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If you do Joe Karson's Chinese Egg bag as on the Cellini DVD...I found a great place mat to use that is made of bamboo with a embrodered type of design in red...it handles smoother than the mat that comes with the effect...very classy looking!
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Wal-Mart has gold-plated metal rings of various size. You can use these for linking rings, ring & rope routines, or whatever.

Their jewelry section has realistic-looking engagement rings you can use for switching out during your ring tricks.
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Greg McNeil Peoria,Illinois
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I've found some nice looking reproduction exotic Chinese coins in small packs of jewelry making trinkets in the crafts section. They are a bit larger than half dollars, and cost about $3 for each. A few smaller, nickel sized coins come in each pack, too.

There are some pretty realistic plastic fruits and vegetables for cups or bowl loads in the crafts area.

Some white, rolled paper lollipop sticks found in the crafts area can be easily painted black along the middle, leaving the ends white, to make some nice cheap small magic wands for giveaways.

I check the crafts aisles at Walmart or any other department store, and often find things that make great magic props by applying just a bit of imagination.

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On 2004-05-12 19:42, Pete Biro wrote:
How many of you remember Woolworths? Same kinda stores 50+ years ago... Then there were "five and dime stores" ... gag used to be "Woolworth's, the world's magic shop."

I do Pete! I loved their lunch counter. and the prices were wonderful!!! Thanks for the memory!!!!
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Don't forget stuffed animals to produce from wherever. It is more humane, less cleanup, and less upkeep. You can give them away as souveniers also.
Dave V
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So far I've never found the large scarves used in M. Ammar's "See through Coins through Scarf" anywhere but at Wal-Mart.

As Michael said, "If you can't find them you're shopping in too nice a place. If you paid more than $2 you paid too much."

That used to be true, but they now go for $2.25 Smile
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The magnetic backings for your business card- allows them to be hung on the fridge- make for an interesting way to vanish magnetic items out of spectator's hands, off table, etc- such as foreign or old coins.
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I live 1/2 hour from Branson and Fred's 5 & 10 is GREAT. I remember Woolworth and Ben Franklin's also. As for Wal-Mart, they have everything from pay envelopes to velvet cord for ring and string.
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Since I personally would never shop at a Wal-Mart nor do we have many around us (thank goodness) I can't add much to this thread. However no store in the world can hold a candle to Archie McPhees. Fortunately I live but a stone's throw (OK a stone's throw if you put it in a trebuchet; they used to be closer before they moved) and I have found the most marvelous treasures there. Miniature arks of the covenant which convert nicely into Kennedy card boxes, replacement beads for my Beads of Prussia, key wound music boxes to power those assorted seance effects, jumbo cards for Card Warp for under 5 bucks a deck, tin lunch boxes of all shapes and sizes including a magic themed one, rubber fried eggs, tiny tools, and the list just goes on and on. If I'm having a dry spell or need a special something Archies is the first place I go to. Sometimes it seems half of my act has come from this fine establishment.
As for flashbacks of the Five & Dimes of my youth, antone remember Grant's or Newberry's.
Mom used to take us to the soda fountain at Newberry's where we'd watch the orders come out of the kitchen on a long conveyer belt that ran the length of the counter. We'd always wonder what would happen if they got to the end but they never did as the wait staff was always on their toes.
I also find great stuff at Target, especially around Halloween and Easter.
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While Walmart is inexpensive, their treatment of employees is horrible. They have helped put the small businesses out of business. In the bigger picture of things it might be useful to find and support the little shops. Chances are you will find more interesting things and people. joey
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I found some 3 x 4 clear ziplock baggies in the craft section, perfect for storing your packet tricks...

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Wooly Nylon? I have searched Walmart for Wooly Nylon. Anyone have any exact product names or anything? I found some different things that strip out single threads, but it is very shiny, and easily seen. AHHH!! LOL I have been on this Wooly Nylon hunt for about a year now, looking at Hobby Lobby, Walmart and anywhere else I could.
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While not Walmart, there are many things to be found at thrift stores and trinket shops. Maybe not always what you would be looking for, but stuff that can inspire you to add new props to your act.


