it!! I think next year we might end up going to some sort of panel judging but, for this last year, we'll keep it to the old voting system one final time and see how we do. That said, to help reduce drama (we can never eliminate it, I'm afraid) let's try and keep to the following...

Vote with Book Title and the Writer Name. Please submit 3 Entries(if you're able).

If you have been selected and want to encourage your pals to take part...

You must have 50+ posts on the Magic Café for your vote to count. If you're new, that gives you over 2 months to join in the community and share in our passion.

It is impossible to police or enforce a "no asking your clients, friends, etc to vote" rule and, personally, I think it's silly to ask people not to share their excitement. How can you have a contest if you're not allowed to talk about it?! On that note, I ask that you please...

Don't offer financial incentives.
Encourage people to vote for 3, if possible (I know it's harder to find 3 books in a single year than an effect) not just one.
Limit the number of your announcements to 3 times.

I trust people (perhaps that's a fault, lol) but I also trust the voting public to choose what they truly feel is the best and not just what soemone tells them to do.

Lastly, this is a thread for JOY. Let me be clear- HAPPINESS! Any post that is not a vote or is something positive, I will ask for it to be deleted. There are other places on the Café (Right or Worng) for political disussions. But they won't be here.

Sweet Marie- wish me luck (I mean for moderating this thread), lol...



2000: no voting took place
2001: no voting took place
2002: no voting took place
2003: no voting took place
2004: no voting took place
2005: Dear Mr Fantasy, John Bannon
2006: Power Plays, Mike Power
2007: Session/547, Joshua Jay
2008: Approaching Magic, David Regal
2009: Magic: 1400s to 1950s, Mike Cavenry
2010: One Degree, John Guastaferro
2011: Researching
2012: Luca Volpe, Emotional Mentalism
2013: The Approach, by Jamie D. Grant
2014: A Piece of My Mind, by Michael Murray
2015: The Black Project, by Looch
TRICK OF THE YEAR: Industrial Revelation, BOOK OF THE YEAR: The Approach, The AIP Bottle, and my new book Scenic 52, can all be found over here:
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1. The Jerx, Volume 1
2. Pit Hartling: In Order to Amaze
3. Jack Parker's 52 Memories, second (revised) edition by A. Gladwin.
Joe Roberts
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1. The Jerx, Volume 1 - Andy
2. Handsome Jack, Etc - John Lovick
3. Secrets of So Sato - So Sato and Richard Kaufman
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1. Faro Poetry - Nicolas Pierri
2. Mentalissimo - John Bannon
Cancer Sux - It is time to find a Cure

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The Secrets Of So Sato - Richard Kaufman

The Aretalogy Of Vanni Bossi - Stephen Minch

Mentalissimo - John Bannon
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1. Handsome Jack - John Lovick
2. Mentalissimo - John Bannon
3. Secrets of So Sato - So Sato and Richard Kaufman
Craig Logan
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1. Asymptotes by Ben Blau
2. V by Manos
"A wizard is not to be made in a day." -Professor Hoffmann (Modern Magic)
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I feel slightly guilty with my nominations as I helped with all three books, but, that aside I have based my choices on the content of each and in no particular order, they are............

1. Harpacrown by Mark Chandaue.
2. The Intrepid Rogue's Manual of Deception by Atlas Brookings.
3. V by Manos Kartsakis.
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1. The Jerx, Volume 1
2. Blomberg Laboratories

Anthony Black
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Tamworth - Albion
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Only two for me this year.

1) Devil May Care - Iain Dunford
2) Mel Mellers - The Travelling Trickster
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1. The Jerx, Volume 1 - Andy
2. 52 Memories - Jack Parker
3. In Order to Amaze - Pit Hartling
Tom G
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1. 52 Memories - Jack Parker
2. Mentalissimo - John Bannon
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Ninth Circle, Hades
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The Intrepid Rogue's Manual of Deception by Atlas Brookings

I also came across a new book that looks promising..Practical Mental Effects or something.
I think it may have some longevity about it Smile
Not one usable effect in the book of course...

Let the games begin lol.

Look for all the world like you're counting the brain cells in his cranium.

-Theodore Annemann
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1. The Jerx Volume 1 by Andy
2. Harpacrown by Mark Chandaue
3. The Intrepid Rogue's Manual of Deception by Atlas Brookings
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Ninth Circle, Hades
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Ok, I'm getting the distinct impression that I really need to checknout The Jerx...
A theme is already emerging Smile
Look for all the world like you're counting the brain cells in his cranium.

-Theodore Annemann
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Austin, TX
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Profile of sgtgrey
1. In Order to Amaze - Pit Hartling
2. Stand Up Card Magic - Roberto Giobbi
3.Secrets of So Sato - So Sato and Richard Kaufman
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Profile of Cardguy52
1. The Jerx Volume 1 by Andy
2. In Order to Amaze by Pit Hartling
Michael Zarek
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Profile of Michael Zarek
1. The Jerx Volume 1 by Andy
2. Harpacrown by Mark Chandaue
3 Jhana by Watkins
Reader discretion is advised.
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Profile of TRI6KED
1. Faro Poetry - Nicolas Pierri
2. In Order To Amaze - Pit Hartling
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Profile of magicthree
1. Mentalissimo-John Bannon
2. Faro Poetry-Nicolas Pierri
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