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Neale Bacon
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Burnaby BC Canada
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Found a great case at the dollar store that fits on my belt and holds:

1 deck of cards
couple of packet tricks in small wallet
(b'wave, colour monte and killer B)
Few coins in a seperate compartment
Couple of rubber bands and paper clips.
Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters
Burnaby BC
Canada's Favourite Family Ventriloquist
Bob T.
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I carry a TT with a silk, a mismade bill, a Squeaker
(I get a lot of mileage out of it),Rubber bands for CMH, color monte and two card monte.
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I usually just carry a deck of cards, but will probally start carrying the stealth pen ( gets great reactions) and a TT. I need to learn some good mentalist effects for when I forget cards......
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Profile of vernal
3 Ben Franklin 50 cent pieces. I'm considering moving up to 4, but I don't know if I want to carry so much stuff Smile
"Finger-flinging has about as much relation to magic as a Jazz Band has to Music." - J.B. Bobo. (I don't agree with the jazz comparison, but I still think the quote is funny.)

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." - John Lennon
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Profile of tropicalpenguin
Just a deck of cards and a wad of duplicates that go in my wallet. Occasionally, I will bring a marker.
-The penguin has spoken Smile

-How could 52 pieces of cardboard ever bring so much joy?
Aaron Duvall
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I like to have a few coins such as a scotch and soda with the shell and insert in opposite pockets. As well as a Mexican Centavo for "silver to copper" type changes.
Werner G. Seitz
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Well, I do it the *relaxed* way..but one thing to me is to be always prepared..

I do have a friend who can do magic very, very impromptu, without being *prepared*, but it is just not me..

Still, as mentioned, I take it easy..

Thing is, I can do the below described anytime, anywhere and mind you, apart from what I mention now, I have a lot of *normal* stuff in my trousers pockets carkeys, other keys, a purse for coins when shopping -NOT used in magic- aso.

Apart from all this, my right trousers pocket contains a purseframe and a single coin, halfdollarsize, actually the coins I use are *old* danish 5 kroners, that are a bit larger then a halfdollar, my left trousers pocket contains 3 coins of the same domination..
Now, all this together with all the normal garbage one does use for normal, non-magical purposes..

When I feel I have/want to do some magic, this is what happens..
Mind you I'm talking about summertime and being with short sleeved shirt.

First of all- when I have to do it for strangers in a restaurant/cafe/bar (stand-up of course) I first shake hands and ask for their name, introduce myself, rub my hands and both enter both trouserspockets at the same time (mind you, what I describe also is an action I do, when being on holiday, NOT having a jacket on!, just short sleeved, whatever) .
The left hands grabs one coin (that is the purpose of having THREE coins in that pocket, apart from they get in use is easier to grab one out of three then searching for a single one, when having other garbage there!!) the right grabs the purseframe..

The right leaves the pocket a splitsecond before the left and so displaying the purse/directing their attention..
The usual questions re :*Do you know what this is*..aso.
Then I do the Johnny Paul sublety to show both hands empty and immediately produce the coin out of the purse with my right hand, purse of course was placed in left and opend...
That coin is drawn to the mouth with the right for *biting* to se if it's real..

This frees my right hand and I do a twirling florish with the open pursefram and then return it to the right trousers- pocket..
Left hand takes the coin out of mouth after a few biting actions/comments that it is real, throws it to the right, then I do immediately a fake pass (Goshman type) right to left to hand over the coin to the spec.

Producing it after some misdirection, left hand no succes, right hand has, from a left bodypart of his/her, immediately therafter vanishing that coin from the trousersfold on my left leg.

Therefrom, after producing it from behind my right leg, fake pass to left hand which enters the pocket (fakepass courtesy of Michael Skinner) and it goes right through my left trouserspocket..
Herefrom again fakepass (Albert Goshman) to hand it over to the spec..
Herefrom I might do a couple of things like producing it, fakeplacing it in my right pocket, producing it again, placing it in my left trouserspocket, (fakepass) and produce it again..
I play it by the ear, being carefull not to overdo it..

