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I'm the first to admitt,
'the Show',..
is the steak-on-the-plate.

I sub-came to the passion, because of the taste,
....of adrenaline, in the sweat, before the...
The taste,
of the un-certainty, during the first morning's coffee,..
The smell,
of 'the potential', as it walks un-knowningly by,..
The sound,
of the pause,....as the collective breath,.... stopps ,
...when that coin vanished.

On and on and on,..we could list.
Any of us could...

It's raining.
Third day, in a row. 😕
We didn't even think of un-packing.
Looking thru our journals, we realised:
"It rains quite a bit,...in the real world." 🤔

'Meat and Potatoe-wise', we'd come to understand,
several years ago:
as 'independent', as we 'are',..'want to be',...
we still 'need',
to turn 3 to 4 days a week(!).
..in order to maintain the kaviar and sekt.
In Western Europe, thankfully,..we get it.

Think about, though, Tarzan:
Whatcha' doing in the Jungle,
the 2 to 3 days,...
hanging under the tree,..
waiting for the vine-swinging weather,
to return? (!..!) ?

The 'Adventurous Artist' *,
pounding the home-towne pitch,...
rolls over,..
after their wife heads off to work...☺️

...no Idea!

But, we, as 'Roam-ans',
these are our: 'Gravy days'.

'The Performer suit' stays hung up in the closet,
The day belongs to,... 'the Snorer',....or 'the Explorer'.

3 out of 7 days,...think about it.
A solid amout of time,
....few 'Artists'* speak of.

Accidentially, just today;
I U-tubed a Doug Conn interview,
...just day.
He had a 'be-Spectacled' Jimmytalksalot next to him(!).
For 15 minutes.... 🤔
...like I said:
"It was raining." 😕
....i watched the whole thing. ☺️

'Street Performing during Pandemie'.
New Orleans,..a pretty safe play-ground,..
..nice watching a clip of Jimmy run thru a Show,..
without amplification,
...at 9:35, in the morning, (😊)

....two other Artist*, lurking, in the back row, waiting for the Pitch,..
with mega-distraction-on-wheels, parked next to them. (🖕)

Still,..after Doug built the 'you-too-tube' crowd,..
'me-too', included,.. 😳
for the interview:
...what was the first question he thru (-up) ?
"How's the money?"

.....i'm no saint.
(i've been known to read 'stolen' magazine articles....😔)

I cringed.
...and can't be still.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . *. . . . . . . . . . . . Ö. . . . . . . .. . . .

2 or 3 days a week,..we,..(YOU) are not going to be able to play.
EVEN, if we catch a 'high' (pressure):
the head, the heart, the 'happy-smile'(!)
need a rest.

Gravy Days.
No one talks about 'em,
they're a friendly fringe of the Profession, buddy.
A Crypto-currency, of sorts.
What they are,..?
where they come from,..?
were they're..REALLY worth(!..!)...?
who knows?.!

But we should care,..
and talk about them.
Encourage them.
Trade them with pride.

. . . . . . ö. . . . . . . . . . ß. . . . . . . . . . . . Ö

Yesterday, raining,..
we pulled the waggon to a 'less conspicuous' part of towne.
Free parking.
Free 'art'. (...graffiti)

Green grassey patches,..of weeds,...pushing thru the side-walks.
Folks walking them, in flip-flops,..at 10, in the evening,
...to the corner cigarette automats.
10 pm,..we can still smell folks cooking,..dinner.
...a real ghetto.

Like I said: "Free parking."

Having heard the weather forecast,..rain.
And understanding the certainty of: 'Street Law. # 16'. **
{If the weather-man guarentees dry weather, for the following day;
you have a 60/40 chance,...of rain.
If he predicts Sleight Chance of Rain, stay in bed.**}

I saw the clouds. Felt the winds.
Smiled for the flowers,....and Umbrella-sellers.
We were looking forward to some Gravy.

Mönkhofer Weg.

