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On 2004-06-15 16:14, protik wrote:
"Elephant from Denmark" is a great mental trick. When I perform it for anyone,they just can't belive it. But I've improved this trick. In the normal trick, the first part looks like a math magic (who knows the trick understands what I am saying). But my version is free from it. It's great.

On 2004-06-15 21:26, Bernard Sim wrote:
Want to share?

On 2004-06-16 15:40, protik wrote:
No, thanks.


Why even mention it then? What's the point? No one has any basis of being able to evaluate your comments and, to some, you merely come off as either rude, or a braggart, or both.

"Magicians Helping Magicians"? Hmmm.


P.S. Oh! I get it now. This post of yours was posted within your first week of posting on the Café and helped you get "one closer" to the 50 post minimum required to enter The Banquet Room areas.
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If you get "emu" or "Dominica", you are not phrasing your directions well.

"Think of a country in Europe that begins with that letter." (Sometimes I get "Deutschland". While is isn't really the English name of a European country, you can't really argue that point after the effect is blown apart.)

"Think of a large circus animal..."

There is also the variant where instead of the SECOND letter, you use the LAST letter. It's supposed to drive you to "orange kangaroo". But I've found you can just as easily get "koala". Obviously, specifying "Australian" doesn't help. If they take a LONG time coming up with a color, you can almost bet they picked koala, and it will be either "aqua" or "azure". The shock value when you say "Wait a minute, there aren't any orange kangaroos in Denmark!" is compelling, but this variant has too many pitfalls for my taste.
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This is a great trick. whenever I made this trick just everybody become very surprised.but what is the improvement, protik?
Everythin in this world should be explanable!
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This trick had it's 15 minutes of fame in the Regis and Kathy Lee Show. Regis Though he was on top of the world. I figured it out, right from the Beggining.
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Where can I find the words for this trick?

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OK I am getting old and I have lost track of this. Because this is not in the secret sessions area would someone be kind enough to PM me the wording again on this effect.

Remember ANY of your posts here can be Googled by your customers and Clients. Just entering your name in Google can bring up your negative comments that stay for years!
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You can find this trick on our web site along with a couple of other "mind reading" effects. They get a good response from people checking us out.

Doc Pepper
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Protik, Not willing to share??.. but then do you really have something other than words??... What's the purpose of your post??... Careful this trick might backfire on you..

My best to you.. Doc
The Doctor will see you now! ;-)
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There is a decent version of this effect in Magic for Dummies, which I think is the one everyone is talking about.
The Mac
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Rock musician Bryan Adams used this trick in his video of his song "ON a Day like Today" The whole video is based on this trick with clues appearing everywhere!
check it out! the video is probably on one of the fan sites - check it out!

(I'm a big bryan adams fan by the way)
dr chutney
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Can't always read the clues, but the song's Ok.
We're having a laugh!
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If anyone has any old tapes of world greatest Magicians you can see Max Maven perform this trick there. ( The Original Version) Not the Mysterious Version Discussed in the Begining of this post
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I have used this stunt for several years and have found the absolute best way to use it. The wording and the tone of voice I find are very important. I have found that if I sound like I am randomly makiking up the trick it works better. Also I don't reveal the whole bit infact I perform it completley different. Let me explain:

I tell them we are going to try what I call "impulse Mentalism" That does two things. They must think fast, and cannot change thier mind. We go throught the choices quickly./ Everytime I say think of a... number, Or a country, etc, I snap my fingers and ask if they have on choice in mind?

I also have a method for the choices. its a number, the math, think of the letter, think of the country, second letter, think of an animal, and think of the color. then All I ask them to do is only concentrate on the color. I have found that if you just guess the color it goes over much better without all the retracing in the mind to figure out where the force was.

Also regarding the color IS GREY. If they chose Dominica the animal will almost always be grey! I ahve done this a thousand times and I have only had bron and black come up a few times. When I revealed the color they aggreed that the animal has grey also............ Any thoughts?

Only a few times have I revealed everything. I will only dothis if I get the color wrong in those rare cases, or if I feel like it going to fry them.
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Dr Spektor
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I usually use DENMARK last letter K for Kangaroo....

I use this bit in the context about teaching probabilties - in that it won't be 100% all the time (i.e. my out is actually the truth - the effect depends on people's backgrounds, culture etc.)... plus I only perform this on a group as opposed to 1 person as then I get multiple hits and one or two misses doesn't effect the effect!
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
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K is an interesting one, if they don't get Kangaroo, chances are the animal will still be Australian (Koala, Kookaburra).
You could have a bit of fun with that:
It's an Australian animal(yes)...That bounces...(positive response say Kangaroo,negative response continue)...well it would if it fell out of the tree (positive response say Koala,negative response continue)and the kookaburra had no wings.

Scott Cram posted an interesting way of forcing the number using coins in an earlier thread on the same topic.

Dr Spektor
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Eternal Order
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Hey - good diea George! Plus, the humour angle is great... (at least I don't have to get an out for WOMBAT)...!
"They are lean and athirst!!!!"
Magic Enhancer
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Good one George!!!
Robert Haas
Magic Enhancer
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On 2005-01-03 13:10, Lee Darrow wrote:
Use a STATE in the USA. Delaware is the ONLY state that fits the bill as North Dakota starts with an 'N' and South Dakota starts with an 'S.'

Most people in the USA are familiar with the states of the union, many Americans, however, are woefully inept at world geography.

For the method of arriving at the correct number - I use a deck of cards. Most Americans hate doing math, too, in my experience. Smile This is more direct for me, allows me to move into another routine altogether and still has the impact of the original in the eyes of the audience without the heightened probability of someone having a problem with the math.

Lee Darrow, C.H.

Another way is to just say a country in europe. I learned the trick when I was maybe 9 or 10 on the internet. Someone later tried it on me, and I messed them up. They told me pick a country that starts with D, and I say Djibouti. I think there are gray elephants in Djibouti.
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Wat I do is, end with kangaroo and orage, I tell them to pick a fruit, so if they pick koala it would be apple
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