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Ihave long wondered if H.H Holmes and Henri Le Caron ; might have formed a partner ship to commit the 'Ripper Killings?

Both men were members of the Masonic order.

Both men operated a Pharmacy within close proxomity to one another. Holmes in Jackson Park Chicago.
And Le Caron, under the alias, Thomas Miller Beach; had a pharmacy in nearby Canton Illinois.

. So, each had some degree of medical knowledge.

Thomas Miller Beach had even served in the American Civil war.
The Masonic connection seems relevant, due to the Hanovarian threat to the English Monarchy.
when Holmes died, the Masons honored him with a lavish burial. If indeed the two men killed as a team; it would explain why witnesses gave different descriptions of the Ripper, one being taller than the other.

Speaking of the United States, Fox and Mudgett’s investigation has revealed that Holmes left a trail of business documents which allows us to chart his movements. Except, that is, between 1888 and 1889, when the paper trail goes mysteriously quiet. This coincides with the timeframe of the Ripper killings in London – so could this have been when Holmes was Jack? We do know from ship logs that an individual by the name of “H Holmes” was a passenger who sailed from the UK to the US shortly after the Ripper killings ended.
T he name, Henry Howard Holmes has 17 letters. If seen as an alias, Howard H. Holmes, it has 13 letters

His birthname was.Herman Webster Mudgett:
Tht is an anagram which says;


Hutt is a Swedish word meaning valley.
Might this be a clue refering to , Sweden Valley, Pennsylvania

Holmes lived and worked in PA.

Including atthe Norristown Lunatic Asylum.

He was executed in the PA County Prison, Moyamansing; and he is buried at the Holy Cross Cemetary, Yeardon, PA

So it seems, his PA. roots have come full

I have yet to connect the Ammeberg portion of the clue to Elizabeth Stride, or her birth place , Stora Tumlehed, Sweden.

Interestingly enough, the word Hutt can also be arranged to spell, Tuth, which means an odor or stench.

Is that reflective of the bodies and carnage the Ripper duo inflicted?
Had relatives of hers settled in Sweden Valley, PA?

More questions than se- in-stone answers or solutions.

The quest continues.

Ron Dayton
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In a much earlier look into a Swedish connection to the Ripper; It began with this:

ohn Alfred Cole authored the book," The Prince Of Spies."
John Alfred Cole has 14 letters.
Jack The Ripper has 13 letters

But what if John were the Swedish variant, Jon? The name would then have 13 letters. The same as Jack The Ripper.
It would also form the following anagram;



Foljde is a Swedish word which means, to follow or come after.

But why are Swedish words being used? what is the connection to JTR?
The connection? As it turns out, Elizabeth Stride is the connection!

She was Jacks third victim, and his only Swedish born victim.

A second most interesting anagram:


Thomas Miller Beach, was Henri Le Caron ak.a The Prince of spies . Aka Jack The Ripper.

Jon Alfred Coles initials = JAC.

And that is the surprising Swedish link to JTR.

Concerning the name;


Henri is a variant of the name Jack.
Le means the. and a Caron is a sharp pointed V shaped tool used in language. It resembles a letter 'v'.
It also resembles a sharp metal tool called a ripper. Consider as well. JTR marked some of his victims with a V shaped cut. "V" is the Roman Numeral for five.The Ripper had five victims.

Le Caron used five aliases

The first letters of the last names of the Canonical Five; spells NECKS,

Mary NICHOLS. Cathrine EDDOWS,
Annie CHAPMAN, Mary KELLY, Elizabeth STRIDE

Ronald John Dayton

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As an addendum to the previous,


Sweden Valley, Pennsylvania is near the Annenberg, Mansfield, University pf Pennsylvania.

Is it possible that H.H. Holmes attended this university using one of his many aliases?
Jack Straw
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Well that explains everything!

