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McMiracles With Cards - George McBride

The Hype:
Scotland's own George McBride is widely known amongst the underground magic fraternity as a card handler of superlative skill. A contemporary of Roy Walton, Gordon Bruce, Jerry Sadowitz and Peter Duffie, he is a master technician and renowned for his ingenious trick construction.

"McMiracles With Cards" is the definitive collection of all the routines George has developed and refined over the last decade of obsessive work. Avoiding overly complex and unnecessarily labyrinthine structures these tricks are honed and lazer focused, streamlined masterpieces. Everything in this project is a trick you will want to perform.

Over a staggering 2 hours, George unleashes 17 routines carefully structured into 4 "sets". The material ranges from incredibly easy to do right through to "That is something I want to do when I grow up".

The wealth of knowledge squeezed into this project is breathtaking technique, construction, overlapping method, awe inspiring sleights - It's all here and you can learn the lot!

My Take:
Years ago I saw a George McBride DVD where he taught his take on the pass, the twist shift. ("George McBride - the DVD", also by Big Blind). I took the time to learn it and then changed the procedure to fit me. This is the pass I have used for years and still use so , of course, I was interested to see what George has been up to.

Even before you plug the disk in, you know it will be a better bargain than most of the others out there. Eight to ten routines seems to be the max number of effects per magic DVD. George gives you 17 here. And they are arranged into 4 sets.

Set #1 offers 5 effects.
Vanishing Lie Detector - A card is selected from a packet of ten cards. The spectator is asked several questions about his choice, either lying or telling the truth about its identity. Each time the packet indicates whether a truth or lie has been told, finally revealing the selected card which has vanished from the packet. Not self working but easy to do and clever. A good pick to carry in your pocket.

Polly's Graph - A packet of 4 red cards and 4 black cards are shown and one is merely thought of. Once again the spectator either lies or tells the truth about his card which is revealed through a different method than before. The card is replaced into the deck but returns to the packet.

Royal Marriage - spectator shuffles the deck and removes the King and Queen of Diamonds.The King is then replaced into the deck which is then shuffled. The deck is cut and half discarded. Through a series of spellings, the King is reunited with his Queen. Does include some easy sleights then goes into a procedure that will even fool you. My only caveat is the amount of spelling necessary but a great trick to perform for a few friends or at your next club meeting.

Universal Joker - A Joker is removed from the deck and set aside. The spectator removes three cards of his choice. They are replaced into three different positions in the deck. Deck is cut and shuffled several times. The Joker turns into each selected card one at a time and then returns to being the Joker. Teaches his card control and a Hofzinzer card switch. Prepare to spend some time learning this one.

Nippy Knaves - The four jacks and three indifferent cards are shown. A jack and the three cards are placed face down and the three Jacks are put down onto your table. They are then shown to be the three indifferent cards with all 4 Jacks into the pile. Basically a 7 card assembly effect.

Set 2.
Blow Palm Change - Very nice utility move to switch a card.

Blend & Split - A card is selected and returned to the deck. Cutting the deck reveals two cards that are the same suit as the selection. When added together, the total equals the value of the selection. A very pretty reveal of the two cards.

Tom, Dick and Harry - Any three cards are removed from the deck and placed face down onto the table. Three cards are placed onto each of the face down cards. When the piles are turned face up and counted, all three selections have vanished. The deck is cut and shuffled. Cards are dealt face down to spell each of the names, Tom, Dick and Harry and the top cards are revealed to be the selections.

Two Tonne Triumph - A card is selected. The rest of the deck is divided and half of the deck is shuffled face up into the facedown portion. When the deck is spread, all the cards have righted themselves except for three cards which are the mates of the selected cards.

Double Swap Mystery - Two jacks are shown and then two cards appear facedown between them. These cards are not revealed. The jacks are used as pincers to select two more cards from the deck which are then replaced into the deck. The cards on the table are revealed to be the cards that were selected and signed by the spectator. You will never guess the method for this one.

Set 3
Campbell's Caprice - Two Queens are placed aside face down. Two more cards are selected, signed and replaced into the deck. The two queens are shown then turn into the selections. The spectator is told that the Queens have jumped into the performer's pocket but then are shown back on the table and the selections have traveled to the pocket. Based on a Peter Duffie effect. An easy move is used to do a beautiful change of the cards.

Remember and Forget - Any two cards are selected. The spectator is told to remember one card and forget the other. The cards are replaced into the deck which is then mixed. Four cards are then removed from the deck. The performer places the cards behind his back and turns one over. It is shown to be the remembered card. This card then turns into the card that was to be forgotten. Not a knucklebuster and a really nice routine.

Jack's Gem - The four kings are removed and placed aside face down. The selected card is added to the packet. The suit is revealed and the King matching the suit is removed from the performer's pocket. The selected card is named only to disappear from the packet and be removed from the pocket. I was surprised to see an old move we have all used but in this case it works and facilitates the routine. If you like packet tricks, this one is for you.

Triola Mystery - One card is placed aside face down and two Jacks face up. The spectator chooses two cards, signs them and they are replaced into the deck. One of the signed cards appears between the Jacks, then the card that was placed on the table is revealed to be the second selection. The Kaufman Radical Change and the Hamman Switch are taught. Very visual killer effect.

Set 4
Cards to Pocket - Nine cards are shown and held in the left hand. One by one they travel into the right pocket. The kicker is that the last three cards travel as a block. Uses the sleights you would expect but you will like his method of counting.

Card to Card Case - Starts as basically an ambitious card routine but escalates from there. One time the signed card turns face up as it is inserted into the deck. Then the signed card disappears only to be found in the card box. Not only that, it now has a different color back.The skill level goes up on this one.

Woodfield Torn Transpo - George's take on the torn and restored card. He "accidentally" tears a piece from a card then puts it into his pocket. His spectator chooses another card which is placed into his hand. The card in his pocket not only changes places with the card in his hand but it is completely restored.

Conclusion: A super set of card magic from one of Scotland's legendary card men. Most of the routines can be learned fairly easily. I have been playing a lot lately with Royal Marriage and love it. I don't really understand why it works but it does every time. You will fool your friends with this one. And the nicest thing is that you can hand the deck to your spectator and let him do all the work. If you love clever card magic, this is a must have.
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » Dvd, Video tape, Audio tape & Compact discs. » » McMiracles with Cards - George McBride (a Magic Portal review) (2 Likes)
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