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Martin Joseph
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This eveing I went to the bar with my girlfriend and some friends later joined us. Being asked to do a trick I decided to perform Derren Brown's "Three Card Trick" (Pure Effect & the Devil's Picture Book), they picked 3 cards and looked at them. One spectator asked if they could look at each other's and I said "Why not?". They looked and gasped. From left to right in value (without forces, the cards were ribbon spread for a free selection) were the Jack, Queen and King of Diamonds. I didn't know the cards but judging from the gasp knew that it was a situation to exploit. I said "Place you cards face up on the table please" and as they were shown asked everyone in the crowd "and how was that?". Pure amazement.
Has anyone had similar fortunate experiences?
Martin Colclough.
Larry Barnowsky
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I had someone cut the cards (no crimp) and select a card but not the 10 of diamonds because that was used before. The guy cut to the 10 of diamonds so I had him try again after I cut the deck. He cut to the 10D 3 times! There must of been some bend in the card or I was very lucky. I of course took credit for the miracle.
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I once lost control of a selected card during a shuffle. So I casually fanned the deck face down saying we needed a second card chosen as well. As soon as I heard the words "How on earth did you do that!?" I knew what had happened. The volunteer had picked the very same card again! Of course, I milked it for all it was worth. Smile

I guess this is as good a time as any to ask about something on Bill Malone's On The Loose DVD (#1). At the start of the trick 'I Don't Even Have a Pocket' a spectator selects the 6D (if memory serves me right). For the next effect – 'I Should Have Done It Myself' - the deck is spread face down on the table and another spectator manages to select the 6D again! Coincidence? Or planned? It sure got a laugh in any case.
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Once a spectator took three times the already selected card from a ribbon spread - just awesome!!
In I think Pure Effect there's something described that makes use of coincidences(with an out)
Also, the "Trick, that cannot be explained" by Dai Vernon makes use of this - just great!!!

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It was just about the third time I had ever done a trick before. I was doing "The Insurance Policy" from one of the Ammar tapes. My sister had shuffled the cards and turned over the top card...and it was her selected card!!! I was pretty shocked myself. She thought I was a God, until she asked me to do it for her friend.

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I do a brain wave/chicago opener effect and about 2% of the time the spectator picks the odd backed card, which negates me doing the chicago opener finish but when they pick the odd backed card the effect is so strong that it really doesn't need anymore than that.

"The mind has exactly the same power as the hand, not merely to grasp the world, but to change it."
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Last night, I was doing the 27 card effect (Longe).
There were two people to my left and one to my right. I had the person on the right, choose a number. Then I asked the middle person to pick a card from the random 27 cards spread out. Unfortunately the other fellow on my far left thought he was supposed to pick a card as well.

When the effect finished, the card revealed in the numbered spot was the freely chosen by two people.
I just smiled and said, "I love it when that works!"

Cheers - El Lamo
Life is a system of circumstance presented coincidently in an illusory way.
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I was playin with cards on my desk at school, and one of my friends hears me and turns around. He says "seven of diamonds" and pulls a card out of the pack, and it was teh seven, pretty funny
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An acquaintance walked up to me and challenged me to instantly produce the 10 of hearts. Not knowing quite what to do, I decided to do something with the spread cull. I turned the deck over... and there was the 10 of hearts, sitting on the bottom!
Danny Diamond
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I usually do this little joke to anyone who sees me with my cards: I tell them to think of a card, they do, I take a single card into my right fingertips, back towards the spectator, they name their card, and I say "wouldn't it be amazing if I was holding your very card in my hand?". They say yes, and then I point to the remainder of the deck in my left hand, and say "well, it's in there somewhere, somewhere in my hand".

