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John Kokot
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It doesn't require a discerning eye to determine that conjuring books with "coin(s)" in their title devote themselves exclusively to coin magic. J.B. Bobo's "The New Modern Coin Magic," Kainoa Harbottle's "Coins on Edge," T.Nelson Downs' "Modern Coin Manipulation," Richard Kaufman's "Coin Magic" or "David Roth's Expert Coin Magic," Luis Piedrahita "Coin and Other Fables," and Scotty York's "Coins" are a few prominent examples that come to mind.

But what about books not identified as coin magic books? How much coin magic can be found within their covers? To answer these questions, I perused the table of contents and skimmed the text of 187 books that did not claim to be focused on coin magic.

Camille Gaultier's "Magic Without Apparatus," with its 116 pages of coin material, topped the list, and Volume VI of "The Tarbell Course in Magic" came in second with its 97 pages. The full list follows.

A few caveats. The survey undoubtedly contains plenty of mistakes. Concentration can lag in the presence of tedium. I did not measure precise column inches. Nor did I make distinction between partial and full pages. No attempt was made to separate quantity from quality; volume was the sole criterion. Those who discover errors are encouraged to correct them.

Gaultier, C. Magic Without Apparatus 116 pages
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course: Volume VI 97
Bertram, Ross Bertram on Sleight of Hand 95
Buckley, A. Principles and Deceptions 90
Ganson, L. Complete Magic Teach-In Series 83
Thompson, J.G. Miracle Makers 79
Lorayne, H. Tarbell Course in Magic, Volume VII 78
Jay, J. Rune's World 76
Levent & Karr, T. Benson (Roy) by Starlight 76
Jay, J. Destroyers: The Superlative Magic from Troy Hooser 75
Page, P. Page by Page 73
Kaufman, R. Gertner's Steel and Silver 71
Miller, H. Art of Eddie Joseph 68
Minch, S. Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 66
Braham, A. Ken Brooke's Magic Place 65
Sachs, E. Sleight of Hand 64
Bertram, Ross Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 63
Brown, E. Feints and Temps of Harry Riser 60
Ammar, M. Magic of Michael Ammar 56
Hilliard, J.N. Greater Magic (1938) 56
Ouellet, G. Close-Up illusions 55
Minch, S. Carneycopia 54
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course: Volume I 54
Ganson, L. Annotated Magic of Slydini 51
Page, P. & Goshman, A. Magic By Gosh 51
Hay, H. Amateur Magician's Handbook 50
Mentzer, J. Close-Up Cavalcade 50
Cohen, S. & Kaufman, R. Japan Ingenious 48
Racherbaumer, J. Arcade Dreams 48
Downs, T. Art of Magic (1909) 47
Downs, T. Art of Magic (1921) 47
Fulves, K. Best of Slydini . . . And More 47
Mentzer, J. Close-Up Cavalcade Finale 46
Ostin, B. Fingertip Fantasies 45
Benzais, J. Best of Benzais 44
Harkey, D. Simply Harkey 44
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course: Volume III 44
Jay, J. Moments: More Superlative Magic from Troy Hooser 43
Kaufman, R. Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts 43
Bannon, J. Impossibilia 41
Wonder, T., and Minch, S. Books of Wonder: Volume 1 40
Cummins, P. Tricls of My Trade: The Magic of Doug Conn 39
Ammar, M. Encore 3 38
Kaufman, R. Williamson's Wonders 38
Nelson, E. Variations 38
Starke, G., Daley, J., & Elliott, B. Stars of Magic 38
Carney, J. Book of Secrets 36
Mentzer, J. AnotherClose-Up Cavalcade 36
Galloway, A. Ramsay Classics 35
Stone, T. Vortex 34
Kaufman, R. Sawa's Library of Magic 33
Racherbaumer, J. At the Table 33
Harris, P. Art of Astonishment: Book 2 32
Regal, D. Approaching Magic 32
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course: Volume II 32
Elliott, B. Professional Magic Made Easy 31
Fulves, K. Magical World of Slydini 30
Elliott, B. Classic Secrets of Magic 28
Powers, M. Top Secret Stuff 28
Baker, A. Secret Ways of Al Baker 27
Maxwell, M. Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 27
York, S. Lecture Notes 27
Fleisher, A. & Minch, S. New York Magic Symposium Collection Three 25
Galloway, A. Ramsay Legend 25
Hay, H. Learn Magic 24
Pierre, R. Magic of Francis Carlyle 24
Regal, D. Close-Up & Personal 24
Tarr, B. Now You See It, Now You Don’t! Lessons in Sleight of Hand 24
Ganson, L. Routined Manipulation Finale 23
Ganson, L. Vernon (Dai) Book of Magic 23
Hammond, R. Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles 23
Kaplan, G. Fine Art of Magic 22
Racherbaumer, J. In a Class by Himself: The Legacy of Don Alan 22
Rogers, M. Complete Mike Rogers 22
Swiss, J. & Thompson, J. Magic of Johnny Thompson: Volume II 22
Leveridge, M (Compiler & Editor) British Close Up Magic Symposium: The First Decade 21
Barnowsky, L Book of Destiny 20
