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Should you take the Jokers out of your deck when performing tricks?
I left them in and someone chose the joker - because the card had to be a number for this occasion I had to have it replaced and another card selected. Some tricks though a joker could work as a normal card, so should I take them out or leave them in?
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That's entirely your call. Jokers do tend to get less use and can stand out in a deck by being too clean. The same goes for the rank of hands or rules cards. If they can be put to good use for you, then by all means use them.

As for me, I often thumb through the deck to find jokers and extra cards while setting up my next effect. The simple innocent action covers what I'm really doing, perfectly.
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
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I'm with Rob's last paragraph - if I need to set up the deck I try and do it under pretext of removing the Jokers.
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I use my jokers for three card monte. Why not do a different and quick effect if the joker was selected. If it would break your routine just palm it off to your pocket and tell them to take another. When they challenge you, say you lost the card. You could play it up as not being able to find the card. Then show it has vanished.
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Jason Wethington
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I always leave them in. I use them for a few effects and if I want a card signed but don't feel like letting them sign a regular card, I have my victim.
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I agree with Rob also. The jokers give me a perfect excuse to do something else while taking them out.
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Either or! Just like Rob I use it as an excuse, especially on stacked decks. Generally I take them out and place them on top of my case.

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In my opinion, you should remove jokers. If you wish to do an effect with them, pull them out yourself.

If they fairly picked the joker themselves, their initial reaction, might be that you have great sleight of hand.

Most laypersons know most card games do not involve jokers. The ones that do, have them as a trump as they aren't in abundance in a deck. Randomly selecting one is very unlikely to happen without the "help" of a magician.

Some might also know that most decks come with identical (or seemingly identical) jokers. If they fairly pick one, they might assume you forced the card on them, or are possibly working with duplicates. You can set them somewhat at ease by having them sign the card, but you can't hide the fact that they picked it, and they can't stop themselves from coming up with a reason for it. After all, who would trust a magician at a game of cards?
Wayne Stevenson
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I never have jokers in my deck but it's entirely up to you, Niko.
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It all depends. If you want to learn how to cut 26/26 and perform a perfect faro, you should almost always REMOVE the jokers. You can't get a good feel for half of 52 when you always have 53. It also depends on the deck. With bikes I leave in the first joker and I take out the one w/ the words on it. (It's really really ugly IMO) I like to have it for ambitious classic (ETMCM vol.4) and it's a pleasant suprise to people sometimes. If you do a culling trick, jokers are good because they really stand out. They're also great for color changes.
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I always keep the jokers in the pack, but that's just my
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Sometimes, If I am carrying an ID...
I have followed advice here and discarded the extra cards and gone with the "odd-out" rule.

So, that I don't pull out the ID by mistake, my other deck is set up with a joker on the bottom. That way, I always take out the correct deck. The other joker is mixed in the deck. Then if I need to find a set card... I can be looking for the jokers.

Cheers - El Lamo
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If the Jokers, or at least one of them, is shimmed or magnetic - leave them in!

If you use "SWITCHER" - leave them in! (I made my own switcher using the Jokers ... and much! thinner than the original version)

If you need a Joker force (gaffed: see Gaffed to the Hilt) - leave them in!

Anyway; if you pretend to take out the Jokers, 2 cards (which could be ANY cards) - leave them in!

Just 2 Euro-Cents for contribution...
CardMaker/Bernd Maucksch
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I leave them in.

But think about it. If you know what tricks you plan to do (and you surely do) then if a joker would screw it up remove them initially.

It's your call.

Review King
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I take them out, unless I do an effect where I need to take them for an effect ( snicker, snicker).
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Joseph Martin
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I leave them in. For my experience, it seems natural for the audience. I also perform some effects with them.
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Niko, when you play a card game do YOU leave them in?
I use them to make gaffs, double backs...etc!

Richard Lucas
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On 2004-04-18 12:19, radiantentertainment wrote:
I use my jokers for three card monte.

IMHO this best use of Jokers!
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If you perform for a regular audience (at school or work or family gatherings) and you don't use jokers, then you buy a trick that uses joker gaffs, it could really stand out and scream (TRICK CARDS!)
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I take them out and use them for Torn and restored card effects. That way I can perform at least twice without wrecking my cards and they are in roughly the same condition as the rest of the pack so they don't stand out.
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