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Las Vegas bar magician Frank Zak ( has recently released a CD version of his lecture notes, and has included several Linking Ring columns on the disc as well. You get a single disc with seven pdf files plus Adobe Acrobat. Here is a complete listing of the tricks on this disc:

On the Boards lecture notes

The Dice Game - 2 in the hand, 1 in the pocket, using dice. I love this simple routine, and use it all the time. Audiences love it too.

Power of Observation - a quarter changes to a half dollar and back to a quarter. Simple and direct - fun to perform.

Pen and Cap - simple presentation for Dave Williamson's strike vanish.

Let's Make a Deal - borrowed bill is found inside a Lippincot box.

Trapdoor - nice rendition of the classic salt shaker and dollar bill effect.

Flim Flim Flam - borrowed bill found inside a 35 mm film cannister.

Four Ace Production

Two Card Revelation

Center Double

Control Cut - simple, clever way to get the chosen card to the top of the deck.

The Wrong Sandwich - A card is found between two kings, but it is the wrong card! A flick of the finger changes it to the correct card. I love it!

Robin Hood - Very entertaining presentation for a sandwich card effect, concluding with Robin escaping from the deck via Daryl's Hefty Penetration.

The Boxed Sandwich - Chosen card is found in card box between two kings.

Restoration Fuse - two signed cards are torn into quarters, but then restore into a single card, with signatures on both sides. Clever and easy to do.

One Cup Routine - Sort of a chop cup type routine (but no magnets) using a covered shot glass and olive. Lots of surprises at the end.

A Baker's Dozen lecture notes

Ace-King Transposition - The 4 kings are shown and placed to the left of your mat. The 4 aces are likewise shown and placed to the right. Upon turning them over, the packets are shown to have changed places. I found this very difficult.

Oil and H20 - a three phase oil and water routine with four red cards and four black cards; phases two and three require second deals.

Four Both Ways - two chosen cards are found with the help of a card (e.g., 4H) which appears face-up in the deck. Simple and straightforward.

Another B.C.T. - cute effect in which the performer?s business card finds a miniature version of a chosen card

A Simple Assembly - three kings are placed on the AC, and one at a time change places with the 2C, 3C and 4C. The final switch is not so simple.

Trapped - Okito coin box routine in which an English Penny vanishes, only to be found trapped between two half dollars inside the box.

The Escape - sort of the opposite of Trapped, in that an English Penny trapped between two half dollars in the coin box penetrates the box and hand, falling to the table. You must be seated to use this method.

A Coin Interlude - A coin covered by the right hand changes places with a coin held in the left hand - sounds easy, but difficult to accomplish.

A.B.C.T. - another nice business card effect, involving a signature transposition.

A Jack Production - the production of two Jacks.

They Flipped for You - 2 jacks find a chosen card.

Impromptu King & Aces - using a poker theme, four cards are fanned face-down. Two are turned over to reveal two kings, which are placed on the table. The other two are then shown to be kings as well, and are added to the pile on the table. The pile is picked up and spread face-up to reveal the 4 aces.

A Poker Player's Wish - 5 selected cards change into a Royal Flush in Spades. Nice, simple plot, but the handling seems overly complicated.

Linking Ring items:

Napkin Fantasy - A cocktail napkin from a stack of napkins is shown, and the spectator identifies it with a large X. The napkin vanishes and reappears on top of the stack. This is so nice and direct. It is one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that-myself?-sort of effects. I added this immediately to my impromptu collection, and it is a real gem.

Double Jack Sandwich - A card sandwiched between the two black Jacks changes places with a card between the two red Jacks. After the two cards change places again, the jacks are shown to have different colored backs from the rest of the deck.

Michelle's Aces - Three aces inserted into the deck magically turn face-up. An indifferent card turns face-up instead of the fourth ace. However, its value is used to find the fourth ace. A somewhat complicated handling is presented, but also some alternative ideas which should make this easier for the average magician.

The Impossible Transposition - The magician attempts to make a card held by one spectator change places with a coin held by a second spectator, and sort of succeeds! A very unusual transposition which is not difficult to perform.

