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I'm sure this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it on a search, so maybe it is time to revisit this subject.

What do you carry in your wallet?

I perform "officially" a limited number of times per year. So, I personally don't always carry a deck of cards or anything else magical with me. I basically carry my wallet and keys.

So, I would like to know from those of you who also just carry "wallet and keys", what you have on you.

Here is what I carry in my wallet and keys:

On my keys:
I only carry two shoelaces that are woven to my keychain. I use them for a variety of string, and string and ring routines.

In my wallet:
- My wallet is a regular wallet that happens to be designed very similar to Farkuhar's C2W wallet. It can be found on Amazon by searching: Mens Wallet with Money Clip and Flip ID
This allows me to do a card to wallet with a regular wallet. If you are not familiar with it, check out Farkuhar's C2W.
- My wallet has a coin compartment. Because the coins would fall out of this "snap" compartment, I built a small gimmicked leather coin "purse" that fits in this comparment. In that wallet, I keep a regular JFK half dollar and a
JJ JOurney JFK gimmicked coin. I just love this. My wallet allows me to dump the regular coin into their hand for examination and then it allows me to switch the regular coin for the gimmicked coin.
- I carry two playing cards that are ready to do card warp. However, my cards have just the tiniest of slits on one card, so they are both examinable. I also use them in a mind-reading gag.
- I have a half-card that I use in an impossible card change routine if someone has a deck of cards.
- I have a credit card gimmick that allows me to borrow a credit card from someone and push a pencil, pen, or knife through their card and then restore it.
- I have a credit card size "magician's insurance" card with "YOUR CARD" written on the back side.
- I have a mentalism routine that I developed called "Bucket List" that allows me to predict a place in the world they might want to take a "bucket list" trip to.
- I have a twenty dollar bill that has a couple predictions for a variation of the tic tac toe prediction routine.
- I have a folded mismade dollar bill that I use without a fingertip to make a borrowed bill turn into a mismade bill.
I do this routine in conjunction with turning the mismade bill back into their bill and then doing a bill origami fold for them as a souvenir.
- I have a routine with a "mini" packet trick that I created that is a fun routine where cards are shown without holes, then one hole appears, then more than one, the holes move, etc. It is fun.
Cell Phone:
- Finally, I don't do any app cell phone magic, mainly because the last time I upgraded my phone, I was not able to transfer a couple apps and that soured me to electronic apps. However, I have a belt cell phone holder than holds two cell phones and I keep an "eyephone" in one. I keep a small stack of my business cards in the eyephone. This allows me to do an amazing mind reading routine, and to give out my business card. It is sort of my "ultimate magic weapon" that I always carry on me.

BTW, with all that in my wallet, it is only 1 1/4 inch thick, including all my normal stuff like drivers license, cash, AAA card, Insurance cards for the entire family, multiple personal and work credit cards, etc.

I would love to hear an updated version of "what do you keep on you at all times", but I would like to limit it to what do you carry with you that doesn't require you to "pack" something specifically for magic. In other words, what do you have with you that only requires you to put into your pockets the normal things anyone would, like keys, a wallet, and a phone?


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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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Update: My wallet can be found at:
You can find it by searching: Men's bifold wallet with coin pouch by Marshall, and, as of this post, it only costs $9.99.
Great wallet for a very good price. I use this wallet because for some reason, my wallets wear out after around one year of use and I have to buy a new one. Maybe because I have to carry so much stuff in them for work and the family. I'd rather spend ten bucks a year than 100 for a gimmicked wallet.
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Warning: We will run out of new tricks in
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I forgot one item. I also carry two rubber bands in the coin pouch. With these, I do a three phase crazy man's handcuffs, ending with Joel Dickinson's bonus routine on his "Link'em" offering. I don't always carry what is necessary to do Link'em, but that effect, IMO, is the best rubber band closer you can do.

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You're right, it has been posted before and I've answered those posts before.

I've decided... to carry nothing. Ever.

Unless it's a paid show, any magic I do is done impromptu with borrowed items.... wherever that happens to be.
There's a huge benefit to making yourself learn to do that and you also have the huge benefit of it being completely unprepared with no "magicy props".
I mean, isn't that what real magic would be anyway?

Also, just a personal preference, I do not want to be "that guy" ....that carries around tricks.

I can easily do quite a bit of "magic with nothing" confidently these days.
There's always stuff laying around you can borrow and use.
And if someone has a pack of cards, great.
Rubber bands? Great!
a few similar object of any kind!

And it helps you to learn to think outside the box
Example: a few different small objects! (did you know that Dean Dill's "No Extras" can be done with 4 totally different objects? Doesn't have to be 4 half dollars)

I would suggest to anyone to have a list of 10 impromptu tricks you can do and make yourself get very good at them.
The rewards are high. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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In my wallet:
Triad coins, Powerball 60, Bwave, positive/positive prediction and a 4 card Packet trick.
On my keys: Departure ring flight
In my back pocket always a big ring for a ring routine: (combination of ring thing, divorce and my own stuff) and a half dollar which allows for a sudden appearance if I am asked to do something on the spot (kanoia harbottle one coin routine follows usually)
Phone: inject and DFB
On my wrist: 2 black and two white rubberbands for various joe rindfleisch routines and CMH (which look more casual as colourful bands and they are quite a good conversation/magic starter).
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With all this in your wallet, who are you performing for and how often are you performing?
by EVILDAN....
"The Coin Board Book" - moves and routines with the coin panel board. -
"SLASHER - A Horror Whodunnit" - a bizarre close-up routine based on Bob Neale's "Sole Survivor."
PM me for more info.
"Zombie Town" - a packet effect about how a small town turned into zombies.
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I perform just in casual situations like social gatherings, partys, bars ect.
Friends and strangers alike and I used to do this every week (im getting old I guess).
Tim Snyder
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Maybe just slightly off topic... This has reminded me of a story that I read regarding Tom Mullica. Supposedly, He had a miniature red sponge ball glued to his picture on his driver license. When someone asked to see his drivers license, he would casually hand it to them, by the time they confusedly looked back up at the real Tom Mullica, he had on a matching red sponge ball nose.
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