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There's no better feeling,
then feeling good,
after you've been feeling bad. 😊

hey folks,
I hope everybody is out on the right side of bed,
this year.
It's been a slow-going for us,,.
smiles and warm thoughts.

Let's begin with the 'warm thoughts'.
"How do you know Winter has 'arrived'?"
it's cold outside AND your heater breaks(!).
{fixing the heater,...weekend fun.}

I'd like to share a story,..
a smile,.
I'm going to start at 'the end'
{this is actually a little film. give it a second to upload.}
(i'm learning to get film 'processed',..
we hope to get more 'up'.)

The streets of Germany,..Western Europe are changing,..
"For the worse?",.. "For the better?",..
'Answers', 'Explainations', 'Understandings'; to this question don't help.
The language barrier is a mile high.
The 'cultural understanding of humour,..entertainment,...Art',
is being put thru the mixer.
The speed is ever increasing,..
the fears, as well.

Our 'standard Show' hit the rocks.
We were not allowed to set up in several towns,
due to "fear of terrorist acts",...
Gathering audiences is to be avoided.

After a couple of blind-pride inspired runs against the wall..
we calmed a bit;
and took a logical approach.
,...got drunk for three days..
inspired by some of the 'greats',
we thought,
"...a quick set, in-and-out Show. No language.
Magic. Sound. Smile."

Here's the plan:
We'd make a small light-weight piano,
(hmmm?,..small,..light-weight piano??,!)
Play music from the 'romantic period',..
Beethoven, Chopin,...Brahms,..
'universally beautifull'.
And top it off with a cherry of Magic(!).
,...little tip-bits thrown in-between and during.
(nothing verbal...)

1sr Stepp:
The piano.
The idea was, to grab an old piano,
cut it in half,..
go from 7 1/2 octavs to 4.
Pull the cast iron frame out of it,...
re-string it with only one string per note,..
verse the 'nomal' three.
Make a 'pian-ini',..🙃

"Ah Monika, give me a good week,..."

We sawed,.. https://flic.kr/p/QVxbdc
We grinded,... https://flic.kr/p/R71DiV
We fummeled,... https://flic.kr/p/QVxbcv
We took every space possible,.. https://flic.kr/p/QSQKWu
Sometimes, we were down right confused,.. https://flic.kr/p/QVxbbP
Piece by piece,.. https://flic.kr/p/PPHCNy
String by string,.. https://flic.kr/p/PPHCNo
,..we got it together,.(!),.. https://flic.kr/p/QSQKVY
,..only to find,
it didn't fit out the door. https://flic.kr/p/QSQKW9

(hey, this was god's way of telling me to practise some more!)

Eventually,... https://flic.kr/p/QSQKVC
,..i admitt,
in this moment,
i was SAD we got it out the door(!).
(Fear is a strong emotion,..)

I went out and 'played',..
'practised' the music,
on walker-by-ers.
Monika is putting her silks thru the works.
We hope to play together, in a week's time.

Until then:
the heater IS fixed(!)
And we're still going for it(!)

Hey guys,
I'll try to keep stuff up,
as it comes out,..
kinda like a 'toilet report' (🙂).
Keep going for it yourselves!
As crazy and as fast and as controlled as things are becoming,..
folks really need US,..
more then ever.
It's true.
smiles and warm thoughts,

p.s.: ,..and keep your partners happy!
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Boston, MA
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Profile of MVoss
This is amazing. Such a good idea too. How does it sound as compared to a normal piano? Did your reworking it effect the acoustics much? I don't know enough about pianos but that is fascinating.
D. Yoder
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Fascinating story. I am looking forward to the next segment of the story.
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Profile of Kyoki_Sanitys_Eclipse
Agreed. You always share wonderful stories and I love hearing them. One day I will share mine with you and maybe someday my wife and I will be able to visit
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Profile of Devious
You & Moni better get ur asses down 2 San Diego cabron free room n board.
Devious Deceptions
"Gadol Elohai!"
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Profile of gallagher
Finding comfort, is the Wander's danger.
,....Nöö danger in sight! 🙃

We parked between 'thaw and freeze'.
"If your Audiences don't get 'cha,
the Weather will!"

Actually, I rolled it out today.
"Over the puddles and thru the woods,
to grand-mother's house,..."
The wind put a rest to my hopes,
...I guess they were too high(!).

If your audience isn't comforatable,...
The cold and the rain are the obvious;
..but that old wind.
The answer,
isn't "blowin' in the wind."
The answer lays, in the palm of the calme.

Still, practice.
In from of a 'potential audience',..
it was threatening enough
to make the lower cheeks quench.
It comes. 👍

MVoss: "...compared to a normal piano?"
Monika says,
"You cut too much bass out,
now it sounds 'treble'."
I admitt, it's different!
Because of only one string per note,
the string,..note,.. 'sings' longer.
Kind of a 'harp' sound.
I like it!
Because of missing octaves,
certain music doesn't work.
(boogie woogie,...heavy Beethoven or Liszt.)
But, funny enough,
Mozart and Bach wrote almost only 4 octave pieces.
The 15 songs I'm working out have all been somewhat 'cut',
to fit them into the four octaves.