I always suspected that.
Jack Straw from Wichita, cut his buddy down
And dug for him a shallow grave, and laid his body down
Half a mile from Tucson, by the morning light
One man gone and another to go, my old buddy you're moving much too slow
We can share the women, we can share the wine
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Walter Sickert, for many, had been seen as a prime Ripper suspect.
For my own part I did not begin by looking into the Coach driver / Sickert connection;

As a matter of fact, I had been blissfully unaware of illegitimate children born to both Mary Jane Kelly or her friend Annie Crook. Joe and Alice. I had no knowledge of ties to either Prince Edward or to Walter Sickert.
The point at which I had begun was to consider and look back at the story The String Of Pearls.

At first, I wondered if the original tale may have had 13 Chapters.

I was puzzled and a bit disappointed to find it had 38. Then the combination of 3 and 8 seemed to carry my thoughts back to the term Three Eights as in the Three Emperors once again.

The number 38 is expressed verbally as THIRTY EIGHT. A marvelous starting point at which to look for anagrams. Thirty Eight is an anagram for; THITHER IT ( GY ).

The word Thither = To That Place There. When reassembled it all becomes;
IT TO THAT PLACE THERE GY, which is an anagram in its own right which says;

PALACE TOT THE GYTT HEIR! Utter nonsense perhaps until you understand the significance of

GYTT. gytt is a law, the Land Charges Act of 1888.

Mary Kellys' illigitimate son Joe would have been tied to the Stuart House.

What eventually became of the boy?
I believe he may have been taken under the protective wing of 'Cardinal' Henry Stuart.

Annie and Alice on the other hand ,may have been secreted away to France. There existing as an extended Sickert family.

Did this gytt law have bearing on the rights of claims to property and titles, claims Mary Kelly and her son 'Joe ' may have made? Not being a Barrister/ lawyer myself I cannot say.

But considering all of the twists and turns, connections and the turmoil of the time we should really rule nothing out at all.

The attempted murder of Sickerts daughter Alice while in the care of his friend Florence Pash took place on Drury Lane, quite near Fleet Street. How bizarre that the street on which the character Sweeny Todd hunted should be resurrected again.

Those are the facts as my mind has arranged them thus far. You may or may not see the same connections, the same hidden truths I . Many I am certain will choose to disagree.

It seems Walter Sickert's art fundamentally changed to being darkly influenced following the Camden Town murder .
The gradual morphing from light and beauty to shadows and disturbingly grotesque imagery.

But, I do not think his art is an indication of guilt.

I believe Sickerts only crime, was of caring to much for the women and their offspring. and of knowing too much for his own good.
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Glad to see you at it again.
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
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WALTER sICKERT%27S PAINTINGS - Buscar con Google

WALTER sICKERT%27S PAINTINGS - Buscar con Google

While studying it as a full screen saver sized image,

of a Walter Sickert painting.

The term 'cardinal' gave me pause. I studied the figure standing in front of the blinds.

The blinds may also be described or expressed in the following teterrms;
The robed figure expressed as;
Combined they create the following anagram:
George Littlechild's hidden as a man in black robe, wthout stabbing.
According to this it is just as Felicity Lowdes said, Little child was wearing Clerial frock / robe, but he was undercover and not involved in the killing directly.

The painting, Le Journal is another.

A woman dressed in black holds a newspaper, she wears rings on her left hand and a string of pearls adorns her throat. Just to her lower left is a striped material, perhaps a bed spread.

Annie Chapman was dressed in black, she had been wearing three brass rings on her middle finger,

She was wearing striped stockings when her throat was slit by the Ripper.

Pure coincidence perhaps that Sickert's images so often seem to merge with the killings.

At what point does coincidence become something more?
The painting of Jack The Ripper's Bed Room was a view from within, not just of.

It was the first nude he did following the Camden Town murder of a prostitute.
This painting is done in very darkly muted colors. The nude is so abstract as to be almost de -humanized.

There may be a bed, but that is unclear.

