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As promised here is my review for disc 1 of The Essential John Carey, for those who might not have read my review of disc 2 which I watched first here once again are the pros and cons.

The cons

The packaging itself whilst nice is just a thin cardboard box rather than the standard DVD case which I personally much prefer.

Whilst there are some great effects on the DVD I was very disappointed to see a lot of repeat material on this disc that had been released before.

Also a while back on one of the Alakazam live sessions we were all told that Johns effect Night At The Casino was going to be included with this set which wasn't the case sadly.

No real world performances.

The Pros

There is some nice stuff on the DVD even if some of it has been released before so if your not familiar with these effects your in for a treat Smile

The teaching is very well done and shows everything that you need to perform the effect.

The filming as you would expect from Alakazam is also very well done regards both sound and visuals.

Most of the effects taught require either none or very little set up, can be done at any time and can be done with a borrowed deck.

Now for the effects

Chicago Style - This is JC's handling for the popular Chicago Opener so I won't describe the effect, whilst it's nothing new regards the effect I liked the fact that the handling was different not really better as the regular handling for this classic and brilliant effect has been ruined via youtube with just about every 8 year old giving a tutorial on the effect so much so that I'm amazed that anyone still performs it so with that in mind I'll give this 7/10

Ambitious All the Way - as with disc 2 this is another item that JC has released before. If your not familiar 4 random cards are removed from the deck which magically all become the aces, the aces are each placed into the deck one at a time and rise to the top as a kicker the performer then puts all the aces back into different parts of the deck and gets them to all rise to the top in one go.

As before there isn't anything to difficult and its a nice little routine that can play well in the right setting, I like the opening sequence and would use that, I also like some of the phases because I use them myself but for just one card rather than 4 aces. Given the fact that it once more uses a table and at one point the cards are in fact ribbon spread across the table even though I use some of the phases myself I'm giving this 7/10

Caan Caan - YEt another effect that JC has shared with us before... This is a simple handling of the card at any number plot that uses two decks, the spectator chooses either the red or green deck supposedly which is put to one side for the moment and then the spectator is given the other deck of cards which spectator who then deals a number of cards down onto the table whilst shuffling the cards between deals. The cards are then divided into two piles with the top card of one indicating the value of a card and the top card of the other pile representing the suit to represent a card,then finally the value of both cards are added together to form a number. This number is now very fairly dealt to and a card with a different coloured back is seen which is revealed to be the chosen card... But wait there's more when the rest of the cards are turned over they are shown to be all jokers for an added kicker.

As with a lot of JC's effects this is very simple to do and is basically self working although you do have to be there pardon the pun, would it fool the average spectator most definitely however the fact it uses two decks doesn't really make it practical and this is also one of those effects that requires the use of a table so better suited to a parlour situation, however in that situation it is great as it does have multiple kickers so with that in mind I'll give this one 8/10

Closed All Day - This is a nice little closed prediction type effect in which you deal cards down on to the table and have the spectator stop you dealing at any time and sure enough the stopped at card matches your prediction.

Once again nothing to difficult but the technique to get the job done can take a little getting used to however personally I prefer the method that JC uses on his Penguin lecture where he performs an open prediction effect that allowed the spectator to deal the cards which is even easier and could also be done as a closed prediction so given the fact the spectator doesn't get to deal the cards or shuffle the cards I'll give this 7/10

Gemini Trilogy - This is a take on the classic gemini effect but using 3 cards rather than 2 so I won't go into detail apart from to say a nice touch is that JC sends the prediction to the spectators mobile phone via txt which obviously has some commercial applications I'm not sure if JC has released this one before but it does look a little familiar.

the method is pretty straight forward as in the original but apart from some additional dressing ie using a txt to send the prediction which could be applied to other prediction effects and use of some coloured casino cut cards for marking the positions there wasn't really anything new here that inspired me so I'll give this 6/10

Sandwich Trilogy - Yet another effect that JC has shared with us in the past which is basically 3 different sandwich effects put together nicely, two jokers are placed into the deck then a mystery card appears between them which later turns out to be the selection ( think the one eyed jacks by Mr Lorayne ), then the selection is placed on the spectators hand followed by the deck and suddenly the selection once again appears between the jokers with the climax being that the entire deck minus the selection appears between the two Jokers ( think Mr Bannon ).

I have a soft spot for sandwich type effects and this is nicely put together and is something I might use from time to time in the right setting so I'll give this 8/10

We Have A Winner - This is a bank night type effect done with envelopes. There's not a lot to be said about this really as its is based on equivoqué which your either comfortable with and it can be very strong or your not comfortable with and therefore it's very weak so with that in mind I'll give this 5/10

Crystal Thought Redux - yet another effect that's has been released before, a card is put casually on the table and the spectator asked to name a card. the spectator then chooses a card which the performer reveals partly through mind reading and then by removing it from the deck, then the performer rembers that the spectator merely thought of a card earlier and we have one card that has been on the table since before we started the effect....This turns out to be the thought of card.

This is another nice mystery card type effect that could play well, its easy to do, uses a nice utility move that can be applied to other effects. This does use a table but this time you only need a very small part of it ie enough for a card. It's good but I'm not sure if I would replace my go to mystery card effect which I really like and is part of my working repertoire however I'll give this 8/10

They Call Me The seeker - And we have another effect already put out by JC previously this time something one of his friends the very talented Ed Oschmann, this is a nice sandwich plot which is a gradual sandwich ( 3 phases to be exact ) effect where by the spectator gets to cut the deck and each time the two jokers come closer together eventually trapping the selection.

As this is another sandwich type effect you have guessed correctly that I do indeed like it and it's something I could see myself performing occasionally as I tend to collect sandwich type effects although I tend to usually use my time tested one commercially still its worth 8/10

Pocket Change - This is a signed coins to pocket effect where 4 ungimmicked signed coins go to different pockets, there's not a lot else I can add.

Once again there's nothing difficult here if you have your basics down and I preferred this over the hanging coins routine given on disc 2 however if I were to perform this I would strip it down to 3 coins and I would give it an extra kicker ( which I'll keep to myself for now ;-) ) as I think it would play better and it would shorten the routine and make it a bit snappier, as before there are better coin routines out there but this has some potential and so I'll give this 7.5/10.

Overall I would say if you are a fan of John Carey's work and have most of his other work I think like myself you will be disappointed however if your not familiar with John Carey's work I think your in for a treat as there are plenty of gems amongst the two discs so basing my overall mark on that alone I'll give the 2 disc set an overall mark of 8/10.
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