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I've been practicing double lifts a lot, but I can't seem to figure out any way to do it reliable every time. It seems either I take too many or I fumble. . .any tips?
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Profile of Axio
Which method you are currently using? Probably you are using a method without a get ready, which is not suitable for beginners.

I suggest that you use the method described in Card College 1, or Harry Lorayne's DL (The Magic Book)
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It's not a method that I've been taught by anyone. I'll describe it later in a PM.
Dr Jim
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Greg Wilson has a great video called Double Take which covers many DL's. Greg is a very good teacher,IMO. Well worth the $ for the video. I learned quite a bit from it.
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Do you know how to get ready for the double lift?
Many times that is the problem.
If not, do you have a specific (proper) way of turning the two cards as one?
Many people think that having a natural turn over is the main aspect of the double lift.
Sean W. Burke
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Washington D.C.
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Only way to get good at it is too practice over and over until you get a feel for the cards.
Mike Walton
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I believe the DL is not a simple sleight if you want to nail it consistently and cleanly every time. I recommend checking some references, such as Double Take (a personal favorite in my "library") to be exposed to different styles and find which one works best and is suited with your style.

It may take months of practice to cleanly nail your DL, as it did for me to nail the strike DL that I use, but once you get there, you're set with an amazing sleight and the confidence required use it in performance.
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May I recommend the "Born to Perform" DVD by Oz. It´s a good investment. As a beginner in card sleights, I found it extremely useful. He teaches an excellent DL. Naturally, it takes practice. I have been doing it for months and it looks good. It´s also a lot of fun, once you get it.

If you learn the DL, a good force and a decent palm, you can create miracles with cards.

Good luck.
"It´s kind of fun to do the impossible". Walt Disney
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I personally prefer the Dai Vernon double lift with a get ready, and turning the double over like a book.

I must admit, it definitely takes a little bit of time to be able to handle the double as if it's one card. Don't worry if you can't get it immediately! Experienced magicians may make it look easy, but it takes some time to get it down.
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Er...I may be stating the obvious but you ahve to make sure you have a pinky break between the top two cards and the rest of the deck. Oh also if you hold the cards with the ring and middle finger on the bottom, index and pinky on each side and thumb at the top it helps keep them aligned.
And to cover up the fatc that you have two cards I recommend bending the cards slightly convex (Thats outwards).
When you do something right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
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The best double lift is the knock out double lift (MArtin nash) which is based on a knock out second deal. It looks as if you deal the card off the top of the deck for display and then place it back. It is the most natural looking of them all and while it does take practice and a "knack", it is the best one with NO get ready, no breaks, nothing.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Canada's Leading Mentalist
AB StageCraft
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Costa Rica
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If you're practicing it a lot and can't seem to figure out any way to do it reliable every time, and you use a method you learned by yourself, it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn a method by somebody else. I don't mean to formulate the idea in a rude way, what I mean is that you have years of research in the methods that already are known for working. If the masters use them in their performances, and you want to perform like a master, a good idea is to use the techniques they teach.
Hope this helps.
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Profile of Catmouth
It took me a while to be comfortable and try to look natural with one. As someone stated earlier, turning it over in an uneventful way seems like it has a better effect than if you turn it over flashy. that's jsut me tho, I could be in the minority
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Bangalore, India
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Profile of nakulshenoy
It is all about practice and confidence. If you are unable to pick up some video footage on this, you could spend some time with these books: Royal Road To Card Magic, and Amateur Magician's Handbook. They not only teach the method, but also provide insight into the performance.
Nakul Shenoy
The Mind Reader
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Profile of gshown
Im not sure who said this I think it was Houdini"you are an actor playing the part of a magician, Believe that you can do Miracles [double lift]and your audiance will believe it too."
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It is difficult to know what exactly you might be doing wrong without knowing which method you are using. And I differ with Niko's earlier suggestion that you "have to make sure you have a pinky break"... that's a matter of preference. There are some excellent DLs that don't require a get-ready... check out this useful thread:

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I'd like to second the use of the Strike Double. No get ready, not flashy, as fair looking as can be.

By the way, gshown, that quote is from Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin.
. . . but the third man answered, "I am building a cathedral."
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Seattle, WA
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Pick a method that you like and practice and practice and practice. Do it some many times that your hands memorize what to do and it feels almost natural. (It will come, don't get discouraged!!)
Phil Thomas
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Newark, Ohio
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I ususally use a heel break, making sure the cards are squared together, then when I'm ready for the lift, there is no fumbling, but the best way to learn as said eariler is just practice, practice,practice, and then practice some more. You'll get it. It just takes a little time. I have heard the the DL is one if not the most difficult sleight to pull off smoothly.
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Josh the Superfluous
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I use a pinkie count as a get ready. It took me about a year to get the strength so it's not an immediate option, but start now and when you get there it's super useful.
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