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Peter McMillan
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After looking at his site and seeing several products that seem to be the same as the Stainless Steel Blindfold and Sharpie Coin Bend I am asking if he is a supplier of the original products or making his own version.

The prices are quite a bit lower than the originals. I purchased the Quantum Bender from John T Sheets at Jeff McBrides Magic & Mystery school at a discount that was still more than what Clark is offering it for.

So what are we looking at when dealing with James L Clark products?
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John T. Sheets
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The knock offs are a poor attempt to copy and/or imitate the original QB2, and NOT the newly improved QB3. However, the knock offs are still an inferior imitation of the QB2 reguardless. They're inferior in many ways, including craftsmanship, engineering design, leverage, machining specs and tolerances, and quality of materials.

The QB3s are now better, stronger, and more universal than ever before! The QB3 has been GREATLY improved over the original QB and QB2, making it the BEST in the series. The QB3 has the best quality, materials, features, and leverage yet. The high quality materials and extra design elements like the rubber bumper/slot extender, the "Quantum-Quick Touch" key bend/twist feature, the larger range of coin sizes, and the proprietary Pivoting Joint are just some of the things that makes it the BEST real time bender for many obvious, and not so obvious reasons.

Here, I'll break it down into further details....

The QB3's are CNC machined to 100,000th of an inch, with absolute precision (they're machined by a shop that makes aircraft landing gear parts for the US Navy). The QB3s are machined out of high quality stainless steel, and will never rust. The famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. is a 630-foot monument built out of stainless steel to last virtually forever.

The knock offs are NOT machined the same, making these devices slow, sloppy, and clumsy! Not only are they made of cheap inferior materials, but the joints are sloppy, and have wide spaces and gaps, as the measurements and leverage is NOT the same. The knock offs are made of cheap cold rolled steel which also rusts very easily. I actually saw a knock off that had rust right out of the box!

The QB3s are painstakingly finished by hand. They're epoxy coated twice, to ensure a strong bond for the paint to adhere, and then it’s baked on to make it last longer. They're painted with two coats of baked on paint, then decaled, and clear coated twice. This insures that they've got a top quality finish. The knock offs use cheap paint (which appears to be only one coat), with NO epoxy coating!

The QB3 can bend a larger range of foreign and domestic coins than the previous models, this also includes the knock offs. The QB3 can bend foreign and domestic coins that range in size from a US Dime, up thru the size of a US GOLD DOLLAR coin! The knock offs CANNOT bend this large range of coins!

The QB3 also includes the "Quantum Quick Touch" key bending feature, which allows for super fast and effortless key bending and twisting, in the easiest possible manner. The knock offs do NOT have this feature!!

The pivoting joint on the QB3 has also been improved, as it's been strengthened with a wider center post, added chamfers and radiuses, and a stronger ROLL pin made of heat treated carbon steel (a roll pin is superior to a standard pin, as it creates outward spring tension, which keeps it in place). The knock offs do NOT have this type of pin making this a huge improvement!

The QB3 also includes a "slot extender" or rubber "bumper" which pushes the coin forward, making it even easier to hold the coin in the correct position during the bend. The knock offs do NOT have this feature!

There's also NO magnets to pinch your skin, and again, it's made of high quality stainless steel, which means that it won't rust, or accidentally stick to PK rings.

Over the years, not only has the QB device been improved, but now includes the new QB3-DVD, which is packed with a TON of original information. I believe that this DVD holds tremendous value as well, and I'm sure many would agree. It includes amazing routines, eye popping revelations, psychology, misdirection techniques, handling techniques, practice tips, variations, guest contributions, and much, much more! I feel that the QB3-DVD is a HUGE asset to the QB3 device, and is a true wealth of information! The knock offs do NOT include this DVD!

The QB3 also comes with a lifetime warranty, and a warranty card which can be found included within the QB3 packaging. It comes with this, even though you probably won't ever need it, as it's built to last a lifetime, if not, for SEVERAL lifetimes! Again, the QB3 is built of high quality stainless steel and heat treated carbon steel. The famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. is a 630-foot monument built out of stainless steel to last virtually forever.

The QB3's are now priced at an incredible low price compared to the original QB/QB2, as I've decided to take a loss in profit and provide a much better quality product, at a better value to the customer, as well as including the new DVD which is packed with TONS of original and extra information. I did this because I'd rather see performers use top quality equipment instead of using cheap knocked off junk. I'm a strong believer that you do get what you pay for, and the cheap copies are just that, inferior imitations just trying to fake it, to take your money!