How they manage to get sardines in a can,
is a miracle of modern mechanics.
German engineering,..at it's best.
Seemingly...'comforatable'(!). Italian design.
The 'Lota Bowl' amazes NO ONE down here!
...i'm old fashioned.
....i need space.

But what for,....Gravy.
[A sauce made by mixing the fat and juices exuded,
by meat during cooking. Webster.]
Drip, drip, drip,...

Lilac,..lac,..lac,..lac. Sweet seduction pounds my nose.
I went down,...for the full 8-count.
Blackbirds singing the lastest 'Top-3'.
City bus,...roaring thru the center-ring(!).
..easing-out deisel-farts.
...strong enough to squench the lilaaaaac. 😕
....scare the crow.
...the rains, the smiles, the...wonder(!).
Drip, drip, drip,...

...you can't make this stuff up.

'The Last 2-Strokes Mo-peds'.

A Showroom FULL of...!
70's kawasaki z900's,...!
...the fastest motorcycle ever produced.
The owner, of the Shop.
Max Scheißzer. *
*......you WOULD NOT believe THAT one(!).

If you see a Kiosk,..
...with a 'momma-looking Lady',
cutting tomatoes and onions,...
on the front outside porch..... 👍
(Ridvan and Refin,...'the sons.)

One of the best Kebabs I've ever....

Some folks have automobiles, in the drive-way,
as 'status',..
these folks have a...
....Porta-potty. 👍

Buses,... https://ibb.co/3F2gSnt
,..and Books. https://ibb.co/fFbjTTT

And Flieder. https://ibb.co/ScmxsLT
,..and Poppy. 'Klatsch Mohn',....'Applause Poppy'. https://ibb.co/pQQSZLC
,....and Books. https://ibb.co/WnD96qY
,......and Traffic. https://ibb.co/1TVCxfg

. . . . . . . . . ä. . ö. ö. . ö. . . ö. . ö. . ß. ö. .

It's true.
i wished Jimmy had turned to Doug and said:
"Blow it out your nose, old man!
Didn't you see that sunset last night?..!!.?
Man,..an idea came to me, during my third Show....
Mamma! I ate some spaghetti,..with ONLY olive oil and gar...
Listen to this poem Freddi just blew in my ear...
Tomorrow,...I'm GONNA try! Gonna try!..that old T. Nelson...
My second Show! A kid thru in some bubble-gum!..!...CHEWED!...
Doug,....my old shoes finally..."

,...as he licked the Gravy from his fingers.

Friends, Collegues,..'Brothers in Thought' ,
I just want to tell ya:
No matter who you are,..
What you're attempting,.
Where-ever you're un-rollin' it.
Pack a bib, in your Gib,...eciére.

Gravy's a perk not enough talked about.
But it gets us thru,
....MORE, then just the rainy days.

...a red sky.
"Red sky at night. Sailor's...."
Gotta go.
Maybe see ya tomorrow,...on the Streets.

* Sarcasm: SÖÖÖÖ hard to celebrate,...in writing.

** I have read: These are carved, in marble slabs.
...guarded by Munchkins.
...all with un-canny Gazzo-resemblence (🤔).
.....somewhere on a sidewalk, along the Yellow Brick Road.
D. Yoder
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I enjoyed the pictures! And I like gravy. Smile
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Inner circle
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Profile of gallagher
Hey Doc!
I appreciate your mentioning!

Today,..it seems everybody is has only time to complain....


Yeah,...'the pictures'!

Actually, TODAY(!),.. I decided to un-dust my old Canon Mirror-reflex camera!
It's as BIG, as an anchor(!),..
but the fotos are REALLY,..much sharper,...and colour true.

Tomorrow,..I'll be 'out hunting', with that.

The weather's looking good. 🌞
The Show is oiled and rested. 💃🏻
,....we're fighting some aches and pains. 😕

Bury me on the Streets!

I wish YOU a good one.
,...stay clear of your butterfly-net!
Smiles and,....
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