Well, I knew one day, it would work...
Last week, I met up with some buddies to play poker. I am in the parking lot of my friend's apartment, and another buddy shows up with his girlfriend. This particular buddy is the kind of guy who always starts questioning every move I make during a trick, he likes to try to bust me. They walk over to me as I am carrying the poker chips and a deck of cards. I set the chips down for a second, and open up the cards and make a fan as I jokingly say, "think of a card, think of ANY card", to my friend. I take one card off the top of the deck and hold it away from the deck, back towards my spectators. I see that the random card I am holding is a Jack of Spades. I think to myself, "hmm, Jack is a likely choice for a guy, and Spades is certainly a popular guy choice...but no, I won't get that lucky". He thinks for a second...He says "Jack". Inside, I am overflowing with excitement, because Jack was the hard part, Spades is easy! I say, "ok, how about the suit?". He thinks...and says, "Spades". At this point, the two of them have no idea how amazing I am about to look!

I simply say "hmm, that's interesting", and I slowly turn the card around, to reveal the most inexplicable, clean, and straight-forward card trick a magician can really do.His girlfriend screams and laughs, he is honestly amazed and can provide NO explanation for that feat! Wow, what an awesome feeling!

So we go inside to play Poker, but my buddy who I just performed the miracle for, tells my other buddy about it, and asks me to do it to him. This could have been bad, but I thought quickly.

I do the same act, hold one card up in my right hand as my new spectator (who happens to dabble very mildy in magic), is staring at the back of the card, thinking of his card. I look at my previously fooled buddy, who is looking away from me at the new spectator. I flash the face of the held card to my new spectator, my previously fooled pal has no clue. So my new spectator understands my motives, guesses the correct card (which I just showed him!), and he fakes a shocked response, solidifying my skills to the first guy, who I got lucky on earlier!

It was a funny way out of a possible tough situation. I later thanked my buddy for playing along.
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There are many similar coincidence-type stories in Magic for Dummies. I enjoyed reading them very much when I had that book. Great for beginners and there is a trick by Daryl that I really like.

I think one of them was when Harry Lorayne did Card on the Ceiling but he forgot that there was no roof but just a grip of tubes or something. When he looked up it was already too late and he still threw the deck. The cards disappeared from sight and the only card to come down was the selected one.

Then there is another one where he asks to select four cards and they were all the aces. He then stops the trick and takes credit. There are many other stories. Highly recommend that book.
What do you mean it came from the bottom of the deck?
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Just recently I was doing a few tricks for a medium sized group. Everything went well until someone said, "Can you do that thing where the cards spring from hand to hand?" I accepted the challenge and did a few springs to their delight. I got a bit cocky and made the cards spring even farther from each hand. One card flew away and landed a foot away from one of the guests. It was face down. Out of quick thinking or desperation I unconsciously said in the smartest and snappiest way,.... Think of a card! Any card! Of course this gave out a few chuckles. Somehow I felt something special about the card and the card the guest thought of. I was ready for a comedic out like... "What do you expect, miracles?" or "Yeah, yeah.. that would have been great huh?" So I asked the guest to pick it up. She screamed and she looked at the card. It was indeed the card she thought of. Needless to say that was the highlight of the show. The accident!

If only I could do it all the time.

"If you can't teach an old dog new tricks, trick the old dog to learn."

-Rannie Raymundo-
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Bill Palmer
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I may have posted this at a different part of the forum, but it was long ago. I was called to go down to Galveston to do a show after a dinner party in a fellow's home. While I was setting up, I noticed that one of the ladies had left her purse hanging off the back of a chair, so I took a Jack of Spades and put it into her makeup case.

The guests came in from dinner, the lady picked up her purse and went to the powder room. Then the guests all returned, ready for the show.

I was in the middle of a card routine, and the same lady had selected a card which she had returned to the deck, and I promptly lost it. I was getting ready to do an "out" so I asked her what card it was. She said, "The Jack of Spades."

I told her that was impossible, because that card was in her purse inside her makeup case. She opened it up, and there it was. She swore she had looked in there when she was in the powder room. Evidently she had missed the card.
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This one isn't really an accident gone right, but more of taking advantage of a situation.

