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The Boris Wild Marked Deck Project

The Hype:
Boris Wild has spent a lifetime perfecting the art of using a marked deck. He has elevated its use to an art form, using its benefits in the most sophisticated and imaginative ways possible.

This is NOT about just having a card selected and reading its value from the back. It’s WAAAAAY more than that. Master the techniques Boris will teach you and you will have a weapon in your arsenal that will elevate ALL the card magic you perform. Think of the Marked Deck as a tool that can supercharge every routine you do. It can add a layer of deception to any effect, help you get ahead of your spectators, rescue you if a trick goes wrong – and Boris teaches you ALL of this.

The lessons and insights taught to you on this enormous 4 hour + project will help you master the best selling Boris Wild Marked deck, and highlight just why Boris’ patented design is so ingenious. You can achieve miracle with Boris Wild.s Marked Deck that just cannot be achieved with any other deck! After watching the Boris Wild Marked deck Project you will NEVER leave the house without a Marked Deck again.

Boris even teaches you how to design and create your own customized Boris Wild Marked Decks for the ultimate personalized weapon.

My Take:
When I went to my first magic convention a few years ago, one of the featured performers was Boris Wild. Before I went, I purchased his book on marked cards from the Camirand Academy. It came with sheets of transfer numbers as there was not yet a specially printed deck. If you wanted one of Boris decks, you had to make it yourself. If you are just starting out, you have it a lot easier.

One of the great things about Boris is his personality. It helps him sell his magic because people really do like him. He is friendly and patient. At a recent convention, he gave a private lecture that required an additional admission cost. One of the attendees was a nine year old boy who thought he was the next Dai Vernon. He interrupted Boris' lecture saying he knew a better way to do what Boris was teaching and wanted to show it to everyone. To Boris' credit, he kept his temper and handled the young man with patience and grace. This personality comes across in spades on this set of DVD's which I feel will be the definitive work on the marked deck.

You get over four hours of instruction on two DVD's. The magic humor and fun keep watching this from being a chore. He says that some magicians feel that using a marked deck is the sign of a lazy magician who just doesn't want to put in the time and work to learn the "proper" methods. He then proceeds to show us just how inaccurate a statement that is. The deck was inspired by the work of Ted Lesley. Boris created his own eliminating what he felt were weaknesses.

Disk 1 - The marking system is explained. It allows you to read a card from a ribbon spread and supercharges the speed it takes to find a specific card. There is only one mark to identify the card. Only a value is used, not a suit. The suit is indicated by the positioning of the mark. There is a mark on each side of the card so it can be read in either direction.

Boris teaches you how to create your own deck, ala the transfer letters I mentioned previously. This allows you to position the marks where you might need them. It also allows you to use a different brand of card that you might prefer. The printed deck is also now on Maiden back Bicycles as the USPCC has banned the making of gaffed cards on the Rider back that most of us loved.

Basic uses include finding the mark. He says it may take a couple of months' work to become proficient at reading the deck. Time well spent. Practice techniques are taught. He says it is actually faster to find a named card face down than it is face up due to the positioning of the marks.

We have all had the spectator who lies about his chosen card. An ingenious technique is taught that makes you almost wish for the guy to be at your next show.

A number of the tricks require the cull and Boris teaches his technique.

Two routines are taught on this disk.

Double Revelation - You say you are going to memorize the deck. Two cards are removed. By going through the deck face up, you are able to name both of the cards. This is a strong effect with a simple method. Tips are also included about how to "sell" the trick to your audience.

Zero Touch - A card trick where the magician never touches the deck at all. The spectator removes the deck from the box and follows your instructions. He shuffles and follows a rather involved procedure that ends with you find his card. A second phase is shown where the spectator is the magician who does not touch the deck and you are the spectator. You follow his instructions and at the end, he successfully locates your card. I saw Boris perform this for a room full of magicians who were just speechless after the second phase. This is a reputation maker.

Disk 2 - Consists of five routines.

The Ideal Effect - Spectator shuffles, cuts and selects a card while you are facing away so if the deck is marked you don't see it. You announce the position of the card, do a one handed cut and the card is the selection. Boris demos the way to read the card while appearing not to even look at it. Devilishly clever and the end can be customized to your venue or performance style. The one handed cut is the Revelation Pass. It uses the reach across cut which is a cousin of the Charlier cut. Boris says that the size of your hands can be a factor with larger hands making it easier to perform.

Peek Sandwich - A pair of cards is put aside. Spectator shuffles and peek a card in the middle of the deck. The pair is inserted face up into the deck and the deck is squared. When it is spread again, the selection is found between the cards of the pair.

Inexplicable - An envelope is shown containing a prediction. The deck is shuffled and the top card is turned over. Of course it matches the prediction. In a second version, the cards are spread and the spectator moves her hands over the cards and lowers it to choose a card. Boris tells us that thinking on your feet so you can change tactics is of great benefit.

Invisible, But Marked - His take on the Invisible Deck, but this time the deck can be examined. Spectator names her favorite card. You remove the card invisibly from the deck, turn it over and replace it. When the deck is spread, one card is reversed. The selection. Spectator can even spread the cards herself which is not possible with the normal Invisible Deck. Several methods are taught to reverse the selection.

PURACAAN - The deck is legitimately shuffled. The spectator names a card and a number. Cards are spread and stopped at the chosen number. The card is turned over to reveal the named card. Boris has also created Any Card at Any Birthday, which is a stunning effect but very involved. The method here is much simpler to follow.

Conclusion: This is by far my favorite of Big Blind's releases so far. The performance and the instruction are sensational. Pay attention to Boris' performances and interaction with his spectators. His personality and acting skills allow him to connect with his audience. Watching that and learning it is a lesson in itself. In case you couldn’t tell, this release is highly recommended.
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » Dvd, Video tape, Audio tape & Compact discs. » » The Marked Deck Project - Boris Wild (a Magic Portal review) (1 Likes)
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