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Please excuse me if I missed some conversations on this but since kids shows are very few and between right now Im looking for something different. Im looking into getting some strolling in for weddings and anniversary parties and things like that. Theres a whole new world for me but Im looking to expand my knowledge. So Im just asking what kind of tricks to use. Is there any good books or DVDs out there on this? Thanks and advance for your help.
Chuck Finley
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I have performed for so many weddings over the years and it is always a fun event for me. The only draw back is sometimes its hard to get the wedding party people to pay up front. Its often "my parents are paying and they will need to write you a check, or they will have cash, etc". I know you want to know about magic but I thought this was a tidbit you might like to know too.

As far as books or magic the truth is you probably do quite a bit already that will work well unless you have never done a close up performance ever. I will say this; work from your pockets entirely as it will make things streamlined and allow you to exit the event in a swift manner. If you get caught packing up your magic into a case invariably you will get stopped with "hey before you go can you do that trick for my friend..." if you are ready to perform from your pockets you can just slip out the door with no work at all.

Strolling at a wedding is basically the same as a restaurant but you may find you are a little bit tighter as far as having space between tables or groups standing around but not always. This means it would be good to have the ability to do more than one effect with everything you carry; variation is a life saver.

I would often keep an egg bag in my back pocket for when I would perform for a group standing around; it takes up little pocket space when it was folded.
a regular pack of cards is like a musical instrument; millions of possibilities and takes up so little space.
The Fabulous Three Ball routine is great because you can do it at any small table or in a persons hands and it is set as soon as it is finished. plus it has the added benefit of not being cards or coins.
The McAbee Rings are great because the parts where you ask for a spectator to hold them require only one hand this allows for a spectator to help without having to put down a drink.

I very rarely did much where I needed to borrow objects such as rings, bills, etc. because often the people attending were not in their normal attire and I would come across people who just did not have these things with them. Plus it is a formal situation and I feel it was more enjoyable if people could stand and hold a drink and watch. Putting the drink down to dig out a bill is just a hassle and looks so messy. Of course this is all according to my own set of social rules but after 30 years of doing this I have learned to streamline what I do to fit my needs and wants.

One other thing I found over the years with borrowing rings for ring flights and the like was that at a wedding people are often reminded of how important their ring is to them, they can often take this for granted day to day, and people seemed more hesitant to allow me to borrow them. They mean a lot to people as it is but seeing the rings exchanged I think makes them more nostalgic and as fun as putting someones belongings in harm may seem to you this never seemed like the best time to borrow one to me. I feel that starting off any performance with this negativity is always a bad idea. Why spend the first few moments winning them over when you can be doing magic they can simply enjoy.

Over the years some of the best gigs I ever did were at weddings and I always looked forward to them
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Can't really add much to what Chuck Finley has already posted. It's obvious he knows what he's talking about. Like Chuck. I've performed at countless wedding receptions ,
restaurant and graduation party settings. These people WANT to have FUN. Great spot to be in. Just be observant and by all means STOP performing when announcements are made. It should go without saying.
Stop for the Toasts, or when people are speaking like the Best Man and Bride's Maid or Mom or Dad etc. (You'd be surprised)

Have a special effect for the Bride & Groom just in case. The last wedding I performed, they were so busy walking around that I didn't even bother tracking them down. Other weddings
they wanted me to do something just for them. Many people will be standing holding a drink, that's OK, have someone hold their drink for them. Include the Bride and Groom's name in card
effect if you can. Write their names on a card and produce it from an Impossible location like CTW of pocket or wherever. Yes again, like Chuck mentions, have a few effects you can
perform for the whole table. Egg Bag, Messado Rings, Rope routine for example. Chuck mentioned the Egg Bag. Great effect. I use The Hobson Egg Bag and routine.

Have fun, smile, laugh. If you are having fun your spectators will have fun. Don't be a show-off. Be kind, friendly and gracious. No one likes a "LOOK AT ME" type of person.

Like Chuck mention about getting paid. I ALWAYS have a "PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT" spelling out the details of my performance. Amount of time as well as when etc. I mention the fee is expected
either when I arrive or immediately following my time. The person paying is going to be the one that signs the agreement. It's spelled out. That doesn't always end in success because that
person may have had a few glasses of wine and all bets are off. It's good to get paid in advance for obvious reasons and Oh BTW I ALWAYS get a deposit. ALWAYS.

Remember to HAVE FUN and your GOAL is to provide a Fun time for the guests.
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Learn The Anniversary Waltz
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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I have to say thank you so much you guys. You guys are so wonderful and being able to help me this is a whole new world for me.So hopefully within the next nine months to a year Ill be ready to go and start doing this. Ive actually had lots of people asking me to do weddings and anniversaries and stuff and I declined it. Im not ready for that but Im ready to learn.
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For the couple I like to do the split deck or the anniversary waltz. For the other guests I find that card and coin magic are always big hits. You can never go wrong with the ambitious card routine. I find that adults also enjoy mentalism/mental magic effects. Perhaps add a peek wallet or swami effect into your set.
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Danny Tongs two DVDs would be worth checking out.
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Karl Germain
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Hi guys I am wondering if anyone here has a good poem to use in conjunction with anniversary waltz for a bride and groom? TY my brotther is getting married and would like to perform this for him.


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