Brooke, K. Unique Years 20
Jennings, N. Larry Jennings on Card and Coin Handling 20
Johnson, R. Final Call 20
Lewis, E. Martin's Miracles: The Magic of Martin Lewis 20
Nathanson, L. Slydini Encores 20
Tyler, J. Pockets Full of Miracles 20
Bamberg, T. Okito on Magic 19
Kaufman, R. New Magic of Japan 19
Lorayne, H. Dingle's Deceptions 19
Minch, S. New York Magic Symposium: The Collection Four 19
Stone, T. Maelstrom 19
Elliott, B. Magic As a Hobby 18
Maxwell, M. Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 18
Ponsin, J. N. Ponsin on Conjuring 18
Tucker, S. Ostin: The Magical Inventions 18
Zingg, A. Sam's: The Magic of Sam Swartz 18
Avis, J. & Derris, J. Vis a Vis 17
Kaufman, R. Five Times Five 17
Minch, S. New York Magic Symposium: Collection Five 17
Lovick, J. Experience The Magic of Jon Allen 16
Harris, P. Art of Astonishment: Book 1 15
Murray, J. Inside John Murray 15
Braham, A. Norman, Karl: 40 Years at the Forks 14
Close, M. Workers: Number 5 14
Ganson, L. Ganson Book 14
Harris, P. Art of Astonishment: Book 3 14
Pierce, L Elements 14
Swiss, J. & Thompson, J. Magic of Johnny Thompson: Volume I 14
Berg, J., Avadon, D., & Lewis, E. Berg Book 13
Zavis, W. Divers Deceits 13
Bannon, J. Smoke and Mirrors 12
Galloway, A. Ramsay Finale 12
Miller, Hugh Al Koran's Legacy 12
Steinmeyer, J. Conjuring Anthology 12
Thompson, J.G. My Best 12
York, S. For Your Eyes Only 12
Ganson, L. Routined Manipulation II 11
Garcia, F. & Schindler, G. Amedeo's Continental Magic 11
Victor, E. Further Magic of the Hands 11
Wilson, T. Reinventing the Real 11
Baker, A. Magical Ways & Means 10
Ben, D. Tricks 10
Victor, E. Magic of the Hands 10
Fischer, O Magic of J.N. Hofzinser 9
Fleischman, S. Charlatan's Handbook 9
Kaufman, R. Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi 9
Koran, A., & Lamonte, J Mastered Amazement 9
Pierce, L Roger Klause in Concert 9
Regal, D. Constant Fooling 2 9
Acer, D. DeSouza's Deceptions 8
Berland, S. Magic of Sam Berland 8
Dreher, C. Professional Close-Up: Volume I 8
Lever, D. Brooke (Ken) and Friends (Volume One) 8
Parrish, R. For Magician’s Only 8
Wagner, J.C. 7 Secrets 8
Ganson, L. Routined Manipulation I 7
Allerton, B. The Close-up Magician 6
Bloom, G. Full Bloom: Volume 2 6
MacGregor, J. Real World Magic 6
Mead, E. Tangled Web 6
Moehring, J. Del Ray: America's Foremost 6
Parr, D. Brain Food 6
Sanderson, G. Concealed Art of Magic 6
Vernon, D. Select Secrets 6
Baker, A., et. al. Our Mysteries. 5
Ben, D. Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic 5
Close, M. Workers: Number 2 5
Hugard, J. Close-Up Magic 5
Victor, E. More Magic of the Hands 5
Allen, K. T.I.P.S. 4
Baker, A. Pet Secrets 4
Breese, M Koran (Al): The Unique Years 4
Booth, J. Marvels of Mystery 3
Randall, J. Magic for Professionals 3
Spencer, R. Fetsching Magic 3
Steinmeyer, J. Magic of Alan Wakeling 3
Swinford, P. Lecture Notes 2
Olson, B. & Pearce, B. Sick Sorcery 1
Willmarth, P. Magic of Matt Schulien 1
Anderson, G. The Book 0
Bloom, G. Full Bloom: Volume 1 0
Bloom, G. Series 1 0
Burger, E. Mastering the Art of Magic 0
Close, M. Workers: Number 3 0
Close, M. Workers: Number 4 0
Close, M. Workers: Number 1 0
Curry, P. Magician's Magic 0
Curry, P. Curry’s Worlds Beyond 0
Curry, P. Curry (Paul) Presents 0
Leveridge, M. Strolling Magician 0
Lovick, J. Handsome Jack 0
Marconick (Heinz Nikolas Stalk) Marconick's Original Magic. 0
McComb, B. Professional Touch 0
Mendoza, J. Mendoza Portfolio 0
Mentzer, J. Professional Close-Up of Curtis Kam 0
Miller, Hugh Al Koran's Professional Presentations 0
Minch, S. New York Magic Symposium 0
Ouellet, G. Class Act: the Magic of Tony Binarelli 0
Regal, D. Constant Fooling 1 0
Riser, H. Secrets of an Escamoteur 0
Schenk, U., and Sondermeyer, M. Magic of Paul Potassy 0
Seabrooke, T. Seabrooke's Book 0
Skinner, M. Classic Sampler 0
Steele, R. Paul Rosini's Magical Gems 0
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course: Volume V 0
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course: Volume IV 0
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Companion 0
Tarbell, H. Tarbell Course in Magic, Volume VIII 0
Thurston, H. 200 Tricks You Can Do 0
Tullockk, E.; et. al. Tullock: Phantom Founder of Trade Show Magic 0
Wonder, T., and Minch, S. Books of Wonder: Volume II 0
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What a list! Smile I appreciate seeing it and that it speaks so well of coin magic as to other magic. Good job, JK. Smile And I have read through many of these books on the subject along my journey going this way & that, and it always delivered a smile to me whenever the subject of "coin magic" was included in there somewhere... 2 pages or 50 pages, I was always happy to see it. Smile