A shadowy mirror is in front of a window covered in what appears to be a blood red shade

In 5th Mornington Crescent variation, a brown haired woman lying on her side upon the bed faces the viewer. Partially opened drapes on the window behind her allow her entire body to be bathed in sunlight. No mirror, no blinds.

In version #6 Sickert returned to his dark almost abstract format.
In a room dominated by a shade of burgundy, a nude with her back toward us, seems to be kneeling on a bed in front of Vanity and mirror.

The bed spread is a pinkish mauve. The window behind the mirror has panes covered by a sheer and dark side curtains frame it out.

What looks like a strange sketch of a circle with a square in its center
is drawn in the lower left hand pane .

Are they just a tease Sickert hoped to torment us with?

So many of his works are strange. The study ' The Rose Shoe ' compells one to wonder what it is telling us.

Delving into the known facts and various suspected player in the Ripper case is incredibly valuable as well.
There were so many powerful factions vieing for control during these economic and politically delicate time, that White Chapel was a veritable tinder box of dark problems.

Spies and special investigative units roamed the streets as well as beggars, butchers and prostitutes.

The royals had a target on their back, and the Hanoverian Masonic Order was poised to strike.

So if you take the name HANOVERIAN MASONIIC ORDER , view it as an anagram , you end up with the following: HAND

The Cardinal linked to the House of Stuart, had influence in
the fate of Prince Eddies illegitimate son Little Joe.

To me, that seems to fit. Was this the order or request a Hanoverian assassin made of Mary Kelly before killing her?

Her heart had been removed. The taking of an enemies or traitors heart was standard fare for the Hanoverians. They felt possessing that organ provided them with power.
The Hanoverian influences also help to explain the anagram found in the message on the wall concerning the jews on Goulston Street, and why a powerful man insisted the PC to wash it away.

The Hanoverians feared if the public became enraged and blamed the jews for the horrific murders, it might eventually lead back to or implicate their masonic order.

The wall message and resultant anagram was as follows:



This message is actually an anagram which says:

THAT ***


In my mind, that once again seems to both fit the case, and speaks volumes as well.

In police work in the new millenia, shadows do play an important role in actually solving some murder cases. They can suggest not only times but geographic locations as well.

So perhaps the variance in positions of shadows or intensity of light do indeed offer clues pointing to specific murders.

Who would understand light and shadows cast more fully than an artist?

This really deserves a lot more thought. The circle in the square of the lower left pane offer up a plethora of words to play with in an anagram as well. Circle ,( move circling watching as a hunter?) in a Square ( in mitre square? In a left lower pane, ( left lower in pain?)
Sickert insisted in the importance of subject matter in art ,
saying , "All the greater draughtsmen tell a story . "
I have also long believed that the name the killer chose for himself, Jack The Ripper held similar secrets in the form of anagrams so popular in Victorian England.

This dramatic moniker is one I've looked into before but with out conclusive or really satisfying results.

Just recently, a second look has been taken.

Considering previous material involving the Hanoverian, Masonic Order,

Mary Kellys brutal murder , and the attempted murder of Sickert's only daughter Alice;
consider the ramifications of the following.

JACK THE RIPPER is an anagram which reads;


This reflects the Biblical story of Jephte and the deal he struck which would have sacrificed his only daughter.

His daughter loved her father so that she was saved not executed.

Jehova did how ever change her name to Seila.

he is known as Adah to The Order Of The Eastern Star, in the lessons of duty and obedience.

This is the same order shared by the Hanoverian Masons.

The anagram seems to be telling a story of its own, about Richard Sickert and the Par Contract he had with the Hanoverian Masonic Order. One which nearly involved the sacrifice of his only daughter Alice.

Alice was run down and nearly killed by a coach in broad day light.

But there too her life was saved but for the grace of God. Mary Kelly had blackmailed Sickert, threatening to make public Prince Eddies illegitimate son Joe. Was this threat revealed to the Masons as some sort of bargaining chip. A deal which would allow Sickert to get Alice and Annie Crook safely out of the country and harms way?

She with a name change, in mirror image to Seila, might live a long and protected life.