Mind you, the fakepasses I do really ARE deceptive, so I can strech it to a certain limit Smile

Now, as I have alltogether 4 coins available..and IF there is a table accessable, no matter how high low whatever, as long as it IS avaialble, I do my own coins through the table -using no lapping- as it can be done in any situation, as long as there is a table available..
That's it..that's what I do..
I could follow up with other stuff, but I don't carry it around normally when just being out or on vaccation, without a jacket on..

Sometimes I do have the Hindu-thread in a suitable round container (to secure the preparation never foulds up and it never has) with me and I just might do that..
Nothing of this is impromptu..I prefer certain sizes of coins which nowadays are not common anymore here in my country, I have to have the purseframe..but..I'm prepared..

The single coin in the right pocket might get in use, when I skip doing the purseframe for ceratin reasons, in that case I just classicpalm that single coin out of my right pocket and produce it from a specs clothing, beforehand commenting/asking.*Wherefrom have you bought that shirt/ is very nice..I like it..I can se it is worth money*..or similar remarks to prepare/make it possible for me to touch the material to produce the first coin..
Babling, bablings..but I answered the original question .. Smile
Learn a few things well.....this life is not long enough to do everything.....

( Words of wisdom from Albert Goshman paid off for him - it might
as well for YOU!!!- My own magic is styled after that motto... Smile )
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Profile of prettylady1990
I just carry a deck of cards.
Werner G. Seitz
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On 2004-08-17 05:05, prettylady1990 wrote:
I just carry a deck of cards.
You like to bore ppl??? Smile
Learn a few things well.....this life is not long enough to do everything.....

( Words of wisdom from Albert Goshman paid off for him - it might
as well for YOU!!!- My own magic is styled after that motto... Smile )
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Well, I carry a key ring (archangel), a bic pen, and my wallet (business cards for sneak theif and osterlinds watch routine, hidden playing cards for kollasal killer, coins, rubberbands and a double compartment for money, serial killer) these are just things I carry all the time. you could also do some pickpocketing. that doesn't always require stuff from you
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Toronto, Canada
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-Deck of Cards + Marker

-Holy Moly

-Spare Change and a Half Dollar.
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3 Barber Halves
Matching finger gimlet
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SW Ohio, USA
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Oh, and as to which of Eugene's books the quarter effect is from, or what it is called, I do not know. I learned it from a magiccian who had learned it from Burger.

Dr. Lao: "Do you know what wisdom is?"
Mike: "No."
Dr. Lao: "Wise answer."
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Kissimmee, FL
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An Altoids tin...what a GREAT idea...protects the props and looks like a natural item to have in a pocket. I agree this is a great thread.

On 2004-07-12 13:55, jugglingeagle wrote:
A deck of cards, and an Altoid tin with a silk, a TT, a fingertip, a strand of IT, and a silver dollar. Honestly, how much more do you need? So many tricks are made posible with this stuff!

I love reading this post!
Make every day a magicial adventure

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Poker chip from MGM in Vegas. Fun Da Mentalist, Cards (Set up for REd hot mama), marker.
"Tell Em WR sent Ya."
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Profile of markhammagi
I haven't see this idea posted ...

I would suggest that you purchase a copy of Martin Gardner's "Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic" from Magic Inc. It will be one of the BEST purchases you EVER MAKE - it has hundreds of effects with everyday items in its 576 pages. Even if you were asked spur-of-the-moment to perform some tricks at a nudist beach, this books will provide your with the tools to knock their socks off.

For those of you who prefer videos to books (I prefer books), Tom Mullica and Dan Harlan have released videos and DVDs that cover some of the material in the Gardner book.

P.S. I also try to always carry a deck of cards with me as well, but if I can perform with borrowed objects, I do. The impact is always better.

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I usually carry the fallowing:

-Deck of cards
-Hundy 500
-Coins for Revolution, 3/4 Coin Across, Questionable trick, etc.
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Profile of rannie
My business cards. I do Kuffs' Bold Business.
"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
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Profile of Socalesq
A TT, always (Patrick Page's "instant disappearance of a lit match" is a killer), rubberbands (Simon Aronson's ring-on-rubber band effect is also a killer) and, in my wallet, a few face cards and a 2-dollar bill prepared for Michael Close's "Dr. Strangetrick."
Dr.Maya Baalaamurugaan
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I always carry rubber bands,borrow coins,cards,,,,,,,,,,,and last but least my creativity!
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