I wouldn't think I would have much to add here, but a little something is better than nothing at all, I suppose... Smile

With that, The Second Now You See it, Now You Don't book by Bill Tarr has 81 pages devoted to coin magic. Smile And that would put it up near the very top of your list (almost top 5) with the other fine selections cited there. Smile Tarr put 57 more pages in this book, than in his first offering, and I for one was so very happy to see it at the time (late 70s), especially the much larger coin section. Smile

It's such a great book(s) on magic, a sorta "workbook" size book actually that has amazing step-by-step sketches included by artist, Barry Ross. Glad Bill Tarr was mentioned here as I've always thought & said that his books were worthy. Smile I was a young art student back then in NYC, and always thought the numerous sketches of instruction were priceless and well-worth the paltry price of admission. Smile

Just the same, nice to see such information ferreted out a bit and given more organization than it had been in such a way. I'm sure this will be greatly appreciated by all, most certainly by me...Thank you. Smile
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"Believe in YOU, and you will see the greatest magic that ever was." -Mb Smile
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Not sure how Apocalypse didn't make that list... another approach is to use Denis Behr's Conjuring Archive....
Though searching for "coin" also brings up a few instances of "coincidence". Smile

4,597 entries for "coin"
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“Arcade Dreams” By Jon Racherbaumer and Edward Marlo has a wonderful section on Marlo’s coin work.
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John Kokot
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Thank you for the perceptive comments, gentlemen.

Regarding Apocalypse, as can be seen from reviewing the list, indolence caused me to exclude periodicals and bound reprints of magazines. As a result, along with Mr. Lorayne's journal, other valuable publications like The Chronicles, Epilogue, Genii, Kabbala, The Linking Ring, M-U-M and The Pallbearers Review were excluded from the survey.

