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Bill Palmer
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Another member posted this in a different section of the forum:

Any one know If there are any free magic magazines out?(or just any magazines at all).

Am I the only one who has noticed this, or is it just hypersensitivity -- have we gotten so used to the internet that we expect everything to be free nowadays?

Now that so much is open to anyone with a browser, do magic secrets have any value any more?
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Mark Rough
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I don't know Bill. I like to think that secrets are still worth something, but you're right, it seems too easy on the internet. Even the password protected stuff is so easy to get. No one really has to do any work to learn magic now.

(Okay, this is going to sound like one of those "when I was a kid I had to walk 12 miles barefoot through 4 feet of snow to get to the outhouse" stories but. . .)

When I first got interested in magic it was difficult to find much of anything beyond things like the "21 card trick" or "4 Jack Robbers". To get anywhere beyond that you actually had to leave the house, find someone who actually did magic. Then if you actually showed some interest beyond learning secrets they'd teach you something new. It took time, patience, and a lot of hard work. And when you learned something new you appreciated it because of what you'd gone through.

At the same time, easy access has introduced a lot of young people to magic that WILL (I hope) someday appreciate how easy they have it now. Hopefully they'll stick with it and someday have a lot to contribute. I got to see a younger guy named Jason Dean perform some last fall in St. Louis. Now he's going to bring something to magic.

It used to make me crazy that I had to work to get anywhere and it took me a long time to appreciate how much more valuable something is when you earn it. I'd like to think that's what we're going to see in the next few years. Some will get the free stuff and fade away. Some will take it and run with it and make something new. Maybe I'm just naive.

I read the post you're talking about and was left feeling really puzzled. There are great publications out there. It takes a lot of money to put them out. Again, I have mixed feelings. Is this a kid with no money but an honest interest in learning, or is this just someone looking for a free ride on someone else's sweat and toil? If it's just the money, hell, I'll buy him a subscription to Magic or Genii.

Hard to say what to make of it.

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I think there are a lot of people who are interested in magic as a hobby as opposed to somethihng to take seriously. These are people that I think wont get too terribly far magic wise, but that's just my opinion. (you can see sites capitalize on this type in "blaine secrets" and you'll get sites like penguin and ellusionist)
Jonathan Townsend
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The secrets in magic remain safe from most people mostly because those secrets are not sought or for the most part, believed.

The secrets that are sought are the trendy/latest/gossip stuff, which may confer some value upon the 'reluctant gossip' though usually do nothing to help the performer or the craft.

Believe it or not, there seems to be a fair number of folks around who still speak of magic as a force like gravity, as opposed to an emotional reaction like surprise.

I'm wondering if the secrets folks covet are pertinent to the craft at all. Our audiences don't need any access to the mechanics of our tricks.

Perhaps we have some part in this basic process? How do we train people to ask 'How did you do that?' ? Could it be that by acting as if the mechanics were pertinent to our craft we are in fact diminishing our craft? In most base language, if we dare people to figure out our puzzles, we can hardly be surprised at public curiosity about the secrets of our puzzles. all the coins I've dropped here
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I think that the people who are looking to spend little to no money are the beginners who don't realize how much some people think magic is worth. Magic to people who are addicted to it like us, value it more and therefore raise the price so that the people looking for a glimpse at the good stuff don't get it. For all we know, it could be a laymen just looking to unvail our secrets. Of course beginners don't realize that, and the fact that we work hard to make our magic, so why just give it away for free? I hope there are still people looking to get a free look at magic, they won't get anywhere and that leaves all of the good magic for people who are willing to buy a book and study it, not just see how its done.
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> When I first got interested in magic it was difficult
> to find much of anything beyond things like the "21
> card trick" or "4 Jack Robbers".

I don't know why not ... when I was only 7, I learned the 4 Jacks Robbers trick. I then went back to the school library and learned a whole lot more. By 12, I knew how to make ladies float and stick swords through a boy in a basket. And there was a great floating trick very similar to a thread reel, it went a lot like Steve Fearon's "poor man thread reel" only it didn't even require any sewing. I love the way David Copperfield promotes public librarys at the end of his specials, as that's exactly how I learned.

So I think our prescious secrets have always been available at no cost ... but I do agree, the internet has made them easier to find. I think the only thing we can really do is accept it as "change" or "progress" . I believe in these situations, we're sopposed to adapt to the new environment. Smile

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It is easy to get lazy and want things handed to us. The really sad part is all the people who seem to actually believe that things SHOULD be handed to them. Not just want it, but actually think that they have a right to it. Very sad really.

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As a true amateur, I can say I was on that road for a few weeks. I would search the internet for free tricks, but I always found the same junk. I'm sure you've seen the same thing I've seen. It was never magical.

Not long after, I dropped into a local magic shop and bought two of David Roth's videos. I spent hours and hours trying to do a classic palm. When I finally got it I had a sense of accomplishement. That was something that free internet tricks never gave me.

Now, I'm up to my eyeballs trying to develop routines that fit my personality, trying to make something magical by working at it and not taking shortcuts.

Free internet tricks will be out there as long as someone keeps searching for them. Sure there will be a lot of 'one-trick ponies' out there, but people will get tired of Joe-Bob's one card trick and they'll never consider him a magician.

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