The barber shop where I get my haircut is always a lot of fun. All the guys who work there always ask me to do tricks when I show up.

Last week I showed up just in time to get in the chair. As my barber put the apron on me, the owner of the place walked over and asked me to do a magic trick, except with his deck of cards.

In his hand he held a blue bicycle deck. In my pocket I had a red deck of bicycles. Underneath the apron I got my deck out and palmed off the top card. I took my hands out and he handed me the deck. I added the red backed card to the deck as I turned the deck over under the guise of making sure he wasn't handing me some kind of trick or joke deck. I glimpsed at the card I added, without going into method- I flipped the red back I added and forced the blue back matching card. I had him put it back into the deck, palmed it out and handed him the deck. Tricks over...

At this point all the barbers are I went over everything...his deck...he picked a card and put it back in, I handed him the deck. So I had him spread out the cards on the counter face down...his card is face up. He just smiled and said. Well that was pretty good, but not as great as some of the things I've seen you do with YOUR DECK. I said really...turn the card you selected over. When everyone saw that the back of the card changed color the place erupted. Ike the owner pretty much freaked out.

After my haircut he asked me to sign the card...he wants to hang it up in the shop. Too funny...Tell you what though. It made me decide to always carry a packet of about 7 cards of all different backs that match the different kinds of cards you can buy around here in the stores.
Review King
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I asked a Lady to name any card in the deck ( hoped for the queen of hearts ). She named the jack of diamonds. So, I was going to do another effect with the jack. he companion noticed a card on the flooor face down. he picked it up and it was the jack of Diamonds. They were 'spooked" beyond belief.
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Some old friends from school came over one night, and I ended up doing some tricks for a guy I don't know all that well. One of the effects involved him signing a card. Fast forward one year. Same guys are over, same guy asks if I still do tricks. I grab the nearest deck and ask him to pick a card. Totally random, he picks the card he had signed. He had no idea how I got him to pick that card, or how I forged his signature so well.
Jonatan B
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Gothenburg, Sweden
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Hmmm...these are all amazing. Here is one where I accidentally got a twist to my presentation:

I was doing the "Twisted Arm Illusion" for my friend right before math class started. As I am performing the effect and your arm starts to twist, blood started to form a trail where my hand was twisting and left a nice spot to the desk in the classroom I was in.

I did this by accident: One minute before I met my friend I took a blood sample (I have Diabetes Type 1) and I guess that the blood in my pricked finger didn't have time to harden before I started the effect.
Jonatan Bank
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Green Bay, WI
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My story is similar to Danny Diamond's except I didn't really plan an out. Years ago I turned the Jack of Hearts upside down in a deck while out of sight of my best friend (who also performs magic). I asked him to name a card, and it was indeed the Jack of Hearts. I ribbon spread the deck to reveal the correct card. He was fooled for about a minute, but then figured out that I had just guessed at what he'd choose. Still, it's odd that I'd have been so certain that he'd pick that card.
Brian Morgan
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I was doing a copper/silver transposition from Jay Sankey called HPC-CPH where I have a copper coin in a card box and a silver in the opposing hand and by way of the HPC move they switch places. Well this time instead of tossing the silver into my other hand holding the card box I tossed it directly into the box. Surprised the hell outta me! and made for an even better ending letting the spectator retrieve the silver coin from inside the box.
Shane Wiker
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I was performing a card effect for a lady in a pet store. I had her pick a card, and return it to the deck. I somehow messed up the effect I was doing, and revealed the wrong card at the end. Not knowing what else to say, I jokingly said, "Want to see that again?" I know, it's not funny but I was just trying to say something to confuse her and take her mind off the mistake (I wasn't prepared with any outs). She said, "Ok" so I told her to take another card. She took one and started screaming. At first, I didn't know why and was wondering what was wrong. After 5 seconds or so I realized she must have taken the same card. An amazing Coincidence that turned an embarrassing moment into a miracle.

Shane Wiker
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