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Eternal Order
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I have to say for me that actually makes it worse. Just one man's opinion nothing more.
Danny Doyle
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Merc Man
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On Jan 2, 2021, davidpaul$ wrote:
Unless...you engage the spectator to make the card travel to the top of the deck in an entertaining way as opposed to just an observation effect by the magician alone.

For example using a T.V. remote given to the spectator who presses the button to make the card rise.
At the end the card ends up inside the battery compartment of the remote. I think Joshua Jay marketed the remote idea some time ago. IMO it's all about involving our audiences. They will remember using the remote and their signed card found inside as opoosed to watching you do some fancy card handling.

To be honest David, if you asked the audience some time after this effect what had happened, all that they would possibly remember would be 'card to impossible location'. The rest of the preceeding routine would be lost in the mists of time.

There is an ever present theory in magic that everything needs an earth-shattering climax. Whilst every routine does indeed need an ending, to my mind, if this itself detracts from the routine that you've just performed, then you've basically wasted your time.

As an example, take a classic such as Cups & Balls. Any decent entertaining routine should stand alone as being hopefully artistic AND entertaining throughout. However, magicians seem convinced that you need to produce (for example) pieces of fruit under the Cups at the conclusion of the routine. My simple question has always been WHY? Where's the relevance?

Just my two bobs worth mate.
Barry Allen

Joe Riding (1932 - 2005). "I still miss you mate".
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I remember watching a dvd (vhs at that time)from Jon Allen entitled "Spectators Don't Exist" it had a great influence on me with tips on interacting/engaging with our audiences early in my career.
For example he would ask " Who here at the table do you think is the most skeptical or most fun etc.? It was funny to see people pointing at each other. ( this was a live shot video at an outdoor restaurant) This interaction set a relaxed and humorous mood or let Jon Allen know if this was going to be a fun table or not. In fact when he approached a table, he would ask if this was the " "Fun Table"? The answer given provided allot of insight.

The reason I mentioned the above is, for me, it is not my job to show off my dexterity with coins or cards or.... rather to be the conduit to provide a really good time. Regarding the TV remote, isn't there always someone in our home that hogs the remote? Wouldn't that be a fun question to ask to start a segway into a card routine using the remote?

Anyway that's how I think and how I try and engage my audiences / spectators as well as utilizing props that I think will enhance the hopefully memorable experience.
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I can only think of 1 of 3 for now - Would definitely be the witch of glastonbury for me
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Simple sponge balls , my routine where they decide where a sponge ball will end up
uses a different method, blows minds.

a simple but effective coin routine. hands are shown empty, it moves to a spectator.... it kills spectators.

think of a card. they tell me nothing. slowly revealed.
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Thanks for everyones contributions there have been some great effects mentioned.
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Quarter Bend, Ambitious Card, and any form of prediction effect.
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1. Omni Deck followed by Invisible Deck
2. Double Deception (spectator pulls the coin)
3. Extreme Burn (never leave home without it)
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Since we as magicians are supposed to take what we learn from those before us and make it our own,
I would do my versions of these effects:
1. Five Coins Up Sleeve to Glass
2. The Magic of Love (Anniv. Waltz)
3. Bowl, Wand, & Sponges

These have been standard issue in my performances ever since I worked out my distinctive versions, and neither I, nor my audiences, seem to tire of them.
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1. James Lewis’ version of The Sack Dice Routine.
2. My version of Roy Walton’s version of Three Card Monte.
3. Daryl’s Mysterious Cross of India.

They work for me for larger groups and for close up performance.
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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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On Jan 2, 2021, Merc Man wrote:
I just don't get the popularity of any Ambitious Card Routine......even less so when the 'Ambitious Card' ends up as a Card to Wallet. These are two completely different effects. At least try and create something original for the finale!

What do magicians honestly think that an 'Ambitious Card' routine delivers for an audience; other than an opportunity to showboat your card control skills? Many go on with far too many phases; I think that twice is more than enough - or where exactly is the surprise element? Afterall, if your audience know what's going to happen next, it begs the question - why even bother?

More often than not, it's also dependent upon the Double Lift - a move unfortunately considered as 'easy' by far too many magicians. I can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of people I've seen over 40+ years who can pull off a convincing, natural Double Lift. For the record, Dai Vernon's method is, in all probability, the most natural that you can study.

Sadly, for such a classic effect, I agree with you. I do a version of Ambitious card, but the Ambitious card part doesn't work and it becomes a thought of card at any number routine that Jeff McBride helped me to refine. I think of magic as "mini" theater. Ambitious card routine is like "Groundhog day" for magic and there is never a particularly interesting ending. To the performer, it is their best phase of the trick, to the audience, it is just another phase, and thankfully, the last one. I do think that if done with fewer phases, it is better.
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- Omni
- Coin Bend
- Image duplication
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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Here ya go, all oldies:

Two Card Monte (yep, yep, yep, that's the one);
Two in the Hands, One in the Pocket;
Four Coins Across into a Glass (or Mug, or Starbuck's Coffee Cup);
Andrew Aspen
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Name divination off any peek
Lotto Fever
Magical Moments
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1- a set of combo cups and balls
2- a set of sponge balls
3- a set of 4 inch linking rings

The above provides you with many routine possibilities so you really have much more than 3 tricks. You actually have an unlimited number of tricks!
Magic Patrick
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I like to bring a bunch of tricks but only use the following most of the time during gigs.

Two card monte (David Blaine style)
Card to Wallet
Biddle Trick

Patrick Wallace
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Just following up on the ambitious card feedback. I would never consider it personally as a favorite card effect and I totally get the reaction. The reason I list it now is basically what I've turned it into for me and those I expose it to in performance situation. The routine itself is fairly simple and not drawn out. I'll forgo the boring verbal description but will add that it has a flow to it and evolves unexpectedly into a surprise card flotation that I don't drag out but usually gets very good if not stunning reactions. But yeah the typical ambitious card routine becomes repetitive or a chance to show off etc.
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