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This is a script for a simple routine of 3 effects. In truth it could be easily adapted to tricks you own I am sure. I wanted an extremely simple and easy to carry routine to take up the least amount of pocket space.

This routine consists of 3 tricks
1. Ultimate Networking Tool by Jeff Kaylor & Anton James
2. A lubor Lens and a pretwisted pen
3. Thought Wave Extreme by Gary Jones (Mark Mason & Alakazam)

Setup: The first item is a small thin peek wallet similar to the Thought Transmitter Pro by John Cornelius. Inside the wallet is a stack of business cards, a golf pencil and the lubor lens. The wallet is wrapped shut with a rubber band and the plastic ESP card that comes with Thought Wave Extreme is resting over the peek window of the wallet so that both sides can be shown casually.

The patter offered is for the initial opening to each effect, I wont be walking you through the words I say once the trick has started, I assume you either have a similar trick that will work, or you have the trick already and you know how it goes.

I bring the wallet out first and leave the deck of cards and pen in my pocket until I need them. I begin talking and slip the lubor lens out of the wallet casually without showing too much of what is inside.


Sometimes when I perform magic, I get accused of having powers or being psychic. Which is ironic because that is the goal of every magician to convince you that I have psychic powers. Either the ability to manipulate the physical universe around me, or the mental universe. Personally, both of those abilities seem really scary. Id hope nobody has those powers and if they did they'd be using their power for the betterment of mankind, not doing card tricks in Las Vegas. Am I right?...

But I want to show you how a magician would create that illusion that they possessed psychic ability, and well do that by looking at 3 different branches of this power.

Telekinesis, Clairvoyance and Precognition (all big words I know, but Ill teach you)

1. Telekinesisthis is the ability to move objects with my mind. This is a GREEK word. Tele (means far off like Tele vision) and kinesis is the word kinetic and it means movement. In other words, the ability to move objects that I am not touching.

But remember this is an illusion, its not real so I am going to cheat by using this credit card protector. Have you seen one of these? You can get them at the drug store to help protect your credit cards. My old ATM card had a big problem with this and sitting in my leather wallet, it doesn't happen anymore, but at the time I got this to help out. But I noticed an interesting occurrence with this one day that I want to show you and were going to use this pen. Are you left handed or right handed? I want you something so I'd like you to spread your fingers out and look down at this...


2. Clairvoyance this is the ability to read minds. (French means clear vision) and again I am a magician, not a real psychic so I am going to cheat by using something called a reverse business card are you familiar with these? Oh its a great networking tool that I have picked up on working in the wedding industry. Normally Id give a new bride my business card hoping she'd call me to hire me, but in truth, potential clients collect business cards and maybe they only call 1 or 2 people back. In truth, I want to be the one who follows up with them so its not always important to me that they get MY information, I realized early on that I want theirs so I now use a reverse business card, let me show you what it looks like. (open wallet and show blank business cards)

These are so helpful, most often potential clients don't carry business cards, I use these to get their information. Lets pretend you're a bride that wants to hire a magician for her wedding and so Ill get your name and email and cell number and at the bottom I will write a few words that will help me remember your special day.

I want you to take a card and this pencil and I want you to secretly write down what you'd want for your catered dinner, lets give you a choice of beef, chicken or fish and Ill look away while you write. You got it? And real quick lets throw in a second piece of information a totally random word Id never know - pick a color you want this wedding to be any color at all, it doesn't matter and when you're ready hand me back the card.


3. Precognition this is the ability predict the future (latin pre/before cognito (cognitive) knowledge). I'm sure you've never seen a card like this (red ESP card from Thought Wave Extreme)but in a true test of extra sensory perception there are several hundred key symbols people are tested with, this plastic card only has the top 52 symbols.

Were going to use this ... and a standard deck of cards to test my ability to predict the future. Now, knowing what I know of you - now that we've spend some time together because secretly, without your knowledge, as weve talked, laughed and interacted this entire time I have been studying you and building up a psychological profile of you and I think...I think...I've just about got you figured out.

*at this point I retrieve the business card they wrote on and I tear it in half and I use each half to write a future prediction following the routine of TWE.
Now I do TWE as taught using the halved business cards instead of post its.

* At the end of the routine they get to keep the halved business card and the pen as a memento of all 3 effects.

The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » The words we use » » Full Patter Routine for: Thought Wave Extreme, Lubor Lens and the Ultimate Networking Tool (0 Likes)
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