As Poof-Daddy reports, "Arcade Dreams" does, indeed, have 45 pages of coin magic. I may have missed this because much of this material is reprinted from Marlo's "Coining Magic."

Finally, after reevaluating my list, I discovered my most egregious omissions: Al Schneider's "Al Schneider on Close-up," "Al Schneider Magic" and "The Theory of Magic." How I omitted someone of his stature from the list is inexplicable. I'm about to get out my abacus and start counting. Page numbers to come.
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Sterling effort, John!

Three more for your list:

Hugard, Modern Magic Manual: 47

Wilson, Complete Course in Magic:47

Gibson, Complete Illustrated Book of Close-Up Magic: 80 plus quite a few more scattered through the book

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The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne also.
David Neighbors
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And I have a set of Lecture Notes Called " Not just Coins " That Has some coin stuff in it! But also some card stuff And 7 Non-card and Coin Things!
David Neighbors

The Coinjurer
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Thanks for the list, John! Great reference material; plus, I think you just gave me the motivation to order some additional books that I have long thought about acquiring.

Hey, Marion, when did you pick up the Tarr & Ross sequel? Wasn't it everything I promised?!
Larry Barnowsky
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Every one of my eight magic books including the Book of Destiny in your list Smile
John Kokot
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David Neighbors and Larry Barnowsky have suggested adding Not Just Coins and 21st Century Coin Mechanics to my list. Unfortunately, despite their estimable quality, these publications do not make the cut. They are excluded, not because their contents are in any way inferior, but solely because they contain the words coin or coins in their titles. If you check my list of 187 titles, you will find that none of them contains these words.

My goal in compiling the list was to provide a consumer guide for magicians looking for coin magic in non-obvious locations. If a book has coins in its title, it clearly contains coin magic. That is not the case in books without coins in their title, for example, The Dai Vernon Book of Magic.

I was trying to highlight how much coin magic was in these non-obvious choices. I was not trying to list all books containing coin magic. That’s why, as I stated in the introduction that I excluded Bobo’s The New Modern COIN Magic, and Richard Kaufman’s COINMagic, and T. Nelson Downs’ Modern COIN Manipulation, among others, from the list

I should have made this clearer in the introduction. My apologies for the lack of erudition and articulation.
John Kokot
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Three additions from Al Schneider, including his opus, which jumps to the top of the list.

Schneider, Al. "Al Schneider Magic" --- 417 pages.
Schneider, Al. "Al Schneider on Close-Up" --- 85 pages.
Schneider, Al. "The Theory of Magic" --- 17 pages that utilize coin magic to illustrate a theoretical point.
Feral Chorus
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One book you may want to add is Kort - The Magic of Milt Kort, by Stephen Minch. The coin section spans 126 pages, although those pages are sprinkled with a number of one page anecdotes that may or may not focus on coins. As best I can tell there is little overlap with Kort's material printed in Modern Coin Magic.
John Kokot
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Happy Holidays.

Another important book I omitted on the initial list is The Essential Sol Stone, by Stephen Hobbs. It clocks in at 154 pages of coin magic.
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Lotta coin magic out there. Smile Thanks for tracking a lot of it down, and inspiring others to help out, which ultimately make your list even better a reference. Smile

Good Will Towards Men Smile
*Check out my latest: MBs Morgan w/ BONUS: Destiny, Copper Silver INC, Double Trouble, FlySki, Crimp Change - REDUX!, and other fine magic at Smile

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Quite a challenge to find something on my shelves you have not listed. Here are a few more;
Mendoza, J./ The Book of John/ 41 pages
Mendoza, J./ John: Verse Two/ 35 pages
Acer, D./ Natural Selections/ 15 pg.
Acer, D./ Natural Selections II / 16 pg.
Acer, D./ Random Acts of Magic/ 16 pg.
Acer, D./ More Power to You/ 19 pg.
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A few more;
Kaufman & Phillips/ Lou Gallo: The Underground Man/ 38 pages
Mentzer, J./ Fechtner/ 10 pg.
Kaufman, R./ Sankey Pankey/ 42 pg.
Kaufman, R./ 100% Sankey/ 19 pg.
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Vernon, D./ Malini And His Magic/ 8 pg.
Ganson, L./ Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig/ 30 pg.
Michael Rubinstein
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All the books by Horace Bennett
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Kenner, C./ Out Of Control, MME Edition/ 78 pg.
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