It's also quieter,..
a peacefull voice.
I like the idea,
'smaller and quieter',
in this day and age.
It's a nice feel.

On the Streets,
Folks have talked with me about 'it'.
I've been spinning the yarn of it being a 'pian-ini',
['Klav-ini', in German.]
from the company "Kleinway and Daughter"
"...only 47 built. Maybe 8 still exist..."
We love stories(!).

The weather's turning 'downwards', however.
Forecast is in the 20's,...
not much of a chance to attract,
a 'reasonible' audience.

if the boat were leaving tomorrow,...!

I'll keep in touch.
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Boston, MA
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Profile of MVoss
Ahh, that's fascinating. In the long run, the easier transportation, unique sound, and fun story with it could very well prove to be a benefit. I'll be very curious to hear (haha) how well it turns out when the weather is better. Such a unique idea. Thanks for the information.
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Profile of jakeg
Ed Wynn, (vaudeville, burlesque, and early t.v. comic great) ) put ut his upright on a 3 wheel bike frame, and would peddle it around the stage as he played. Might be on YouTube, I didn't check.
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Profile of Ish70
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Profile of gallagher
Hey Jake and Ish, thanks for that information(!),
..and film clip!
Man, that was wonderfull. 😊
What a great piano,....!

Dinah Shore.
My father,
a tight lipped,
tight pocketed,
....'kids in the church every Sunday'
,...tuesday, thursday,..friday..;
When he was a little 'loose',
he would swoon about Dinah Shore(!).
,.....only her 'musical talents',
of course.,...
(My mother, sometimes growled,
..under her breath. 😁)
I grew up hearing him sing all of her songs.
It was a nice film clip, to see.
Rolling my Piano out there,
next time,
will REALLY have more meaning!
...funny how things come around.

We're still sitting on our thumbs.
-4*C, in the daytime,..
-,.... - me(!), at night.
Monika has to walk the dog,...cold!

the forecast is looking promising!
This weekend,...+3(!).
Next week,...+8(!!).
,....i'm not looking at the 'rain probablity,...

We're using our time productively, though.
,...brat apples.

,....a waggon gets small,
when you haven't 'played',
in a couple of weeks,...
and your Lady makes the whipped cream...

, . . . . . . . . . . . .

Street Performing,...
any performance;
there's sö much more to it,
then 'the Stage',
'the Show',
and 'the Hat'.
Often, we forget 'the Brat Apples'.
,....i speak from experience.
....it's a mistake.
Remember 'the Brat Apples'.
,..thick warm socks,
...cold lemonade, in the summer,
...roasted marshmellows.
And what Dinah Shore sang,
"Drink your tea, with two."

I've got to practice!

Folks, thanks for the film clip(!),
...thanks for reading, wondering, and smiling with(!). 🙃

keep the toes warm,
....and out of your partner's range,
when they're whipping the cream.
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Profile of gallagher
1st of Feb. '17 Herford

Before things get too wushed in the memory,
I'll try catching up.

I've been playing,
'my half' of the Show,
for the past three weeks.
Slipping in and out of the cold days.
Getting lucky with some sun(!). 😊
Sun,..and nö wind,
these are the keys.

The orderly towne of Bielefeld,
demanded a 'permit'.
I had to 'audition'.

I played three notes,
four gentlemen yelled,
"Stop!,...we can't take any more!!"
,.....and gave me the covetted paper(!).
(The first public record of 'the Klavini Show'!)

Today, Herford.
Before a 'new piece' "works",
every possible mistake must be experienced.
Three weeks behind me,
I thought I could laugh about most.

We often believe;
we can imagine,
"....every possible mistake."
(This, is probably our biggest mistake. 🙃)

Who could have imagined this?
A leg breaks off, of my stuhle.
While I'm sitting, on it.
Striking, the opening chord to Beethoven's 'Moonshine Sonata'.
The back leg.
I slowly tip backwards.
Sitting, on a slightly raised staged;
my weight levers the Pian-ini towards me(!),..
..WITH ME(!!).
In slow motion,
the whole contraption tips foreward, on top of me.
I hit the basket standing behind me,
....coins fly everywhere.
I'm left, lying on the ground,
with the piano a top of me. 🙃

Two refugees look down at me,
and say,
"Alles klar, man?"
Five or six old ladies behind me,
scramble like chickens,
picking up my scattered pennys.

I'm not sure what Beethoven was up to.

{Gives new meaning to "break a leg".}

. . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . ö. . . . .. . . . . . ä .. . .. . .



Tomorrow, sun and nö wind,...
you know where to find me. 🙂

p.s.: Saturday,....
hee hee heee,...I just lovvvve 'plans'(!).
Saturday, we're going to play both pieces 'together'.
The Magic,...
and the Music.