Sickert too following the death of his second wife, abandoned his first name Walter in favor of Richard.

Chalk marks erased from Lodge floor
Hanoverian Order
The new Grand Lodge was evidently not immediately attractive to the older "St. John's" or independent lodges, who already found much to dislike about the organization. It had been their custom to mark the lodge out in chalk, which would be erased with a mop and bucket.
Moderns formed the "Lodge of Promulgation" in 1809, for the purpose of reverting their ritual to a point where it was in step with the Ancients, the Scots and the Irish.[15] One of their resolutions was that the ceremony of installation (of a new master of a lodge) was part of "Antient" masonary.
There it is, I Knew we have seen that term AOR A FORM OF ANTIENT somewhere before.
It was found in the Ghoulston Street message anagram.
A message written in chalk , washed away with water.
A chalk message written on a wall,
later the officer who found it was told to wash it away by a man of prominence.
A member of the Masons, protecting the secrets of the order?

One of the symbols used by a rival order to the Hanoverian Masonic Order

This new group of ' Moderns' were The Sign Of The Rose Cross Masons.
I see a circle within a square; the very image penciled in to the lower left window pane in Sickert's painting.
This makes me wonder if ther might be a connection to the painting Sickert did while in France.
The work was titled ROSE SHOE.
French for shoe is SOULIER.
put them all together and you get ROSE SOULIER,
an anagram for ; ROSE SOUL IRE ( anger/ wrath.
Does this imply that the painting depicts yet another V murder victim of the
Rose Cross Masonic Order.
The Rose was at one time, white bloom with FIVE petals.

One of their symbols also caused me to think again about the Sickert painting in which the strange pencil sketch was in the lower left hand pane of the window.

I had at first seen it as being a circle in the center of a square, but if you think of the window pane as being a second square; then we have a circle within two over lapping squares.

And that is the set up o
Elizabeth being the second ' lady selected' that fateful night.

Cathrine Eddowes had her kidney taken during her attack.

This may relate or revert back to the courier/ mail service operating from the tobacco shop at # 21 Cleveland Street.
The From Hell letter sent to George Akin Lusk , was simultaneously delivered with a package containing a piece of kidney.
The word hell when inverted becomes the numbers 7734. When you add them together, you get' 21'.
It seems I had it completely wrong to think of 7734 as a service number for James Kelly.

Perhaps the letter was in fact a statement of confirmation of a kill, a job completed?

Lusk was after all a free Mason. So it may have been intentional rather than odd that he did not report the delvery of the body part immediately.

Another 'message' was the one writ in chalk on the wall at Ghoulston Street. It was the only clue following the murder of Cathrine Eddowes.

Who insisted that the officer wash the evidence away? Commissioner Sir Charles Warren was the responsible party. Police commissioner and also a free mason.

How convenient then a that both the letter and the kidney sent to Lusk should eventually vanish from the Ripper police files.

The initials HHH, the eighth letter of the alphabet = 888 is

tempting, but a stretch. I, HHH= 1888

Holmes killed in his Chicago castle, his victims both American and Canadian.

He dismembered them and sold their skeletons to medical schools.

He was in England during the Ripper killing spree. He was a free mason of high standing, and could have done it as a hired assasin, or just for the fun of it.

He died Nov. 7,1889 . Seen as a shining light in the masonic fraternity, he was buried with Masonic honors.

What might that imply? I cannot really say.
I've possibly saved the best for last; check it out.

H. H. Holme's full mame was, Henry Howard Holmes.

Henry H.H. Holmes = 13 letters

In the from hell letter, the writer comments on using his 'trade name'

So if Holmes traded or switched his names around;

Howard H. Holmes = 13 letters,
just as Jack The Ripper has. mentioned his'trade' name in a letter.

The clincher may be the fact that the traded name Henry is a variant of Hank ; which is a diminutive form of John. John also being Jack.

Both Jack and Hank having four letters.

