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On 2004-07-24 10:55, mattisdx wrote:
Finish off with the Card 2 Toilet Smile

Follow this with card to mouth to really get your audience gasping in awe Smile

The Mac
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I don't' know if anyone will care about this but I would love to use a blue backed deck for the whole routine then use Paul Harris' Cros twist to rutn the ambitious card red! and it still has the signature.

Thre routine would contain more double lifts or double sided tape on one card..but that's an amazing ending.
Patter Idea: look this card is getting so much attention its blushin, its turning the move!

hope you like it!

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I think there is no proper ending. It just came to me.. no matter how many times you lose the card it always reveals itself - on the top, face up in the deck or in an impossible location.. Smile
Eight Spades
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I rarely do the ACR anymore, but I like using Peter Scarlett's Dark Card principle. Basically, after having the card signed and handled by the spectator, the finale is the card's back changed color.

.....or was it always like that?

"Tricks are only the crude residue from which the lifeblood of magic has been drained." -S.H. Sharpe
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My favorite ending for AC is to show that the deck contains only the AC. The deck is then handed to your spectator who looks through the deck and finds all it different. The AC is then removed from your pocket. Most spectators think that the deck is made up of the same card any way.
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Best two I've seen are Daryl's tied rope ending and Tommy Wonder's folded card in box. Both great endings to an ambitious card routine.
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While I have always liked this trick for its inherent magic and impossibility. I've come to realize just "making it more impossible" for the card to come to the top is selling the trick short. Sure you can make the card appear in you wallet, but what's more impossible after that? In other words, why does the trick stop?

Jonathan, has a good idea. Atleast that gives a reason for the card going to your wallet, which is more than I can say for most of the presentations I've seen.

Can the audience be more involved - can they have something at stake? Do you give them something else to think about, rather than just how's it going to come to the top this time? If they are more involved in the hook of the routine they are less likely to be wondering how you did it.
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On 2004-05-22 17:29, wsduncan wrote:
I agree with Paul. I took me more than twenty years to find a way to present Ambitious Card that overcame my misgivings about the plot.

My ending (which will be included in my upcoming manuscript "Tribute") has the signed card appear face up on top while the pack is out of your hands. It's an ungaffed method, well suited for use with a borrowed pack, with good (but not great) angles. It requires significant skill in both sleight of hand and audience direction but it's as magical a rise as you could ask for...

Some folks here on the Café may have seen the video I had posted on my website a year ago...

For those who wish to do their own "work" on the idea I'll give you a hint. It's based upon a Marlo technique (which I've refined a bit) that can be found in Card Finesse.

This sounds intriguing - which means the rest of your manuscript would be intriguing. Please let us know when and where it's available.
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On 2004-08-01 22:43, Steinbock wrote:
Nobody mentioned Jay Sankey's "Airtight." It's pretty dramatic to have the entire deck zapped inside a balloon, and then pull the Ambitious Card out without popping it....

Ultimate Ambition doesn't float my boat. It's too gimmicky. And Card to Mouth is too unhygienic. (I mean, yeah, that's one way to end a trick. Get your saliva all over the card and try to hand it back to the spec.)

Too gimmicky? Moreso than "Airtight"? I find Ultimate Ambition easier to ring in than a deck prepped for "Airtight"; as well, it can be handled more freely than the "Airtight" setup -- less gimmicky, in that sense.

Having said that, I can see the impact that "Airtight" can have as an ending. But I can also see it easily overpowering the entire "rising to the top of the deck" sequence that would precede it.

In my current ACR, I've ditched the "ambitious" patter completely and focused on something else. The routine is called "Affinity in Action" and is rooted in the idea of the spectator having a connection to the card he/she selected which results in the card being drawn toward the spectator. The theme/patter justify the card's repeated movement to the top of the deck but also opens the door to other effects, such as jumping from one packet of cards to another (held by the spectator) or appearing in the spectator's pocket. Ending by giving the signed card to the spectator provides closure since it both accomplishes the card's own "goal" and serves to remove such a potentially troublesome pastboard from the magician's deck.
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Mormonyoyoman, I've sent you a PM.

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The way I like to end my ACR is by revealing that their signed card had a different coloured back all this time... basically in the whole routine I deal with DLs so I never really show the real back of the card since the beginning... and after the revelation, its just a stunner...
Werner G. Seitz
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So you have a card signed face-up.
Then you turn it face down, meaning that face-up must be a double to be able to turn it face down and not (yet) revealing it's *other* backcolor.
Then you push it off (the other one) to insert it into the deck, and now the backcolour of the signed card is revealed..?
Well done..???