Not Another Sandwich - A chosen card is caught between two jokers. Same general idea as the One-eyed Jack Sandwich in My Favorite Card Tricks by Harry Lorayne, but technically more difficult. The end appearance of the joker sandwich is quick and flashy, however.

The Photographic Mind - Using a flash cube to take an image of a spectator's mind, a blank faced card becomes printed with the negative image of a chosen card. You will need a negative card (that is, spades white and background black) as well as a gimmicked flash cube or FISM flash.

Positive in the Negative Sense - an effect which uses three different negative cards

The Dealer Wins - This is a short story about a hand of Blackjack, in which one set of cards magically changes into another pair of cards, which ultimately wins the hand.

Jack and the Four Kings - Story effect in which the Jack and four kings are shown, and then the four queens. The jack card changes into a joker, and the jack is then found with the 4 queens.

A.C.C. Mental Effect - A half dollar is placed in the hand of a spectator. The spectator then thinks of a card, and the value and suit of that card are burned into the coin.

A Double Revelation - Rapid revelation of two freely selected cards. Short and snappy - and easy to do!

The Big Finish - Four cards travel, one at a time, from a packet of cards held in the left hand, to appear under a jumbo card on the right side of your close-up mat. This will be a challenge for most readers.

The Silver Triangle - A half dollar vanishes three times, each time appearing under one of three cards. Finally, a half dollar is found under all three cards. This is a coin and card routine with an interesting premise. However, the routine is rather difficult, and you must be using a close-up mat.

The (W)hole Coin - Based on David Roth?s Portable Hole, 4 half dollars invisibly pass into a black hole, one at a time, appearing underneath it. The four coins then appear to pass through again, all at the same time. When the black hole is lifted, a jumbo coin is revealed. This is another technically difficult coin routine which will require a great deal of practice. Of course, you must be using a close-up mat.

Triple Climax Cards to Wallet - Two cards are chosen and returned to the deck. One card is then found reversed face-up in the deck. Immediately, that card magically turns face-down, and the other chosen card is instead found reversed in the deck. Both chosen cards then vanish from the deck, and are produced from the performer?s wallet. Note - although the chosen cards cannot be signed, the wallet can be in full view on the table from the start of the trick. Very clever; I saw Frank perform this trick, and can attest to its effectiveness. I will probably be using this myself in the near future.

Flim Flim Flam or Turning the Tip - This is the same routine that appears in his On the Boards lecture notes. Phil Wilmarth wrote: ?Friends, this is worth five years worth of I.B.M. dues to the worker!? I must agree with this sentiment.

Well, there you have it - a lot of material on one cd. All in all, I thought that most of these were excellent, practical routines, well within the range of the average magician. Some of them, such as The Dice Game, Let?s Make a Deal, and Robin Hood, include very clever presentation themes which help to make the effects really enjoyable for an audience. Others seemed quite difficult, but then, it is nice to have a range of skill levels represented. I am already using several of the effects, with good audience responses.

Bruce Hetzler
Darrin Cook
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This sounds very interesting. Frank's "Restoration Fuse" was the inspiration for my own torn and restored card. (I credit him in "As the Crow Flies.")

There is an e-mail, but do you have a website? What is the price? Shipping costs?

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I provided the e-mail address for Frank Zak, since as far as I know, he does not have a web site. The price of the CD at lectures is $20. I thought that it would be useful to post this here, since his items are available only from him (to the best of my knowledge).

I suggest that you e-mail Frank directly regarding shipping costs and methods of payment. He is a really nice guy, who will be more than happy to hear from you.

By the way, I have no financial interest in the sale of this item. I just happen to like it!

Bruce Hetzler
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What is the email address?
Ahmed Gasteli
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James Foster
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Though I've not seen Frank perform, many folks who have managed to catch him behind the bar speak highly of his magic. I certainly enjoyed his printed lecture notes (included on the CD). Consider this another recommendation.

All the best,

James Foster
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He's a fantastc magician and really knows what bar mnagicis about. And....he's all clas!!
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
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