Walmart isn't a magic shop, it is an evil magician,... Making mom and pop shops disappear, as well as health benefits. Smile

Forgot to mention, Hobbys and Crafts stores from the small ones to the big ones like Micheals and Joan's fabrics have lots of great stuff. From adhesives to threads to wierd little props.

http://www.lincolnworld.com/products -- For high end mentalist utility devices, ideas, and props for professionals and serious hobbyists. You can follow me on Instagram @Lincolnworldmagic and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LincolnWorldWatchers
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On 2004-06-15 00:41, Ben721 wrote:
Wooly Nylon? I have searched Walmart for Wooly Nylon. Anyone have any exact product names or anything? I found some different things that strip out single threads, but it is very shiny, and easily seen. AHHH!! LOL I have been on this Wooly Nylon hunt for about a year now, looking at Hobby Lobby, Walmart and anywhere else I could.

Try a fabric store such as Hancock Fabrics or Jo-Ann. Since you didn't state where you are from it's hard to recommend a place. Hancock and Jo-Ann has stores all over the US. I've seen wooly nylon at both.
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Ray Banks
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I needed a new packing trunk (Camp size) for the act recently and some inexpensive repacement trays and, unbelievably, Walmart had nothing! Maybe it was a bad day? I ended up getting the trunk at K-Mart and the trays from a local Dollar Store.

I enjoy looking around IKEA for things to use since their home market is well stocked. I picked up a nice water pitcher with a rubber stopper for a disappearing water trick and a goblet for Snowstorm. Both pieces look nice and cost a total of $6.00.

I'm sure you can also pick up some nice things to use at Church and Group Tag and Yard Sales (but I have a thing about yard sales and avoid them!)

(Just a quick note; my Mother's first job as a kid was in the Caféteria of the large Woolworth's on 34th Street in NYC. I miss Woolworth's you could always get what you wanted without having to go to more than one store.)
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I had the same problem with footlockers at Walmart and wound up at Kmart. They only carry what moves and do not carry a full line like the stores that they put out of business. But it is still cheap. I buy up my supplies of colored hair spray from Walmart after Halloween. One year I bought 82 cans at .10 a can and sold at the festivals for $2. Can't beat Walmart for profitability.

Try true Dollar Stores. No telling what you will find there.

Martin Smile
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Bought my daughter 2 packs of "magic" cards at Wal-Mart this week for $1 each. A Svengali and Stripper deck (a la Marshall Brodien). They had one other type of deck too. I think it was a Svengali with blanks (also $1).
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At WAL-MART I have found very realistic looking plastic roses for very cheap. Not to mentions lots of other stuff I've bought there for magic over the years...

Also ARCHIE MCPHEE (www.mcphee.com) has a website where they have all kinds of cool gizmos and toys.
ed rhodes
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On 2004-05-11 00:35, wmhegbli wrote:
Bicycle cards 2 for $3.

Yeah, but you gotta get red and blue and I don't like red. I get Hoyle cards for $1.26.
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On 2004-05-12 21:53, Bob Sanders wrote:

I remember 15" silks from the dime store for less than $.20 each! There were times when I would go for broke and pay $2.50 for fancy 36" silks there. I will have to admit that there was no way to ever match colors (even bought at the same time). But we didn't mind running or tearing one either.

We used hair nets from there too. I'm not sure anyone uses those in magic tricks anymore. They added suspense to the act for the performer too! They were as great for vanishes as they were for productions. Anyone here old enough to remember those?

My first milk pitcher came from a 5&10. I made a gimmick from one of those fancy "new" clear plastic cups ...etc.

Awww! I wish I lived in those days! I go looking for useful props and accessories in common stores here all the time, but find NOTHING! The few things that have some use to them are probably just as expensive as getting the professional items. Perhaps I will start up my own magic shop and import everything - it would be a niche market for sure in this city!
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