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I tend to agree with a much earlier post that if you place the card in an impossible location, the "Ambitious Card" aspect of the routine can easily be forgotten. I end by explaining that the cards ambition can extend to its desire to just rebel against the rest of the deck. I visibly place their actual card into the center of the deck face down (the same direction as the rest of the deck), then with a snap of the fingers their card is turned the opposite direction of the rest of the deck. I follow this by placing the the card in the deck deliberately facing the opposite direction(also in full sight of spectator). Then using the Erdnase color change the entire deck flips around, except their card. The only other move used in this ending is a Braue reversal.
Rik Chew
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YOu could always swap the deck for an identical rising deck, and the card is still 'ambitious' even when the deck is put on its side
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A lot of people have mentioned the pop-up move as a potential ending, but I don't think anyone mentioned why (aside from there being a bigger reaction than the other phases in their routines). It CAN be a logical ending, assuming you don't stick to the "ambitious" plot, because the card is bent. Once the card is bent, placed in the middle, and visibly pops up, any future revelations "would look the same" to the spectator - put it in, pops up to the top. Easy time to just end it and let them keep their card, rather than straighten it out and do yet another move.

My ACR ending is more of a transition phase. Again, the patter has nothing to do with being ambitious, but essentially the last phase uses the James/Ellis Loading move to get the spectator to sign an indifferent card on the back, which becomes their card after they see their card go into the deck. Since it's signed on both sides now, it's easy to move on (unless you just want to add a bunch of riffle passes or cardini changes... I don't). I say it's a transition phase because I can then perform Torn with the card before giving it to the spectator. So my ACR ending isn't really an ending to the audience, though it no longer "comes to the top of the deck" after the loading move.

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I should not say this...i like gary ouellet's threshold as a finish to acr...

Deckless Wonder
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I always end with these three things, one after the other - pop-up move, then card to pocket, then torn and restored.

Hope this helps,
F.D. Smile
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Does anyone know of the routine where the AC is used with more than one card and more than one spectator? I saw this routine where a magician asked three people to pick a card, and the three cards appeared either on the top or the bottom, even when placed a different places in the deck.. it was many years ago that I saw this and have no idea who performed it, but it was on some television show. Very cool, but seem very complicated

-Stevie D
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I've seen a torn and restored ending to an ACR with two people (Richard Bellar - Urban DVD)

Very nice, and how I end my ACR now.
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Depending on the situation...
!card to mouth
!solid deception
!card thru window
!pop up move
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I often use Jay Sankey's Rubber-Rise with subtleties from Justin Hane's Ambition Bound.
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Ben Train
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On 2006-08-20 13:53, dxsare wrote:
Does anyone know of the routine where the AC is used with more than one card and more than one spectator? I saw this routine where a magician asked three people to pick a card, and the three cards appeared either on the top or the bottom, even when placed a different places in the deck.. it was many years ago that I saw this and have no idea who performed it, but it was on some television show. Very cool, but seem very complicated


I would reread our good friend Mr. Erdnase- The top and Bottom production (which is one of my favorite pieces). I hope that helps!

Also, in regards to card to impossible location being so powerful that an audience will forget the previous phases, I don't agree. If you are dealing with an even semi-aware audience, that shouldn't be an issue. If what you mean is it overshadows it, then heres my question to you- do you only perform one trick, with one climax, per set? Otherwise, by the same logic, if you started with AC and then the next effect was card to wallet (which several people have said they feel is so strong audiences will forget the AC sequence) they would forget the AC sequence ANYWAY!

I think magic should build, I think it should flow, and I think there should be SOME sort of logic (even if the logic is occasionally "because it makes it more deceptive/entertaining). I used to agree with not ending with an impossible ending, not because I was worried that it would overshadow the earlier sequences (in all honesty, everything I do I think is strong enough to stand on its own, otherwise I wouldn't do it), but because I didn't see how it fit with the rest of the routine. Now I think I've found that. Although I do Jazz it up a little, I think with some though card to impossible location can be a very good, strong, and LOGICAL ending.

End ramblings.
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I'm surprised no one has picked up on Thernier's presentation idea. It sounds wondefully engaging for the spectator. I don't see the problem as how the ACR should end, but rather how should ACR be presented. The problem with finishing the ACR arises because the effect is inherently directionless in a presentation sense. Thernier's idea for a presentation makes his finale meaningful,logical and coheres the entire performance.

More post on presentations based on the ACR rather than moves to finish a directionless series of sleights and card controls.
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How about performing Wayne Houchin's Indecent so show that not only can the ambitious card melt through other cards to reach the top, it can also change its physical properties and melt through a plastic ziplock bag?

Jim Hazen
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Personally I love to do Card to mouth, its easy, clean, and has that "what the heck!" factor, also occasionally you can get your audiance to really roll with it when after several seconds only one or two notice. Also card to impossible location if good too but ill admit that the only one I know is card to breast pocket.
Jon Blakeney
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I like to end with card to box {mistery box 2 } this has never failed to FRY.
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Sword of the Soldier
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I use a misdirection palm, and make the card appear somewhere. Usually I do the work, talking about how fast it comes up, the do a tossing action with the deck and "catch" the card two feet above the air. People freak out haha!

walid ahumada
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I like to finish my ACR with paperclipped.
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I really like doing an ACR with a one-way force deck in which the ambitious card is the only odd card. "The problem with this trick is that any 5-year old knows how it's done. You've figured it out right?" Someone is almost sure to say "They're all the same card." "Exactly, they're all the same card" (reveal) "Hey, they're not all YOUR card. That would make it too easy..."
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Here's my two cents.
I have heard people complain about using omni-deck or solid deception as a closer to ACR. They say it doesn't make sense.

My current ACR finale is card to forehead (WOW says the audience)/deck switch/omni block in their hands.

It just plain works really well for me. I used to just do forehead... and that was super sufficient. One time, I added the Omni and boom! It became super duper sufficient.

Two climaxes that seem to work really well. Kind of a double kick to the head.

So with all the waxing poetically about this should be done, or that shouldn't be done... or whatever... I have decided to go with what the experts tell me. The experts being the audience.
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I really like the ending that Johnathan Kamm uses in his ACR, a double signed card - sig on front and an X on the back.
"Magic is the only art that the audience wants the performer to screw up" - Daniel Garcia
Douglas Lippert
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I might start to perform Tagged as my "impromptu looking" acr finale.
Douglas Lippert
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