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What tricks requiring a fully setup deck (say, 2/3rds or more of the deck, preferably the whole deck, though) do you think are strong enough that you actually have made a deck for yourself to practice that trick with and/or carry it around to perform?

For me, so far I have special decks for:

Asi Wind's ACAAN
Ortiz's Ultimate Cardshark
Aronson's Simon-Eyes

And then of course standard memorized decks in various anti-faros.

Are there any others you all really like?

I'm considering Aronson's Worker Bees and his Suit Yourself, as well as Bannon's Dead Recknoning.
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Goody Two Choose from Apocalypse bound volume 1 (I think) is a powerful trick when done well.
Sari Atassi
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Don't overlook the Svengali/Reverse Svengali and the Stripper Decks

You can do miracles with them if set right Smile
It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. ~ Mark Twain
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Intuition- Trost
Lie Detector- Trost
A Tribute to Dunninger- Swain
Self Evident- Regal
Shocked- Swain
Faro Blockbuster- Lorayne
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Brainwave deck is nice. I also carry around an extra red backed card with blue deck. That extra card is handy for a multitude of tricks, and not just Chicago Opener/Surprise. Lynn
Gerald Deutsch
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I posted this on the Perverse Magic thread of the Genii Forum on March 1, 2007

Perverse Ambitions Card


1 The magician has a card selected (say the 6C) and shuffled back into the deck and when he riffles the deck the 6C comes up to the top. The selected card is buried back into the deck and it again comes to the top. The magician cuts the deck and shows that the 6C can appear anywhere he wants.

2 “It’s so simple,” the magician explains. “No one would suspect that a magician would use a deck with all cards the same.” As he shows all the cards are the 6C. He puts the deck on the table.

3 “Look, you can really make this dramatic,” he says. “Give me a number from 1 to 10.” The spectator does and the magician tells the spectator to count that number and there is – not the 6C but the KH!

The magician is puzzled. He looks at the next card – a KH. He spreads the deck – all KH. No 6C! He is completely bewildered.
Aaron Smith Magic
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Invisible Deck and In a Flash
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John Kennedy's Mind Power Deck is a must for me. It might be a one trick pony but it is such a strong effect. Especially if you have the pocket space for Derren Brown's "Smoke" handling
When a magician lets you notice something on your own, his lie becomes impenetrable
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Invisible Deck and a deck set up for the Butterfly Effect. I always have a red card on the bottom of my performing deck for Red Hot Mamma.
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~Daniel J. Boorstin
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Si Stebbins' stack. (For Mr. entity's WONDERFUL ACAAN. Again, I Thank You, Sir! Smile )
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On Feb 4, 2017, avasatu wrote:
I'm considering Aronson's Worker Bees and his Suit Yourself, as well as Bannon's Dead Recknoning.

Dead Reckoning for sure.
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Steinmeyer's Khardova Deck
Craig Petty's Wipeout / Caleb Wiles' Holy Blank
Caleb Wiles' Automatic Card Trick
Mathieu Bich's Spreadwave
An Ultimate Marked Deck
Mnenoica Stack

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- Brainwave or Invisible Deck (whichever you prefer)
- In a Flash
- Marked (I use the Wilder)
- Sometimes carry a mirage which I prefer over a Svengali

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it"...J.M. Barrie
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My "every day carry" deck is a deck stacked in mnemonica with two duplicates on top. I can go right into T&R, a trick that requires a stack, or something else that destroys the stack. The flexibility is nice. If I'm actually using the stack, it's for one of:

- Asi Wind's AACAAN
- Ortiz's Card Sense
- Mnemonicosis (from Tamariz's Mnemonica)
- The "pick 5 cards and then I'll divine what they are" trick that David Blaine did on Jimmy Fallon and in that Cambridge Union video. I have no idea what this trick is called or who came up with it, but I worked out a handling of it that I *really* like. It's one of the strongest things I do

If I'm going to do T&R, I'll do that first, which uses the dupes. If I'm not going to use them, I'll "remove the jokers" and really just ditch the dupes.
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I'm not a big card guy but do love dabbling a bit with them. There's a lot out there to choose from but I don't like carrying a lot besides a few coins and small close-up stuff.

When I do carry a deck nowadays, I carry only one...the "DMC Elites Deck," there's so much you can do with it besides also being able to use it as just a regular deck...Throw in a double-backer and or an extra QH, and you're ready for bear out there! Smile

And whats good about it, as opposed to carrying another wonderful deck like, The Invisible Deck, is that you can do all sorts of card tricks with it as a regular deck where specs can shuffle and handle the cards. Or, you can use the dup-card, or that DB when you want, and go do a lot of other good stuff. Smile

*Oh, and as to a great trick that warrants carrying this deck, well, there are so many, but I really like an old one I came across called, "ACAAN...Almost." Just devilish! Smile
*Check out my latest: MBs Morgan w/ BONUS: Destiny, Copper Silver INC, Double Trouble, FlySki, Crimp Change - REDUX!, and other fine magic at Smile

"Believe in YOU, and you will see the greatest magic that ever was." -Mb Smile
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I always bring 2 decks to a gig, just in case (spilled drinks, food and such). Thankfully I've never had to use the extra deck but as a plus it's always in Mnemonica stack and is of a different color giving me some flexibility for a Chicago Opener/Red Hot mama presentation. I don't use gimmicked cards (personal preference). That being said, if I'm just walking around casually, one deck is fine.
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I don't know. I haven't carried a deck of cards around for 20 years. I have a wallet and stuff in the wallet. But no decks of cards.

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Wayne Fox 52221
greig ewen
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Invisible Deck, Mem Deck and Triple Intuition by Dani Daortiz, don't carry them all at the same time, but all three are killer in the right situation

Greig. Smile
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Wow! Not a single vote for Get sharky?!?!!?
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