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Impossible Location card Tricks – John Carey

The Hype:
Impossible Location Card Tricks with John Carey

Impossible Locations are some of the strongest effects possible with a deck of cards. A spectator selects a card, it is lost in the deck, yet, somehow, you find it! But there are 'impossible locations' and then there are 'IMPOSSIBLE LOCATIONS' - tricks so strong and ridiculously fair looking that they utterly defy explanation.

Acclaimed card handler John Carey has cherry picked the 10 strongest, most brain-fryingly Impossible Location routines imaginable. Most of the tricks start from a borrowed, shuffled deck... and, even better, they range from totally self-working to seriously easy to do. The 10 featured routines all have squeaky clean handlings that will leave your audience with absolutely no where to go in terms of explanation. Indeed, the methods are so well hidden, you'll find that these tricks are perfect for fooling your magician buddies just as much as your normal audiences!

Every magician wants some incredible impossible card locations in their arsenal. Dive into this project and you'll be armed with some of the best ones imaginable.

Impossible - Larry Jennings, The 7 Card 21 Card Trick - Mike Powers, Bake Off - Jack Tighe
Entrapped- John Carey, Bloody Amazing! - Steve Bryant, Lost and Found - Nick Trost
Counting on You - John Carey, Princess in my Pocket - John Carey
Waikiki Location - Bill Morata, Emotional Reaction Plus... - Dai Vernon

My Take::
Another outstanding release from Big Blind Media. When I first got the package, I was assuming that it referred to cards found in impossible locations, such as inside an orange on on a shelf in the next room. That is not what this is. The cards are found in locations where you would inspect but the transport of the cards in these tricks will appear impossible. That out of the way, let's get started.

British cardman John Carey has assembled ten card effects on this disk. Three are his and the other seven culled from previously published books. All are foolers and some are even self working. The sleights involved in the ones that are not are simple to execute. Some require a setup and some can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck. If you are like me, you will watch once just for the entertainment value, then again for the education.

We begin with John Carey's routine, Entrapped. Two queens are held aside. Spectator shuffles the deck, then deals five cards face down into a pile. He looks through the pack, thinks of a card and cuts it to the face. The cards are mixed and the Queens added. Another mix leaves one card between the Queens, the selection. Nice use of the Australian Shuffle.

Mike Power's 7 Card 21 card trick - Mike (who writes a monthly column for the Linking Ring) is the creator here. It is a combination of both the face down 21 card trick and Steinmeyer's 9 Card Problem. Carey has done a nice job here with the marriage of these two effects.

Bake Off - Jack Tighe. Spectator removes the top and bottom cards from a shuffled deck and burns them to the middle of the deck while the deck is held under the table out of his sight. A small packet is flipped face up onto the top of the deck. Cards are brought back onto the table and spread, First face down card is revealed to be the selection. Selection is turned back face down and face up cards are returned face down onto the deck. Deck is shuffled and placed into your pocket.You reach in and remove the selection. This is a non-gaffed version of an old Al Baker effect. It is not self working but sleights are easy to accomplish.

Impossible - Larry Jennings - Spectator thinks of a number 1-20 and deals three piles of that number while you are facing away. Rest of cards are placed onto any of the three piles. One of the remaining packets is shuffled and the top card is peeked at. Packet is dropped onto the deck then the last packet is shuffled and placed onto the deck. You demonstrate what has been done and then cut the deck. The cards are dealt down spelling "Impossible. The last card is the selection. This one fooled me. I had no idea plus it is easy to do. The Frank Thompson false cut is also taught.

Bloody Amazing - Steve Bryant. I have done this for years having learned it from Steve's book "Little Egypt's Book of Numbers." Some would find Steve's routine quite objectionable. He used one of the forbidden words to spell to the location. Carey's version addresses this by using a very subtle way to reset the cards. It is Steve's version of the 21 card trick performed face down. Self worker and really fries those familiar with the old chestnut, the 21 Card trick. When someone wants to show me a card trick and trots out the 21 cards, I do the face down version and they just go away.

Lost and Found - Nick Trost. Nick was the master of creating devastating card tricks based on subtleties instead of knucklebusting. A lot of us entered card magic by buying some of his packet effects. This is up to his usual quality. A small packet is removed from a shuffled deck. The top card of the deck is memorized, replaced, then the packet is returned to the middle of the deck. Impossible to know where or what the selection is, yet you find it. A great routine and a real fooler.

Counting on You - John Carey. John is no slouch when it comes to creating his own routines. Your spectator thinks of a number, deals down to that number. Balance of pack is added back to the packet. You shuffle the deck then remove a packet of cards from the center of the deck. Spectator counts down to his number in the packet and finds his card. The Optical False shuffle is taught and is easy to do. Once again subtlety rules making this one easy routine.

Princess in My Pocket - John Carey. The spectator shuffles the deck and deals five cards into a pile. Spectator spreads cards, thinks of one and cuts it to the face of the packet. Pack is mixed and put into your pocket. You then remove the cards one at a time (no peeking) until only one card is left in your pocket. The selection! Inspired by a Larry Jennings routine. Closely related to Carey's routine, Entrapped. (Also in this collection).

Waikiki Location - Bill Morata. Spectator legitimately shuffles deck. You divide the deck into three face up piles. You turn away and the spectator picks up one of the packets. The packet is shuffled and the card on the face is remembered. Packet is returned face down onto one of the face up packets with the last packet being placed on top. Deck is turned over face down, cut then riffle shuffled. The deck is ribbon spread showing cards to be face up and face down. Of course you know what it is. Method I have seen used previously but nicely hidden.

Emotional Reaction Plus - Dai Vernon. This routine is a killer but would you really expect anything less from the Professor? You shuffle the deck then the spectator spreads through and thinks of a card. All of the cards before it are discarded. Balance of deck is cut then replaced into the packet of cards previously discarded. You spread through the cards and the spectator simples thinks "Yes" as you go past his card. You deal down cards one at a time and stop on one. It is, of course, the selection. There is a reason Dai is almost a god to card magicians. He was a master of card sleights but this is entirely self working and still a show stopper.

The disk ends with a short interview with the creator, John Carey.

Conclusion: This is a package of great material threat is both easy and fun to use. You will add probably more than one to your arsenal.
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Not much new for me. Counting on You was commercialized and thus improved. I have ALL of Carey's material and a ton of other things. Low power. 2/5 stars
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