I'm mean,
"What else can go wrong?"

Have a good one!
,...I 'plan' the same. 🙃
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Profile of Ish70
Two things:
First, I am so sorry: both for what happened and for the fit of laughter I just had imagining it!
Second, God bless your moxy to keep at it! Well done, brave sir!
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Profile of gallagher
"If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't get the joke."
Thanks Ish,
I like that. 😋

After fixing 'my leg', on Thursday;
I packed it up and rolled 'the beast' out again,
on Friday.

I carry a little notebook,
in my vest breast pocket.
If a good idea comes my way,
...a thought, a smile, an inspiration, a despiration,..
Or, if I simply need something to hide behind,
in a Café,..
I pull it out and write.
,....if I manage finding the little pen,
that wanders.

Before going out on Friday,
I wrote,.
"I'm where I want to be,-----
doing what I want to do.
Does it get 'better' ?"

After playing Friday,
before going to bed;
I continued writing,..
"And it was the WRONG place,----
and the WRONG thing(!)."

Herford had no interest,
or need(!),
for me,
on Friday!
It was a fight,...
with no opponent.

,...was it 'them'?

I had the feeling,
maybe I wasn't strong enough, yet;
'demand it'.
Create it.

Too tired to drive anywhere else;
I practised,
Washed and shaved.
We slept out the night,
in silence.

Saturday DID arrive.
I packed 'the Beast' out again,..
Before rolling into towne,
I thought to myself,
"What I need today, is the feeling of a smile.
I need a smile.
---- from, someone.
---- for, someone."

And, I remembered a thought,
from years back.
"Snatch beauty from the absurd,....Magic."

Rolling into towne,
the streets still pretty empty;
the first guy who I crossed ways with,
was a Police Officer,
walking his beat.
He could have been the brother of an oak tree(!).
He tipped his hat.
Wished me, "...a good day".

I went right to the busiest corner,..(!)
where absolutely NÖ Romantic Pianist is needed,..(!!)
and set up.

One song,....smiles.
Two songs,...slight applause.
Three songs,....tingle. tingle. tingle.

I stayed out 'till 5 o'clock.
Played three Shows.
Rounded up about every nickel and dime in towne. 🙂
Went home happy and tired.

After rolling our 'fortune' (€87.63 😅),
I pulled the little notebook out again,
finishing the original thought:
"I guess, though, the freedom,
the freedom,---is what makes it great.
A bird in the sky,
cannot imagine the cage.
A fish, running a stream,-----
the fish bowl.

"Find the 'moments'.
the 'spaces'.

"Don't force."

"It's all about bringing something out of ourselves.
Sharing it."

"Release the fear,...
to fail."

It is absurd,
what we do. 🙃
on the Streets,..
our Audiences,
our Rewards,...


p.s.: Weather forecast: one week of really cold,...
sounds like 'warm bed snuggling'(!)
Life's good!
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Profile of jakeg
You are following a tradition that's probably older than written history. People are still talking about the Moses water trick.
D. Yoder
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Life is always good when there is warm bed snuggling. Having "money enuff" helps to.
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Tuesday, the 7th.
Sitting in a Tourist Information,
in Bad Salzuflen,...
FREE Internet(!).
The weather forecast hit.
(Somehow, they're ALWAYS right(!), when it comes to rain, snow, cold, and blizzard!)

Practising, in our waggon, the cabin-fever set in;
I headed out.
We've landed in a little spa towne, for folks with respitory problems.
There are walls of branches 50 feet high(!),
with salt water pumped to the top,..
running down through them.
Folks sit in front of them,
and breath the 'sea air'.

hee hee heee.
Wait 'til the weather turns(!).

I'm writing, though,
to pass on a poem.
On cold winter nights,
sometimes romantic airy poems,
are just what we need,.. 😊.
a bottle of whiskey and two hot babes...!
(A good poem, leads a man to dream! 🙃)

Have a good night folks,

Song of the Open Road, IV
(Walt Whitman)
The earth expanding right hand and left hand,
The picture alive, every part in its best light,
The music falling in where it is wanted, and stopping where it is not wanted,
The cheerful voice of the public road, the gay fresh sentiment of the road.

O highway I travel, do you say to me, "Do not leave me?"
Do you say, "Venture not—if you leave me you are lost?"
Do you say, "I am already prepared, I am well-beaten and undenied, adhere to me?"

O public road, I say back, "I am not afraid to leave you, yet I love you,"
You express me better than I can express myself,
You shall be more to me than my poem.

I think heroic deeds were all conceiv’d in the open air, and all free poems also,
I think I could stop here myself and do miracles,
I think whatever I shall meet on the road I shall like, and whoever beholds me shall like me,
I think whoever I see must be happy
Nala Nosmoht
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Surrey,B.C. Canada,
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Profile of Nala Nosmoht
Thank for that post Gallagher, enjoy the road ahead, you don't know what's just around the corner.
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