Sin It is claimed that the hand writing samples from H.H. Holmes very nearly match that of the Ripper letter. Another clue hidden in plain sight, informing those who might see it that H. H. Holmes was in fact the Ripper. He was in the area and was definitely seen as a suspect.

The connection to his name and the chiding comment were never made until now.

You cannot see its head, is the head bowed?

The figure appears to be wearing a long black robe with some sort of red belt or sash at the waist.

This would describe a Cardinal's long black robe and blood red sash belt.

I's kind of eerie that Sickert should randomly choose images and symbolism such as this.

Was it intentionally chosen to create another hidden set of clues to flaunt openly in the painting.

An inside joke only the killer could enjoy?
A figure wearing a black robe with a blood red sash.

I asked the following;

Are there thirteen slats in the venetian blinds on the window?

If the use of venetian blinds was a choice.

Was it because 'Venetian blind' has thirteen letters?

If there are, what significance might this have if any ?

There may actually be thirteen slats, count them and judge for yourself.

THIRTEEN'S SLATS is am anagram for, SLASH IN STREET. ( thirteen letters )

Thirteen is known as a ' cardinal ' number, the 13th in a set or sequence.
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Many here on the Café', are frustrated by my continual use of Anagrams to reveal a given clue.

But anagrams were an extremely popular during thw Victorian era.; and threough history used to both conceal/ reveal in formation.

i feel my approach to looking at JTR, is unique, and perhaps controversial.

My approach may be flawed, but it may also open doors of possibilities and thought.

The postings here, are a record ofmy interpretations.

The following is my final entry :

This creates an anagram which says:


Does this refer to Devon in Chicago , or Devon in England?

Henri LeCaron ran a pharmacy at 378 Blue Island Avenue, Cook County , Chicago.
H.H. Holmes took over Houlton's pharmacy at 63rd and Wallace, Cook County as well.
Did the two men know each other?

Had Le Caron seen promise in the serial killer Holmes and enlist his services in White Chapel as a cover or smoke screen for his own involvement?
Could it possibly be that in the quest to learn the identity of this mystery visitor, we may have learned the true identity of the infamous killer,
Jack The Ripper.
To Love= the meaning of the name Caron.

And so we come full circle. Interesting.
Did his marks both identify him, and signify his act as being his final kiss for this woman he knew?

A brutal and savage kiss of death?
JAC the Ripper, John Alfred Caron, working in concert with George Akin Lusk and others remained concealed in the gray mist of the White Chapel fog for a century or more.
Like so many killers, had he felt drawn or compelled to revisit the scene of the crime, or the funeral his victim one last time. Leaving a single white rose on the grave?

The two V marks cut into the face of Mary kelly, can form the letter'M'.

The 'M' could stand for Modgett / H.H. Holmes

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The word ANAGRAMS , is an anagram of the word


Sanmarga , means, the right way/ proper course.
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On Oct 23, 2020, KOTAH wrote:
Many here on the Café', are frustrated by my continual use of Anagrams to reveal a given clue.

Probably the frustration comes from lack of ability to understand them. It is a lost talent to do anagrams today. Keep sharing and don't worry about the frustration. You have the gift.

PS. My wife also has the gift. She can do Jumbo Puzzles, which are very similar.
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
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Weepinwil, Thanks foryour support. I do intend to keep on keepin' on.

I whish others might see the potential of spirit slates tied to anagrams. A question with an anagramic answer appearing on the slates/

i devised a partial deck of Alphabet or letter cards. It was called the Dean-monic dDeck. The letters could be resupinated to form other letters

ie; a w could become an m. A z can be an N, LOWER CASE E TRANSFORMS EO AN A. one word can create an anagram form of another.

Anagrams can be so much more than puzzles, given half a chance and a dash of creative thought.

i HOPE EVERY MEMBER OF THE Café' is staying well.

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You are welcome, my friend. You know I will always be the first to pick you up and the last to let you down. Lol
"Til Death us do part!" - Weepin Willie
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