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Triple T.U.C. by Tango Magic


Description / Ad Copy: Mr. Tango did it again! Triple T.U.C is an innovation of the famous TUC, the coin set which many consider the best coin trick of all time! These coins even won the FISM Premioinvención in 2012.

Triple T.U.C gives you the ability to perform the same effects as the regular T.U.C but also many more effects are now possible!
The set includes a link with 25 routines with the T.U.C and new professional routines using the properties of the Triple T.U.C. Simply start the Triple TUC and you are limited only by your imagination.

These are just some of the effects that you can learn by watching the instructional videos and using the Triple T.U.C set:

  • Coin Across
  • 3 Fly Coin
  • Matrix
  • Disappearances and Productions
  • Chink to Chink
  • Okito Box Routine
  • Coins hand in hand
  • Plus more!

These sets are available in a dollar, half dollar and quarter. Of course, this is a quality Tango Magic product.


If you have been in magic for any length of time you no doubt have accumulated a fairly large assortment of various gimmicks. Some tend to be very unique and can be used in a variety of ways (e.g, an ITR, PK Ring, TT, etc) while others fall into the category of having specific uses within a specialized field such as card or coin magic. I have drawers, envelopes and cases full of what often feels like a zillion of these gimmicks designed specifically for cards and coins. Sometimes while looking thru my various coin gimmicks (which have taken me years to obtain and then countless hours of practice to use smoothly) I often smile while envisioning in my mind magicians returning home from their local magic shop and then having to explain to their spouse just why a tiny paper bag full of magic tricks could possibly cost several hundred dollars. I suspect this is more of a common occurrence than one might imagine, especially in regards to purchasing coin gaffs. Either that or magicians simply aren't honest about their recent investment. My guess would be the latter. Smile

Now over the years magicians have brilliantly devised a plethora of gimmicks using currency of various kinds. While some teriffic tricks using paper money surface from time to time (e.g, Mismade Bill, Hundy 500, etc) most of the magic involving money seems to make use of coins. At first this might seem odd. After all, surely it would be much simpler to construct some sort of clever gaff from paper as opposed to the traditional time consuming methods, specialized tools and pure skill required in manufacturing something made of metal, right? While I think making something from paper is indeed much simpler (at least in theory anyway), magic with paper money appears to be either much more limited, difficult or perhaps not as interesting or engaging for spectators as that which employs the use of coins. Yes? No? Maybe? For now I'll let the philosophers amongst you decide. In any case, magicians performing magic with coins has been happening for a very long time and shows no real sign of vanishing anytime soon. And let's face it, while pure sleight of hand is a beautiful thing and can obviously accomplish much - I think we can all agree that when it comes to effects with coins there are simply certain visual moments that are arguably only made possible because a gimmicked coin was in use. Cigarette Thru Quarter immediately comes to mind, followed by such classics as Scotch and Soda and Coin in Bottle.

Growing up in the late 1960's and 1970's I discovered most of the gimmicked coins when purchasing specific tricks. I would open the package and then be even more amazed how the trick was accomplished. My first experience was the classic Nickels to Dimes. Wow, I was amazed on how easily I was fooled. Other effects naturally followed and once I discovered J.B.Bobo's Modern Coin Magic my real education in coin magic began. Things haven't changed too much over the years. Visit any magic shop virtual or otherwise and you will find gimmicked coins a plenty with many of these miracle makers being made by Marcelo Insua's TANGO MAGIC which is located in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking for coins that will have your spectators scratching their heads? Look no further - TANGO MAGIC pretty much has them all. In fact, not only do they produce most if not all of the classic gaffed coins you would ever require but many of them are exclusive to TANGO MAGIC. Luckily for magicians you can easily purchase these small wonders directly from TANGO MAGIC or in most cases they are available from dealers worldwide. Smile

Having said all of that, many of you may be curious about TANGO'S recent offering - The Triple T.U.C.. So what do the initials T.U.C. stand for? T.U.C. is short for THE ULTIMATE COIN and this was introduced first. Then, the gaff was improved even more and was reintroduced as The Triple T.U.C.. Both are currently available in various denominations including genuine Morgan Dollars, Walking Liberty half-dollars, Kennedy half dollars and even the coveted 1964 Kennedy halves. To be clear I am reviewing the Triple T.U.C. made in regular Kennedy halves as that is what was so kindly sent to me. Smile

So what makes this thing so special? Well, plenty actually. Think of it as a secret weapon that is extremely versatile, meaning it can easily be adapted for a variety of uses by us magic types. I've been playing with this for about a week now and have discovered at least a dozen uses for it. By the way, the ideas that came to my mind do not even include the examples given in the video instructions and that's saying something considering that the video illustrates a variety of possibilities. Running at about thirty minutes Marcelo demonstrates various magical effects and then teaches you all you need to know to accomplish these tricks yourself. Now, some of these effects are no brainers while others stand out as quite brilliant. Once you watch the online video and are holding The Triple T.U.C. in your own hands you will understand that you truly are limited only by your own imagination. While not a high dollar major Hollywood affair the video is clearly shot, the sound is fine and you will grasp the basics in no time at all. Smile

What about the prop itself? It is really tough to discuss this without possibly giving away the modus operandi as it were. I will say that the quality is excellent and well worth the purchase price. This could have easily sold for more and it would still be worth the moola you spend. So is this truly the ultimate coin? I think we all know the answer to that question already. There is nothing new here except the manner in which this product is so cleverly put together. The combining of various ideas and principals melded together now makes it possible for you to accomplish effects that might otherwise be impossible. Can a beginner use this? I don't see why not. If you can finger palm a coin, do a shuttle pass or learn to lap you are ready to go. I would of course recommend practice so that you can familiarize yourself with what you are working with. Advanced coin workers will of course be coming up with their own ideas and that's a good thing me thinks. The ad copy is quite accurate, the teaching is sound and the quality of this prop is excellent. I firmly believe if coin magic is your thing you should give this some serious consideration. I do not hesitate in giving this my highest recommendation. Smile


My rating:

Suggested retail is as follows:

Triple T.U.C MORGAN $450 USD

Triple T.U.C. One Dollar $120 USD

Triple T.U.C Walking Liberty $300 USD

Triple T.U.C Kennedy half dollar $99 USD

TANGO even offers A Triple T.U.C set in 1964 Kennedy half dollars for only $300 USD

You can contact Tango Magic or order (using PayPal) directly to:

Phone / Fax: (5411) 4304-9336

You can visit the official Tango Magic website by Clicking Here!

"Always be you because nobody else can" - Steve Brooks
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