Or you do a triple, top card is the one getting signed with another back, the 3d card from the top is a DB, then you can do a triple turn over and insert the now top with a normal back into the deck..hmm..could be done, but therefrom??
Oh no..don't explain, I want to figure it out myself.. Smile
Well, inserting it face-up and doing a well done pass is another pop-up..but I really can't se one can go much further with this concept..

All the above just reconstructed in mind-not with a deck in my hands..but I sense some probs in that approach you described.. Smile
Learn a few things well.....this life is not long enough to do everything.....

( Words of wisdom from Albert Goshman paid off for him - it might
as well for YOU!!!- My own magic is styled after that motto... Smile )
Jonathan Townsend
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Folks, it all HAS to come back to the meaning of the magical activity in the routine.

The premise is in the minds of the beholder on this one, and so is the most effective conclusion.

You have to set the premise and follow it to its conclusion.

Yeah, you. all the coins I've dropped here
Werner G. Seitz
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Well, thinking for a minute more..there are possible solutions to that plot, though I wouldn't use that premise, meaning, not even that finish..
I don't think it is THAT strong..

One can start with the 'Chicago Opener' instead and hit them hard already there, before doing the ACR and find a stronger ending for the ACR..there is enough to choose from..
Learn a few things well.....this life is not long enough to do everything.....

( Words of wisdom from Albert Goshman paid off for him - it might
as well for YOU!!!- My own magic is styled after that motto... Smile )
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When doing an ambitious card routine the ending depends on the situation. For example at a fancy dinner party the card to mouth wouldn't be appropriate for the circumstances, in this situation a card to wallet would be best. However on the street corner the card to mouth or card to shoe would be more acceptable. Situations effect all magic. Where your performing for and who should be the decider.
A Aptaker
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What's wrong with the spectators walking away remembering only the ending to the trick? They have a simple summary that they can describe to a friend and you definitely made an impression. AND, as an added bonus, should they tell someone else what you did, and you are approached later on to perform it again, (given that the spectator only told his/her friend only about your finale) the friend will think you're performing a different trick than the one his friend described to him when you're first startign the routine. Therefore, it still makes the ending spontaneous because they don't expect it, or at least don't know when to expect it.
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On 2004-05-18 19:06, magicman222 wrote:
What do you think is the best ending for the Ambitious card is out of the following choices?

card to mouth
card to walllet
Ultimate ambition

also, you can say shoe't followed up with Ultimate ambition. thanks alot.

From where I sit only one of those is an ending to the Ambitious Card: Ultimate Ambition. The others are "card to impossible location" effects that have nothing to do with the card rising to the top of the pack.
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When I do the ACR, my last "to the top" phase is always the pop up move. Nothing more visual than seeing that.

That being said, having that card end up in a box is POWERFULL!!! I have never encountered anyone who forgot the card going to the top over and over. In fact, as they always explain it back later, its usually, "I saw the card pop up on top of the deck from the middle, the end up in a box that was in my pocket/hand the whole time!" I start out by handing my box (Destination Box - Jon Allen) to a spectator at the very beginning of my set, which sells the impossibility of the card ending up there. Also, you do not have to do card to box right after the ACR ending. In fact, I will frequently go on to other effects, and at the end of the set, have the card (ACR) show up in the box they have been holding since the beginning.

I never do card to wallet with this though, I do that as a stand alone effect, ala Eugene Burger.
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Okay, two of the best AC routies that I've viewed and would like to incoporate into my routine are 1 ) Daryl's Ultimate AC with the gaffed finale with rope, and 2 ) Martin Sanderson's signed card to sealed envelope/omnideck AC routine! I think Daryl's AC routine is amazing and the end always get a standup oviation from the audiences. Martin Sanderson's AC routine is very strong also and not very long. However, it really hits between the teeth with his short table-hopping AC routine. If you opted for Martin's routine, make sure you like doing palming and also get a Jerry O'Connel's Plus Wallet and not forgetting an omnideck.
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I think there's something to be said for using Jenning's Ambitious Classic to end the ACR. Instead of using the Joker, as does Ammar in ETMCM, use the AC as the kicker to end the trick and don't bring attention back to the deck. I see that as a natural ending. You have gone from having a full deck and now hold only one card. What's more, you have gone from working with a specific card that always returns to the top to a related but different routine that uses 5 different cards, none of which is the selection. This makes the appearance of the AC at the end that much more magical.
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