The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that I've invested into the Quantum Bender project over the years is unmeasurable. I've spent countless hours on the development of concept, creation of the design and device, prototyping, engineering, machining, honing the cosmetic exterior process, making custom decals, the handling and routining, the creation of video content, shooting and editing the DVD, custom packaging, and all the other things that people don't see. Not to mention that after the machining process, each unit is assembled and then painstakingly finished by hand! So, as you can see, it has consumed a large part of my life, and it's pretty sad to see that some people feel the need to sell cheap knock offs.

I truly appreciate all of you who do the right thing and support the original creators and artists!

The Quantum Bender is the original, and after all these years, yes, it's still the BEST! Many top professionals in the industry agree, and continue to use and endorse the Quantum Bender over any other! -Here's a partial list of just some of the endorsements from a few of the top professionals in the industry, who all LOVE the "Quantum Bender 3".....

- "John T. Sheets has, once again, created real magic" -David Blaine

- "Just a miracle, just pure magic" -Yif Wang

- "It's the VERY BEST coin bender out there, Quantum Bender totally rocks!" -Jeff McBride

- "I never, EVER do magic without Quantum Bender in my back pocket. It's one of the most POWERFUL effects possible, and it's made to last a lifetime! -Joshua Jay

- "I love Quantum Bender 3.0. This is the best signed coin bend period." -Tim Trono

- "The term 'reputation-maker' is often bandied about, but few things deserve this label more than John T. Sheets' QB3. Don't let the price fool you. It's a killer routine, quality product and the customer service is second to none." -Dan Garrett

- "I absolutely love it and extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to John T. Sheets for making these incredible utility devices available. There is no comparison OR competition/equal in my opinion and experience." -Jerome Finley

-“I LOVE it! …Thank you!” -Bob Cassidy

- "The Quantum Bender makes us maladjusted social misfit magic geeks look like powerful superheroes....cape not included" -Gregory Wilson

- "I have been a big fan of John T Sheets Quantum Bender from the beginning! I have used Quantum Bender 1 then 2 and now I'm very impressed with 3! They're all "Workhorses" in the real world! I have used it in every condition and it always gets a huge reaction... You CAN'T get that with any other effect!... Use only the Best!" -Ray Lum

- "Get ready to fall in love again! Quantum Bender 3 is destined to be the finest bender ever created, and the new enhancements up the ante with features pros will love. QB3 is a masterpiece of high-tech design and it is the most powerful effect that I do. This isn't just a bender - it is a religion." -Brett Barry

- "John's bender is sick! Let me explain... It bends BORROWED coins in real time, using a device we all carry anyway. This tool is worth THOUSANDS of dollars to the professional performer." -Nathan Kranzo

- "With all the new coins out today, you can forget about coin bending unless the coin is signed. The Quantum Bender works smoothly and easily and leaves your spectator with a physical memento. Every time they look at it, or show it to a friend, they are reminded of your magical abilities. What more could any performer ask for?" -Danny Archer

- "If it's possible, John has taken a winner (in the original Quantum Bender) and made it better. The design changes in this new model make the working even more sure fire and easier than ever. If you want to be able to take any borrowed coin and bend it right under your spectators noses, there is simply no better way than the new and improved Quantum Bender." -Mark Strivings

You may read more about this subject in this thread here....

You may also read more information about the QB3 here.....

I hope this helps!

See the "Quantum Bender 3.0" trailer here...

See my Dove Act here...

See the "Energy Bender" trailer here...

See the "Table of Death" in Las Vegas trailer here...
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James Clark is an outcast of the magic community and I (personally) would never send him a penny... for anything he has copied and sells.

I've tried his copy a few years ago and there is a difference - a huge difference.

The QB3 is the best prop I own. Period.
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I actually purchased one from Clark for evaluation purposes a few years back to conserve my QB2's because they were no longer being manufactured, QB3 had not been announced and the future of the effect seemed uncertain. What I received looked horrible which I could live with considering it was hardly seen during performance. The main issue was the cheap, inferior quality materials. It actually snapped in two at the pivot point during performance one night because of the cheap joint pin used. Sure, I could have had the pin replaced but why bother at that point? Instead, I threw it in the trash where it belongs. I've owned 2 original QB2's for years and they still look the way they did when I first received them. Even after hundreds of real world performances. From personal experience, Clark's rip-off is a real piece of $hit. Do yourself a favor and accept no substitutes because you will regret it. Support the creator dnd insist on this first class original as nothing else comes even close in comparison. Today, there is absolutely no reason to even consider alternatives given the relatively; ridiculously low price for a product vastly superior by design.
Peter McMillan
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St. George, Utah
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As an Navy Aviation Mechanic Structural in air frames for 21 years, I can vouch for the superior materials as well as the expert craftsmanship. John T. has created a prop for a lifetime of performance.

I started this post to make sure the site in question was just what it appears to be, something to stay away from and shun.
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