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I am Posting a series of reviews of items that are video downloads from Ementalism. I have had the privilege of spending lots of time going through this material and wanted to share my reviews with the magic and mentalism community at large.

Whisper Tapes Volume 1- The Intuition Effect
Lewis LeVal has constructed a routine that will be easy enough for the beginner and could be added into any walk-around act. In this episode, he uses a few well-known card moves and has combined these moves with a solid simple reasoning for the use of the pack of cards. Lewis has also given a number of justifications for the routines and the moves he chooses to use. He also breaks down the multiple phases in an easy to understand explanation. In this video, Lewis outlines routines and handlings for one on one interaction as well as couples. The routine itself is very easy to do and allows you to focus on refining your presentational points. Something that I feel could have been better in the explanation is the crediting (within the video) on the moves and subtleties that are used. Overall, I feel that this is a routine that is attainable for everyone and could be built into a very good presentational piece.

Whisper Tapes Volume 2 Thought Seer
Lewis LeVal has constructed a pseudo-psychometry/ pseudo- Q and A routine, which is very easy to follow and taught very well in the course of the download explanation. He teaches a couple of handlings of this routine in which he creates a justification for the billet usage. This justification also allows for him to gain secret information in the most overt way possible with no heat on the billets themselves. The second routine he teaches completely removed the need to gain secret information on the fly and has more of a built-in justification. Lewis is very good at explaining the routines and going back through to makes sure that no items are missed throughout the explanation. Overall this is very attainable and worth the cost of the download. I believe with this download individuals can get lots of performance mileage.

Whisper Tapes Volume 3- Pocket Psychic

Lewis in typical fashion has used principles that are as old as the ages; however, he definitely spins them to his personal and presentational styles. He has streamlined his routines in order to make this effect easy enough for the beginner, as well as the professional. I also feel that Lewis has taken a lot of the guesswork out of this peek method. This gives the beginner a way to create a strong mind reading effect with as little handling as possible to still obtain the desired effect. Lewis also breaks down the handling of a stand-up routine as well as a seated routine. This routine and handling will work well for those who are uncomfortable with many traditional peek methods. Overall I feel that this effect is strong enough for the professional to give them another handling of billets in their arsenal as well as gives the beginner and good comfortable jumping off point for billet work. However, I do feel that the use of the handkerchief can be problematic without the proper justification.

Whisper Tapes Volume 4- Aura

Aura is a very simple effect that can be structured and routined in so many ways. Lewis definitely has a way to structure an old principle to create something that can be used in tons of routines. He also provides several options for routines, with the use of (real or invisible) dice, playing cards and a stock of just plain business cards. The routines are easy but can be thought-provoking if you choose to present them in that fashion. The concepts at play are nothing new, however; Lewis has a knack for taking simple objects and concepts and making them fresh for new faces to the mentalism scene. Lewis spends a lot of time in these videos making sure people understand the concept and the reasoning behind them. I feel that people new to mentalism can gain great info from this series and those of us that have been in it for a while, can also be reminded of concepts that may have been overlooked.

Whisper Tapes Volume 5- The Dreamer

The dreamer is a great premise and the strength of this routine is that it makes the participants feel like they are part of something larger than themselves. This routine is simple and to the point but does just that. This routine is strong because of it personal and gives a sense of importance. I appreciate this aspect of Lewis and this routine. In this effect, he taps into the dreams of others which definitely make them feel important, which is most of the battle when dealing with spectators. I also feel that he has included other routines with other premises that work similarly using the same O.T.T. move. I feel that this is a very good routine just in premise alone regardless of the physical workings, which are also very good. Good job Lewis
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Whisper Tapes Volume 6- Blind Choice

The routine blind choice has so many possibilities as a force and gives the options of other forces which can also be included to further the routine. The effect is nothing new in the handling of the main force; however, he does add a number of other subtleties that are built into the basic routine. In this routine, he speaks of using a deck of cards to test their intuition as well which ultimately ends in the revelation of the force object. In this routine, he also employs the use of a billet in order to switch items and teaches a couple of different methods. As always, I appreciate the depth of information Lewis tries to impart in his videos. However in this video, while the effect is well detailed I feel there is a part that has been left out that would make or break the routine for a newcomer to the mentalism field. The content is very good and well explained except for one major issue with the handling of the force of the ten items. This is a very good effect and definitely allows for a lot of mileage if used properly.

Whisper Tapes Volume 7- Pack of Wolves

This is a very good routine that definitely from the spectator’s side of things appears impossible from the outset. In this routine not only do you stop them at their freely selected card but then you’re able to reveal the value of the card itself. In typical Lewis style, he takes an effect that has been used and creates a new spin and really works the effect to its fullest potential. This is an effect that is something that everyone can attain. It is an effect that has been used in many of its parts by card magicians for years but Lewis has definitely taken it to a new level by adding elements of mentalism into the works. Overall, this is a very good effect.

Good job Lewis

Whisper Tapes Volume 8- Psych Forces

The psych force volume is very strong. I have spent a long time working to study psychological forces from many sources. Lewis definitely has something in this offering that I have not seen in some of the resources that I have available to me. I am very pleased with the information in this volume. I have seen some of the material in this download but Lewis has made us aware of a few new interesting forces. Some of the effects that he has brought back to life are old, but the ideas in this volume, hopefully, allow us to go back and examine some long forgotten material and repurpose it. Lewis these are routines and forces that I will use.

Thanks again Lewis

Whisper Tapes Volume 9- The New ESP

The new ESP is the way I am going to start using ESP readings from here on out. Lewis has really put quite a bit of thought into the routines and it definitely becomes more meaningful for the audience because of it. When you can create symbols and a reading system that means something to someone that is a win in my book. So many ESP routines are very strong but the symbols themselves have little meaning to the general public. This routine and new way of thinking definitely reaches people on an emotional level and would allow for a much better audience participation and reaction. I believe the real take away at this point for me is the redefining of the ESP symbols that make this effect much more meaningful.

Great Job

Whisper Tapes Volume 10- The Expert Witness

In this volume, we encounter an old idea, which I have seen in a number of different presentations of logic puzzles. However, while Lewis doesn’t specifically mention the origins, he does talk about several handlings that he has seen, which prompted him to explore other options. These types of routines can be quite confusing at first, but it does get easier with time and practice. He does explain a couple of handlings of this routine which range from business card to money and the possibilities are endless with the objects that can be used with this method. This is can be, with the right presentation, a very strong routine. Thanks again Lewis for putting together these tapes. I feel all can benefit in part from this information, or maybe even gain a fresh way to look at an old plot.

Whisper Tapes Volume 11- Third Eye

In this volume, I feel that Lewis’s routine would definitely be best suited for the beginner. Most card performers and mentalist may already know parts of this routine. Lewis has some interesting touches in his handling of the force, which makes a lot of sense. I do feel that there are people who use this forcing technique all the time. Although, I believe that Lewis does add some good touches. Lewis has a way to make the effect not only easy to understand but also explains many handlings of this routine in this episode. However, even though I feel his explanations are really good as always. I don’t feel this is the best volume he has put out. I would also like to point out that even though this isn’t entirely for me. It could be for others.
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You mean to tell me no one commented on this post? Are they not aware of the material?

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I am. Lewis is the best. Always good value.
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